Sunday, February 21, 2016

Master Closet Reveal - The Best Valentine's Gift EVER

We're finally ready to show to you the fruit of our labor! I will let the pictures do most of the talking and will go into details later on on different posts....

Our Master Closet Suite

The same angle BEFORE
Let's start with MY SIDE of the Closet shall we?

My Small Jewelry Vanity

Chose this Capiz Scalloped Chandelier from Serena & Lily
among the Lighting Options I was contemplating on HERE

Used a Brass Floral Wall Decor for my Long necklaces a friend of mine gave me
Finally, the Purse Display I've always wanted
Pull out shelves for my special bags

Pull out shelf for my clutches, wallets and scarves

The drawers on the bottom all contain my other bags too!
Will share them with you later on

A space for everything - Love the IKEA PAX system, truly!
Pull-out-shelves too for my folded sweaters
Lots of drawers is always a big PLUS! I'm in love with the these Amber Gold Bar pulls
Something pretty atop my small dresser

A place for all my dresses and travel bags 
Long mirror hides more goodness for moi... shoes!
Now on to HIS SIDE of the closet...

Neat and organized

Just like my side, a place for everything, though obviously, I added this small show shelf for some of his dress shoes

I rolled up his ties and ended up with room for so much more!
Ample storage all the way of the ceiling was also realized with this closet and I LOVE IT!
I would like to give a big 'THANK YOU' to my husband who did most of the hard work in building all this! I also need to thank my Father-in-law who helped him do this too. All the after-work effort truly paid off hon, this is truly your 'best Valentines gift' yet!

There is so much to share about our closet and ways on how you can organize yours, so I hope you come back and check out the details on a later post!Of course the main star of this project is the IKEA PAX SYSTEM itself. And though IKEA in no way sponsored this post, I am happy to give them a huge shout out as well! Our closet doesn't only look good, it's very, very functional and organized, I'm sure you will be able to get some ideas from it.

I am truly, truly inlove with this new space. It is not fully done yet (and you'll see why later on too), but already, it has made life so much easier for us (yup, no more searching endlessly for things I cannot find, for me or for him ;-)). I feel too that it also exudes a little bit more luxury in my life when I do dress up!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this closet project of ours. I placed all the LINKS of all the posts regarding the closet at the bottom, so check it out if you missed any. And like I said, expect more DETAILS in the coming days ahead! I hope you won't get 'closet overload' from me!

Smiling for 2 reasons - what's behind me and what's
in front of me!!!

How we got here...

Have a Great Week!



  1. I love it all, Vel! A place for everything, so organized and so roomy!....Christine

  2. Oh wow, Vel, it is totally amazing and gorgeous and so are you. Love the pic of you on the ottoman and I also love your new blog design. Now I have to go back and look more closely at all the fabulous storage you created and drool over you wonderful bag collection.

  3. Your new closet is truly jaw-dropping awesome. I'm still swooning over your handbags, and I can't wait to hear more details. So glamorous! Wow!

  4. This is beyond gorgeous, Vel...all of your research and hard work paid off. I love it. I so love your collection of shoes (I'm hopelessly in love with shoes, boots, sandals...). The organization is just perfect and I know it must mean getting ready for your busy days a lot more simple.

    Bravo!! Great job!

  5. Vel, your new closet is absolutely fabulous! I really love how organized, gorgeous and luxurious it looks! Your bag and shoe collection are truly fantastic! Glad you picked the capiz scalloped chandelier, it's so pretty! I also like your new profile picture, you look so stylish and beautiful. Well done!

  6. Nice. I am in awe of your very organized closet...

  7. Vel, so worth all the work! The closet is gorgeous! Beautiful arrangement. What a fabulous space you guys created. xxx Maria

  8. I'm so impressed!!! You all did a wonderful job and I'm swooning over here! The lighting is fabulous and I love the pull out drawers! Very lovely!!!

  9. This turned out fabulous! I love the easy access to everything and organized look it all has. You look fabulous too- so tiny and pretty!

  10. A gorgeous closet for a gorgeous lady! Wow! Fabulous! Enjoy it.

  11. Oh my goodness, this is so fantastic, Vel! You truly thought of every detail. Looks amazing!

  12. Good job. I love the transparent shelves. So organized.

  13. So gorgeous, Vel! I knew it woukd be stunning. I'm sure getting dressed each day is so much easier now! Jane

  14. Wow Vel your closet looks awesome! Love the light and the purse storage...actually I love it all. Enjoy!

  15. OMG I am so jealous of your fabulous closet Vel! YOu truly deserve a space like this, and it is just gorgeous! You look fab as well!

  16. WOW! So fabulous, Vel!!! How great is your jewelry display!!! I wish I could see all my shoes like you have done. A really really great job.

  17. What a fabulous makeover. We recently organized ours, feels good to get it done. Wish I had your fabulous space.

  18. Oh, Vel! One word - I'm jealous! Well, I guess that was two words. Oh, my goodness what a wonderful closet and it is so organized. You're as cute as a button and thought you were going to tell us you were smiling because you were going to have another baby! :) Don't shoot me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. Your closet is beautiful!!! I have had two closets of mine in different houses done using the pax system! Ikea I think really brings competition to california closets and others because it just looks *so good* for a fraction of the price. I love the hardware you chose!

  20. Absolutely amazing! It would feel like Heaven to have such wonderful storage.


  21. Oh WOW Vel you have such a gorgeous and amazing looking closet! The guys did a great job and you saved a lot of money! I love that chandelier. Have fun with your new closet.
    Hugs Julie

  22. How in the world do you do it all - you never cease to amaze me,Vel. Love seeing the renovation complete - it's fabulous!!

  23. It feels like perfect life without mess... It's just my dream. I'll use your photo for inspiration.

  24. Oh my gosh, you guys work FAST! It's a gorgeous closet! I can see all the planning you did. It looks more spacious and of course super organized! Love the lighting and the purse display. And hey, you look tres chic! ;)

  25. Your new closet is wonderful, Vel! It is so true that having an organized closet just helps so much in getting your day off on the right foot. I love my closet makeover, too, and haven't found a single thing I would do differently, but I have done a bit of tweaking since I first posted the reveal....I should do an update! Keep on smiling and enjoying!

    Warm hugs,

  26. Vel, your closet is amazing! It's so organized and has a touch of glamour.I think you should join some of the other ladies and start doing fashion posts. :)

  27. Vel WWWWWOOOWWWW!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!! You did such a fantastic job of planning this space, how it would function, and making it pretty!! It's a dream!!!!!

  28. Wow Vel! This is STUNNING! Love every single detail. Really amazing transformation!

  29. Wow! It looks so great! I think I would want to spend all day in that closet! Great work!

  30. Gorgeous closet! I'd love to see the bags that are in the Hermes boxes ;)


  31. WOW, Vel, it's gorgeous! It really does look custom. I would never want to leave the closet! Thanks so much for linking up at Best of the Weekend!

    1. Hi Vel, Just letting you know I am featuring your fabulous closet tonight at Best of the Weekend!

  32. Well, I definitely have closet envy. I think your closet is larger than my entire house.

    Enjoy your beautiful and well organized closet.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  33. Fantastic job to organize, and I love the display of your beautiful bags!

  34. STUNNING job my friend!!! It's wonderful what you created with Ikea pieces! Love the chic photo of you too!


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