Wednesday, October 25, 2017

ORC Week 4 - More Choices and Progress on Master Bedroom Re-do

Ok, we're almost there. ORC week 4 and if you haven't checked out all the progress, you can do so  HERE.

 And today I wanted to start off  by sharing the Cabinet hardware going into the built-ins.

I had to find the perfect campaign drawer pulls to make it similar to the desk and hopefully side table, that will go in the room, these 2 were from ROCKLER and the acrylic and brass handles were from RH. I'm so excited to see the cabinets (currently on the works at my contractors shop)!

I also need help in deciding on the carpet going in the room. I basically don't want any more carpet under the bed, just a headache for me in cleaning that part, so I opted to have carpeting around the bed so FLOR Tile is the way to go. I got my samples in, now I'm stumped. Help!

Which one?
Also, I narrowed down my options to my husband's side of the bed from bedside tables to chests. The reason is since we got rid of the old huge dresser in the room, we need more drawers so I will maximize the wall with the desk, bed and chest for storage. Here are my choices...

1/ 2/ 3/4/5
Currently I'm leaning towards 1, 2 or 3. Reason being the size (width) would be perfect. #4 might be too tall and not wide enough and #5 is too wide (although is my favorite). I need to order tonight, so I'm crossing my fingers I make the right decision soon!

And lastly, update on the progress on the work done...


Yes, we got the floors fixed and replaced the door casing and door! We did not have to re-do the entire floor of the house just this portion, so I am a very happy lady right now.  And we also have this...

Smooth ceiling and some details

It looks so much more lighter and better now in the room, still not move-in ready (no bed, nothing), but BETTER!

I know everyone's busy getting ready for Halloween (as are we) but with 2 weeks left, Halloween can be brushed aside for now ( at least I got my Halloween decorating done, see BELOW)! Wish me luck!

Have A Wonderful Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Oh the hardware is gorgeous and I know the entire room will be fabulous.

  2. That hardware!! I love your idea about the Flor tiles - smart! I like 1 or 2.

  3. That hardware is PERFECTION! Can't wait to see the final look! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

  4. the ceiling detail looks great and I am loving dresser #3!

  5. Lots of awesome stuff going into this room, Vel! I love the hardware and the dressers you're considering. I can't wait for reveal time!

  6. your hardware is so awesome! So glad your termite/water leak is fixed, so scary! Campaign furniture is such a nice look....looking forward to the final reveal!

  7. Love all the strides you are making to finishing this wonderful Master Bedroom. I know it is going to be beautiful. Love the hardware too. Very pretty.
    Happy Weekend.

  8. Floors looking good! Look forward to seeing the reveal :)


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