Thursday, May 28, 2015

Estate sales vs. Antiguing vs. Thrifting

I haven't shared my finds in a while and I have been to 3 short shopping trips lately and I just thought it would be fun comparing all 3 places when it comes to bargains!


Custom-built bench/ottoman, red velvet box,2 acrylic reindeers
TOTAL = $101


Huge Staineless Cake stand, Frames Cross-Stitched Wall Art, Hard books & Tall Brass Sail Boat
TOTAL= $29.50
Stainless Server with cover, Boy and girl Bisque-finish Busts, Blue and white tealight holder with lid
TOTAL = $13

So, what do you think?
Confusing right? With each type of store (or house), it all depends on LUCK
Luck that will make you see or find the right items at the right price for your home!

Definitely diligence, patience , and not to mention, going early (especially at Estate sales) helps, but I believe, LUCK places a bigger role in whatever you score!

How about you, do you agree that LUCK plays a big role? Any recent shopping trips or finds to share? What's your latest favorite find so far?

Happy Shopping!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Luck is definitely the name of the game, Vel! You definitely found some gems. Jane

  2. Looks like you found some great finds! I only went to one estate sale and was very dismayed. I guess I should give it a try more often. I like the blue and white tealight holder you found :-)

  3. I like the thrift store, because it is always open and I can pop in on my own schedule. Estate sales are really great for unique finds, but I don't always have the time on the weekend mornings. Antiquing in my area is cost prohibitive. If it says antique in the store window, you'd better be prepared to pay up and that's not my thrifty style! ;) Nice finds!

  4. Vel, really it is luck of when you are there and what is available at the time. I have visited my favorite haunts and come away empty handed and then the next time see a half dozen items I would love!! Recently found a blue and white vase and a white ironstone pitcher!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel

  5. I agree with you. luck plays a big part of it or timing! I've been to one estate sale and I didn't enjoy the experience. I felt like I was a stranger rummaging through someone else's personal things.

  6. Hi, Vel! I think it's all a matter of luck, too. The biggest markups seem to be at antique malls, and the cheapest option is to be a dedicated garage sale shopper. I've heard of people scoring all sorts of crazy deals that way, but I'm not dedicated enough (or enough of an early riser) to get the good stuff!

  7. I agree that other than getting to sales early, luck plays a big role in what we find. You really scored!

  8. Great finds, Vel! Recently, I found a fabulous gold bar cart with beautiful lines at my local Goodwill. I hesitated for about 5 mins because first we don't drink and secondly, we don't have a place for it. For $10, I decided to pull the trigger because why? I figure I can always put the bar cart in the basement or use the bar cart to store my collection of small boxes and accessories! :)


  9. You could be a professional shopper Vel, if you could squeeze it into your life as a doctor and mom!!!!! HA. You always find the best things!

  10. Oh I love thrift shopping and you found some treasures. I havn't seen a post in a while, hoping all is well at your house. Marty

  11. Absolutely Vel, it's all about luck and I haven't had any lately! :(

  12. Lucky indeed, Vel! Hope you are doing well and happy Thursday!

  13. Those are some beautiful things, Vel! It certainly shows that thrifting is the way to go.

  14. Yep, luck is the word! Though I haven't had good experiences with estate sales, too pricey, at least in my area. I love garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores.


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