Monday, March 21, 2016

Favorite Brass and Acrylic pieces

Hello Friends! Sorry I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to blogging, but things have been very busy in our household lately, and plus, it's SPRING BREAK, so momma kinda thinks she's on it too! LOL! Anyway, I hope to catch up on my reading and for today I am sharing something beautiful for everyone.

I know that like many of you, we have an obsession on anything brass and lucite.

It's literally everywhere right now, and even stores that normally do not carry such pieces, carry them now! And I think it's not just  a trend that will simply go away, I think, it's here to stay. And for Brass and Acrylic lovers like me, that,  is a very good thing... ;-)

What's not to love with the pieces above?! Makes me wish Sophia would grow up fast so I could change my coffee table.

                1) Jacques Bench, 2) Lacquered Regency Three Drawer Dresser                             3) Emerson Counter & Bar Stools, 4) Modern Banquette Bench, 5)  Willis Brass Bench,

I would love to change my bar stools in the kitchen now if I weren't thinking of those sharp edges. And sorry I had to put the dresser in the seating collage, since I didn't notice it there until I started making this post,  it is a favorite though. ;-)

I would love to use any of these in my home, just oh-so-lovely, and the bins and boxes have lots of possible uses too!

1) Acrylic Column Floor Lamp, 2) Karl Stacking Wine Rack,3) Floating Brackets, 4) Theia Table Lamp,  5) Milo Acrylic Ceiling Fan, 6)  Lucite & Brass Doggie Bed

The fan is fabulous, but thinking of cleaning it all the time just makes me want to look at it for now. The lamps are all gorgeous, and that doggie bed? In love.

Lastly, I found this at Ballard Design....

I've always wanted these and either the cost or the DIY is a hindrance, but now I no longer have any excuse! This one is I think comes at a reasonable price and the perfect look.

So very pretty. Can you guess where in my home it will be going in?

Anyhow, hope you enjoy browsing thru all these beauties!

So, any of your faves I missed? Do share.

Have A Wonderful Spring Day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Oh you chose some gorgeous classics. I love them all.

  2. Love these pieces! The brass barstools and brass and lucite table lamp are calling my name!

  3. Wow...I have never seen lucite rods before. They are outstanding!

  4. Great round up, Vel! Love the ceiling fan and the curtains rods.

  5. Great picks Vel. Loving them all, especially the accessories.

  6. Nice pieces. I always love acrylic furniture. Mom told me that they had an acrylic coffee table back in the 70. Still dreaming about buying one for me.

  7. All so pretty. The curtain rods remind me of the ones Kris @Driven By Decor put in her home office, gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous picks, Vel! The bar stools, curtain rods and tables are especially my favorites!


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