Sunday, February 7, 2016

Master Closet PLAN

Now that you've seen the BEFORE, the INSPIRATIONS, and the OPTIONS out there, can you guess what we chose???

Of course, for form, function and cost, we chose the PAX SYSTEM from IKEA!!!!

After we consulted with the designers at Home Depot (which by the way, I recommend highly too since they were really patient with us and came up with fantastic designs), the cost ended up being too much for our intended budget for this space even after all the sale we were hoping to catch.

We eventually tried our luck with IKEA, online, trying out their wonderful ONLINE CLOSET PLANNER for the PAX SYSTEM, and we finally came up with a plan we both love. And to top it all off, we were able to meet the deadline on a SALE that was going on (15% off everything)! It was just an obvious sign for me and too good to pass up. ;-)

The plan I have here was made thru this ONLINE PLANNER IKEA had and I think you can also see our VISION more clearly now thru this...


WALL E (A.K.A. nook) - HER SIDE for shoes
WALL F - Nordli Drawer Chest below (with mirror up top)
Nordli 4 Drawer Chest

How it will hopefully look as you enter the double doors
 In front of the window I want a small Vanity like the one below...
Brimnes Dressing table
Now for the details...

I love how I can easily customize the PAX system in a way that will work BEST FOR US!

Top view of the organizers inside
 I decided to use the WHITE STAINED OAK combined with white, since I wanted some contrast and I wanted to add some other decorative things I will share with you later on.

Now to MY SIDE...

Obviously, we made a SWITCHEROO, my old side of the closet is now HIS, and HIS side is now MINE! The switch was simple since HIS SIDE before WAS BIGGER! Hehehe!

The cabinet on Wall C with the glass shelves will mainly be a bag display - something that I've always dreamed of!

 This shoe cabinet is not a great representation, but this will be on WALL E facing WALL C.

With this plan, I think  we will be doing a lot of PURGING over the next coming weeks. It's time to do it too really, so I'll be sorting stuff out  - to give, donate and sell on EBAY!
I'll let you know since you might want to check that out too!

Of course we will add cabinet lighting in all of them and I can't wait to execute the plan, hopefully, it will look good in real life as it does on the screen! Wish us luck since it will be a LOOOONG PROCESS!

I am absolutely so excited about this! Can't wait to share the process as we go along! We actually started building already! YEY!

A BIG THANKS to BRANDON from IKEA in St. Louis who was very patient and very helpful in the process of ordering everything (We opted to have everything picked and delivered for us to save our backs since we saved a lot during the sale)!

Have A Great Week !


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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  1. Yay I'm glad you made a decision! This is going to be wonderful. I don't blame you for having it all delivered- that's going to be heavy stuff!

  2. Ikea is awesome and while I am a devout do it yourself kind of gal, I always recommend consulting the pros. They really do have a ton of great ideas. Can't wait to see it all in place!

  3. I love following along on this closet transformation! Can't wait to see it! And yep, it's only fair that the women have the bigger side. ;)

  4. Wow Vel, looks like it will be awesome. Can't wait to see it.

  5. Isn't your husband jealous that your side looks a little longer than his? Hi, hi, hi, women and clothes... and shoes... and purses!

  6. I love how you are sharing the entire process (I just read all the other posts too)...can't wait to see the finished product!! xoxo

  7. How fabulous! Custom closet is a dream of mine. Do I read bag display?? I can't wait to see how everything turned out. I am sure it will look beautiful!

  8. this is really REALLY going to be sooo nice.
    Here from Thoughts of Home.and following you thru Google Friends.

  9. Glad you had the opportunity to accomplish your dream. I know what trouble is to plan this. Never again, for me.

  10. Oh, it all looks so good. I'm so excited for you! One of these days I'm gonna try to make a plan for mine!

  11. Oh sweet girl, you have such a great taste for everything you do at your gorgeous home, that I cannot wait to see it finished with all your lovely cloths all displayed.
    Happy Valentine's.

  12. I am so excited for this transformation, and will definitely be following along Vel! Love the new blog design too!

  13. Gorgeous diagrams and layout! I lOVE the IKEA PAX system - it has worked so well for us in our son's nursery closet. Can't wait to see more of your closet project! Thanks so much for linking up at The Pretty Project Party - hope to see you back again in March ;) -Rachael


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