Friday, June 12, 2015

Not all Rug pads are created equal

I recently got to try 2 different types of rug pad in my home.

The first one I used for Sophia's small Play area by our Living room.

Obviously I did not use a rug pad initially 
 The rug moved a lot of course since I didn't bother getting a rug pad, and definitely was hard on the back side whenever I would sit on it with Sophia.

So I was excited when I received the ULTRA-PREMIUM Rug Pad from RUGPADCORNER.COM.

Definitely thick and cushy
 I chose this because according to the site, it's a rug pad that.. 

will not stick to your floor or break down to dust. Imagine a rug pad that does not smell like chemicals, one safe enough for kids to play on"

I thought, perfect for my little Sophia!
And perfect since I don't want any glue marks on my hard-wood floors!

Here it is now
 I also got a Rug Pad for a small carpet in Sophia's Nursery Closet...

Yes, it's a CARPET ON CARPET, and because of that, the pink rug kept moving and I would straighten it out everytime I entered the space!

But after I got the NO-MUV RUG PAD for Rug on Carpet, it hasn't moved since!

I do have one complaint though, which I hope would go away in time.

 The Rug Pad is so thick that it creates a space in between the 2 carpets. And since it is thick, there is quite a bit of flailing on the ends of the entire rug which I hope, will improve over time.

See the flailing edge?
 The carpet has been in use now for over a month, and it has so far maintained it's cushy-feel on the feet, no glue marks on my floors and  all because of the Rug Pads I got from

And also, I'm happy to say, the flailing is almost gone too!

This last picture is a SNEAK PEEK of Sophia's Nursery Closet which I will reveal next week!

Have a Fabulous Week!



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  1. Hi Vel! First, love the pretty play area rug - great pattern and it looks very cushy. That Sophia is one lucky little lady. Second, I adore the pads I have from Rug Pad Corner - totally worth the $ and they make my area rugs feel better and look better too. Happy weekend my friend! Jane

  2. I love the rug in the pay area, it's a nice way to make it comfy as well as to limit the space it takes in the room.

  3. I'm happy to hear you love their products! I received an email from them some time ago, but didn't get around to responding. Such a busy Summer! Love your rugs too btw!

  4. Thanks for the introduction, Vel! The rugs you picked are very lovely!


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