Thursday, February 19, 2015

Furniture that can grow up with your kid - Part 2

There are so many "kid Furnitures" out there that are so versatile that I just had to post about it one more time! If you missed my first round-up, you can check it out HERE.

This time around, I'm heading off to Pottery Barn Kids and Teens.

Maison Book Case
I want this in my own room!

Emery Dresser
Tatum Extra-wide dresser
Gemma Campaign Extra wide dresser
Indigo Woven Side Table
Bubble Side table

Zoe Dresser
Lots of nice stuff right? From the bedroom and beyond, kids furniture have truly come a long way!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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  1. Oh I would love a couple of those pieces for me. So pretty.

  2. PB furniture is so versatile you can't go wrong using it.

  3. Such beautiful pieces!! I love, love, love the maison bookcase. :)

  4. Oh, I think I need that bubble side table for myself! Lots of pretty things!

  5. Attractive furniture pieces! I like the indigo woven side table it looks sturdy and safe for the young ones to be around.

  6. What pretty furniture! All beautiful ideas. Have a great weekend, Vel!

  7. I agree, Vel. I think Pottery Barn for kids and teens has really helped. When my first child was born, basically, our choices were white or Colonial maple. Now, everything is available, but making a choice is hard - lol!!

  8. Gorgeous pieces! Somehow the Indigo woven table got me, so pretty!

  9. Love that beautiful campaign style dresser! I also like the bookcase. Fabulous pieces!

  10. Yes, these are all pieces that they can have for a long time. Lovely roundup.

  11. Gorgeous pieces! I love furniture that can stick around as the child grows and remain timeless.


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