Sunday, February 15, 2015

Play Space for Sophia

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great Valentine weekend. 
The family and I went to a party and while the kids swam, the parents danced! ;-)

Anyway, back to reality. I wanted to share with you Sophia's Current "play Space" by our living room.

The many things we get for our baby's 'happiness (& ours)
Currently my MIL is taking care of dear Sophia until June.  When she leaves, we plan NOT to send her to Day care and hire a day time nanny to be with her at home.

And with that, we had to ensure that Sophia will have her basic necessities outside of our room too since I'm still not sure when I could get the nursery done. This space will hopefully be only temporary.

We have this small space in between the living room & breakfast area. It's also the door way leading up to the pool. But knowing that that door will be used only during the summer, we decided to stash all of her stuff here. And hence, the problem.

My mis-trial rug
I tried putting this green tile carpet I bought from Home-depot, but I didn't think it looked good...

I want to make this a bit more pleasing on the eye and not just a mish-mash of her things. 
Something like this...
Sophia's Space
I know I just added a rug. But just like what a tray does to coral our table vignettes, I think a good rug can anchor a space very well too.

I'm still at a loss on what to do.
Do you have any suggestions?

Have a Nice day!



  1. I think a rug will look great in that space. Maybe get a navy blue and gray patterned rug or one that picked up all the colors of Sophia's things would look best I think. Just my 2 cents. :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  2. I always have such a hard time deciding on rugs. How about Flor carpet tiles? Or I just got an e-mail that Rugs USA is having a 75%-off sale right now. You might be able to find something colorful there.

  3. Love this, Vel! We had one of those big floor mats that look like colorful puzzle pieces for Will when he got about sitting up age. I HATED how chemical-laden they were, but I loved that when he toppled over he didn't hurt his little head :) Sometimes I'd put a blanket over top. I love the colorful rug idea! Sophia's area looks so fun! Happy that your MIL can help out for a bit. That's so nice! Much love to you!!

  4. I think a rug is a great idea! Sweet Sophia will have such a neat little spot to play! How nice that your mother in law is able to help for awhile too. Gosh, Sophia will be crawling/walking before you know it!

  5. The colourful rug would create a very happy place.

  6. Love the rug idea and what about a pretty open bookshelf on the wall to the left (piece of art there now) so you can have a place to put things up off the floor when you want a quick "pick up" and will help you feel less cluttered. My two cents!! xokim

  7. Sounds like you already have a great plan. A rug will be a beautiful idea. How wonderful Sophia will get to stay home with a nanny.!

  8. Have you tried looking at what Flor has to offer? They sell carpet tiles and you can mix and match any combination you want.


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