Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Organizing your Clothes - Design Details Master Closet Part 2

Today, I'm talking about something I really like to do - ORGANIZING!

When I saw the cabinets go up one by one, I was giddy with the thought of fixing it up! Naturally, you have to have a good inventory of the things you have to start cooking up a plan on how your going to organize your things. But one of the most important aspect to before you start planning and organizing is,  PURGING!

Yes, I purged a total of 4 bins of clothes, shoes and bags all together. Some went to family & friends whom I know will appreciate them, others went to "Good ol' will" and the others, I sold on EBAY ( just to let you in on how much stuff I have, I sold $1300 worth of stuff on EBAY)!

Let's start with the Clothing Organization shall we?

Hang shirts by Color

Changing you hangers to the same kind, also puts some order into things as well. I switched to the Huggable Hangers years ago, and this created more than 2x the closet space for me! Wether you prefer wood, or plastic, it's all up to you and your space, just make sure you have the same kind of hangers.
Separate them out in Categories
This KOMPLEMENT Pull-out Pants Hanger is a really good thing to have in a closet
There are other Pant organizers out there, this is what I found from REV - A -SHELF...

You can check this out HERE
It's also given, that folding your clothes neatly is very important. For order, and just because it looks NICER!

I absolutely love these sliding shelves
For our closet, I added these 2 different types of basket/bin behind each folded pile. One, so we can put in things that we've used already and will use again soon, and two, for extra storage later on, since our shelves are deep (22"Depth), we have the space to do so.

Inside the drawers, to avoid digging, it is very important to see what you have, so I fold it this way...

Long-sleeved shirts and leggings and jogging pants folded nice and neat
I hung my dresses by length. Shorter ones nearer and longer ones, further.

You also have to think of other things in your closet other than clothes. Like where to store your hangers...

I have a small basket under my dress cabinet for this purpose
... and a hamper inside your closet is good thing, but since I prefer our dirty clothes piling up in our big hamper in the bathroom, I have a very small one here in the form of a basket...

Mini "hamper" 

It would also be great if you had a Valet to get you ready right?

I'm not talking about Mr. Bates  ;-P
I'm talking about this...

Valet Rod - those 3 circular rings above
.. where you can hang clothes you want to prepare in advance. ;-) 

Like this...

There are other versions like this...

From Rev-A-Shelf
I also organized our undergarments in the drawers too. Here's an example of how I did ours...

I rolled up small items like panties and briefs similar to this too
Hew! I hope I didn't tire you out with this post. I know that most of this stuff I wrote here, you already know, but I thought I might just remind you of it!

Not all of us can re-do our closets right away, but keeping things organized is a great way to start on that path!

So, what do you think? Any tips you have when it comes to organizing clothes? Please, do share, I'd love to know!

Next time, I'll tackle my other love - PURSE ORGANIZATION!

Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. I would like a pull out pant hanger...and a valet! ;) Does he cook, too??

  2. Thank you for a great and inspiring post, Vel. I love to organize, too, but keeping things organized isn't always so simple. My jewelry for example. I have a chest, those little trees and little dishes. But when I come home at the end of a day or night, I drop them on my dresser. Soon enough, I have a messy pile!

    But I do love your ideas. I was at Marshall's today and I saw hangers that looked lithe were covered with something nubby...not sure, but I knew they would keep my blouses from sliding off. I should have bought some. I'm there enough though so I will next time.

    My son has a huge and wonderful pantry in his kitchen. I have been dying to organize it with baskets and bins and glass jars with labels to do up with chalk pens. But he got married in August and I suppose it would insult his wife if I offered. lol!! ;-D


  3. Geat organizing tips, Vel! Your closet is sooo gorgeous!

  4. hi Vel...I love your blog .you have a new follower

  5. This really is a dream of a closet!

  6. Love it Vel, and you are so organized. I like the valet and sock drawer with the organizers. It all looks so awesome and I'm sure you are loving it every time you walk in.

  7. Vel, I love the way you organized your closet. Everything is so tidy and systematic! The valet is a nice touch. Well done!

  8. I really could use so many of the tips here Vel! Your post was truly a joy to read and I hope that you will continue adding your ray of sunshine every week on Thoughts of Home on Thursdays.

  9. It's so awesome to be that organized! The roll out shelves are for sure one of the items I will incorporate in my closet! Great ideas, Vel!


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