Thursday, February 11, 2016

Master Closet Lighting Options

I was suppose to share with you Valentine touches around our home, but really didn't feel like my heart or mind was into it currently. Aside from battling illness for myself and my little baby, the closet has been pre-occupying my mind all the time! So today,  I want to ask your opinion on something fun - LIGHTING!

Right now we have 2 recessed lighting in our closet which I really don't care for that much.
And since we will have lighting inside all the cabinets in the closet, I want a beautiful, statement piece that will function well in our closet.

Meaning, I want just one statement lighting to go into the room, and with my love for anything and everything beautiful, choosing the right lighting is just oh-so-hard! 

So please, tell me, if you had to choose among these, which would it be and why? I have a photo of the space below,  where this lighting will go....

Do you have a lighting option I didn't put in here? Please do share, I am confused like crazy right now but would consider other options too! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!!!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. many great option!
    how high are your ceilings? I kind of feel that some of these need more room than others to "work" aka look good...
    Greetings from Germany

  2. So many great choices, Vel - can't wait to see what you choose!! Loved your ideas so much we shared your link on Custom Closets in our "Weekend Favorites" last weekend! Loving following along- happy weekend!!

  3. #6 just catches my eye, but I know whatever you pick will be spectacular, Vel!

  4. Hi Vel! Oh, I couldn't make a decision but with your good taste I know you'll pick the right one! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. For some reason, I'm drawn to #6, but 7 and 15 look very Versailles-esque and 9 is "saturnian" and very attractive.

  6. They're all very pretty, but my fav is #6. I think it'll be perfect in that spot and the feminine look to it.
    Hope you both have a Happy Valentine's.

  7. It's so hard to choose only one. I like 10 & 11 but I any one of them would make a great choice!

  8. I love all of your options. #2 "feels" like you. Our ceilings are quite low so I need something flush which is hard.

    Thank you so very much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence really helped to make it very special. I hope you will return again and again.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. I think option numbers 1, 2 , and 9 would be beautiful in there. I can't wait to see this transformation! My closet is awful!

  10. So many wonderful lighting choices here Vel! I actually love the Capiz Shell option, it is unique and has a "light" feeling! Happy Valentines Day!

    The Arts by Karena

  11. I like 1 and 3. Closets get surprisingly dusty with all the fibers, so I'm inclined to choose something that is easy to dust and that won't be a huge chore to dust. good luck in making your choice. You can't go wrong with what you've selected.

  12. I like #2 -- I think it would work well in your space. Not too overwhelming.
    Can't wait to see what you pick! Difficult choice!

  13. I love your choices! I am drawn to #1, #6 and #7. If your ceilings are higher, definitely pick a more dramatic light fixtures (something with a good height) to make a statement. If you have low ceilings, go for something less overwhelming. Good luck, can't wait to see what you picked!

  14. Lots of fabulous choices but I think #1 and #2 are my favorites. Can't wait to see what you chose.


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