Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ORC Week 2 - The Plan for Master Bedroom Re-do

Now that you know I'm working on our Master bedroom for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, I wanted to share with you the over-all plan.

This is the plan on the bed area :

1) Replace all the furniture - got that handled since a friend of mine who just moved into a new house is buying all my old one! Yey!

Good bye to my choccolate goodness!

2) Add huge picture molding beside the bed to for wallpaper. - Since I change my mind often, wallpapering the entire room or a wall would be 'problematic'. So by doing this, I can change up my wallpaper in no time!

And currently I'm obsessed with Schumacher Chenonceau wallpaper

3) Paint the entire room white.- The cream and blueish gray has to go.

Good-bye cream and blue walls!

Mainly this side of the room just entails a lot of shopping work & fun! LOL!

On the opposite side of the bed. I want something like this...

1) Build custom cabinetry beside our fireplace. I need to hide a couple of small safes and the rest of our 'junk', but also, I need to display some of our 'junk'!

Good-bye to putting things in bins and on the floor!

2) Remove old fireplace surround and come up with something prettier. - I basically want it to be marble or natural stone all around, more of a contemporary look. The Hearth needs to go too!

Good-bye Mantel!

3) Add interesting lighting to the cabinets.

4) Hide all the wires. - Like you, I hate wires, and having these built-ins made is the only way I could hide the wires from the TV and Blu-ray with ease.

5) Add crown molding to our tray ceiling and remove the old popcorn ceiling. I want to replace our ceiling fan too!

Best shot I could get of the tray ceiling.

Here are some of my inspirations..

I have already discussed all the plans with our contractor and we're getting started already! Wish me luck!

You can check out my ORC Week 1 HERE.

Have  a Great Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. You have some fabulous ideas, Vel. Great idea for a nice picture behind the bed rather than wallpaper. I'm very indecisive and my wallpaper days are over. Then again, if you get a larger headboard, you may not need anything behind the bed besides just a bit of art.

    I think the first inspirations looks very much like the angle of the bedroom you shared, so it's easy to imagine it looking like this---very pretty. I kept our master very creamy as far as paint and trim. Right now the predominant colors are gray and blue, but with the light paint color I can change anytime I want!

    I'll go back and have a peek at your last post. Sounds so great---keep us up to date. And I know how you joke-the safes-hahahaha


  2. Wow great plan! I'm sure that new bedroom will be stunning! Kisses

  3. Good luck! Vel, you have lots of work ahead. Good luck!

  4. Love the mix of drama and calmness in your bedroom! that wallpaper is stunning and I love how you mix in a dresser and a desk as side tables, beautiful and practical. that bench ... I need it!

  5. all new furniture is a great way to start! I am quite envious of your fireplace, I love the idea of a nice cabinets around it. Best of luck!

  6. You have amazing taste, Vel. I know it will be gorgeous. That fireplace is a dream and the wallpaper boards are genius.

  7. This is going to be amazing!!! Cannot wait to see it done.

  8. It’s amazing how similar those desks look but the price is so different! I love the Schumacher wallpaper. I like the idea of doing panels. Wishing you luck!


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