Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Console Table

You know how it is when you've been eyeing something for your home FOR YEARS and eventually you wait, and wait, and wait, until finally everything falls into place (in terms of the discount), that you simply must get it? Well, this was one of those moments.

Ta-da! My new Wisteria Disappearing Console
When I say YEARS, I mean YEARS.
I fell in love with this console 3-4 years ago when Wisteria first came out with it.

 And since it was only a console table, and not something I really needed right away, I waited and waited.

Finally, it went on sale the biggest I've seen it over the years I've been eyeing it, and to top it all off, I even got FREE SHIPPING!!!! It was definitely a sign. And though I had just bought a new Dining table (Yes, that's a story for some other time), I knew I had to get it then. And I am SO HAPPY!

Do you remember my old tiny console?

Here it is again - $69 from JCPenney 6 years ago
I did not hate my old console table, but it was just really too small for the window wall I wanted it to be in. Plus, because it is wood and metal, it sort of stops your eye a bit. Now with the lucite table, light just shines thru!


Pretty Books all in a row..

I also love the bottom shelf where I can do extra display for my coffee table book collection. The Table itself is not flimsy, the shelves are glass and the legs and support are lucite.

My husband, who was surprised as always to find something new in the house, complimented how beautiful the new console table is. And for a guy who doesn't care much about how the look is, that is a big deal for me!

My win-win table

How about you, any recent purchase recently that you had to wait for for so long?  Or any recent purchase that just made you so happy?

We're having another party again this weekend, and this time it's for my Hubs 40th birthday, I hope to share that with you next time!

Have a Great Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Oh wow, this piece is perfect. I love it and you have it styled beautifully.

  2. So excited for you! It looks perfect in that spot and I love how you accessorized it! Enjoy!

  3. It's so pretty Vel! I love the lucite/glass in front of the window especially, it's just perfect there and the scale is great for your room and art!

  4. It's so perfect for your room, Vel! You made a beautiful choice. Bonus points when our husbands agree!!!

  5. Gorgeous Vel! You have such a great eye...and a great eye for a bargain to boot! Congrats on your new table. I think it is perfect for all the reasons you stated!

  6. It is a gorgeous piece, Vel! Just beautiful in your home. Enjoy your weekend! Maria

  7. I can't tell you how much i love your new console and the way you accessorized it is perfect! Adore the abstract art! Happy weekend, Vel!

  8. Your waiting paid off Vel-good things come to those who wait:-). It fits beautifully in your home! xx

  9. That beautiful console table is perfect in terms of size and material! And your styling rocks too! :)


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