Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vanity Stool Options

Ok, I need a stool.

Yes, it's for the closet. 

I know you saw the one I was sitting on when I showed you the reveal the last time, but that one actually is for our bathroom, which I use when I put my lotion on after my shower. So I've been carrying that ottoman back and forth between the 2 rooms, and I'm getting tired.

And so here are the ones I am considering at this point...

1) Southport Gold Metal Bench 2) Cooper Leather Stool 3) Leather Director Stool 5) Mongolian Lamb Stool 5) Octavia Stool 6) Hillsdale Clover Stool

I was dead-set on one of these until I saw this...

Acrylic Leg X Stool from Wisteria

Now, I'm toast. HELP!!!!!

Here's the space again to jog your memory

Have a Great Week!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Love your inspirations, Vel. Looks like you have a narrow space. Go with comfort and the right height. The seat that came with my vanity was very short and I couldn't see myself in the mirror! And I'm not tall by any any means!!


  2. I really like #4. But I do like the Wisteria one too.

  3. Hello Vel, I too like #4 and the last stool shown. I know whatever you choose will be and look beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week. :)

  4. Hi Vel! All of your choices are lovely, but my favorite is #6 - I love the simplicity since closets can be so busy. I also think the lucite legs won't compete with the beautiful drawer hardware. I know whatever you choose will be fabulous! Jane

  5. Hello gandang Kabayan,
    That's awesome but in my own thought, #1 fits better with your spot you have.
    I am so envy your beautiful abode, talaga.

    Musta na? Been awhile.

    Hugs to all. Lil Princess is now growing, like my apo. Sayang, layo natin. Sana kalaro sila. Princesses of The PI Island. Isn't it nice to hear.


  6. I love the last one too! I think it's interesting because the shape looks vintage and the material makes it modern, the best of both world.

  7. I love number 1 and 6. they're all pretty and kind of all fit perfectly in your space.

  8. I love all the stools you picked! I would pick the Wisteria one, it's so chic and it looks like it can last a while! :)


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