Wednesday, November 15, 2017

ORC Week 7 - Master Bedroom Re-do Reveal


First of all I need to thank Linda for hosting this amazing blogging event,  as well as the sponsors, since we know we wouldn't have been motivated as much if it weren't for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE

Other than having better rooms in our homes, the ORC literally SAVED my home this time since we discovered pesky termites on our floors just starting to wreak havoc, so thank goodness, renovation this time was literally a HOUSE SAVER!

It's been a gruelling 7 weeks and here we are at last. After decorating like a mad woman (which I thoroughly enjoy BTW, yikes!), we have reached this important day. I added the links to most of the sources in the room at the end of the post in case your interested. And of course, other than all the awesome feature bloggers rooms (which were unbelievably good as always) you can see them HERE, I also saw some fantastic spaces in the guest participants rooms as well ( Check them out HERE)! I hope you will enjoy seeing my room too, because as my husband said, "It's your best room so far babe..." ;-) SWEET!

Ta- Da!
Just to remind you the room when we first moved in here...
Our room after our first re-do


We really love how the entire room turned out! And I am happy how the wallpaper panels turned out too! My math teacher would be proud since my measuring added up with the bed, vanity and dresser as well. I ended up choosing a Changing table as a dresser since it had the right look and size. We're also enjoying the FLOR tile carpet we ended up choosing!

I'm glad the heights for both sides are somewhat equal too for the lamps.

I love that I could easily turn the lamps away and towards the bed depending on our need.
My Homegoods find last year

My Vanity Table/Mini-desk/office is perfect!

I put all my night time beauty essentials on a tray by the bed and some of my stationary here too!

My husband and I loved this limited print art work we scored from HG
The Dresser topped with glass is the  perfect perch for some display, everything else are inside the drawers.

Lounge/reading area
I only kept 3 old things in the room - the chair above, the bench and the fireplace screen doors. Everything else is new. The chair was a gift from me to my husband the first year we moved into this house, and my husband absolutely loves this big thing ( have to keep it for sentimentality and also for his happiness! LOL!)! I added a pharmacy lamp here so it's the perfect reading nook,  for everyone actually ( bedtime stories are read here a lot already)!

Did you notice my curtains?

I adore the scallop details on them. The rods are amazon finds and the finials are crystal like, beautiful.

The other old thing that stayed in the room, this bench, an estate sale find, which had hints of blue and grey.
Now, let me show you the opposite side of the bed...

We've got built-ins!

Just a Reminder of the sad before...
I love that we have shelving and more storage space for things that I do want to see and display day in and day out!

The shiplap wall behind the TV turned out great.

New fireplace surround
I kept the old brass doors for sentimental reasons again, I just want a reminder of where the room was before. I'm just 'funny & weird' that way, and I also had a hard time finding replacement doors in this kind of brass. The stone surround is Danby Marble and it was a bit of pain to get, this by far was the longest thing we had to wait for in the room, but in the end, I think it was all worth the wait.

I was glad the picture lights turned out perfect too!

Do you notice where my blur-ray player is at? Or any of the wires for that matter?

We were able to hide all the wires behind the new built-ins, the backing on the shelving as I showed you in previous weeks, are removable. The blu-ray player is between the books underneath an acrylic stand I bought to hold some of my religious items (the joys of being a Catholic ;-0). I also zhushed up the drawers with these brass drawer corners.

Check out the Cabinet hardware details

me & my loves

I added a small gallery wall as you enter the room. I displayed some of our favorite pictures together thru the years including our original wedding portrait (17 years ago, yikes)! I just wanted the room to feel that it's OURS,  OUR HAVEN. I still had some photos of our kids (other than all around the house) in here, but I wanted them to take the 'back seat' to ours. ;-)

More about us...

Have to have family here too...

Thank you for seeing my room and visiting my blog! I also want to thank those who followed me thru my renovation journey this time around, you know who you are, it really helps to have some support with a project like this! A BIG 'Thank you' too for my husband who is my biggest cheerleader and supporter in every aspect , I love you!

And now, if you haven't checked out all the fabulous spaces for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, go and check them out HERE.

Have a Great Day!


Furniture & Decor
Marbled blue wall art and Bedside Arch lamps - HOMEGOODS
Enjoy the Simple things pillow - H & M
Gold Cross &  - WISTERIA
Bench - Estate Sale find


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

ORC Week 6 - Master Bedroom Re-do Sneak Peek

I thought we'd have REVEAL day post today, and lucky for me, I'm done with my room (for now). But I understand how hard it is for the other bloggers trying to finish up, so today I just wanted to share with you a sneak peek of what's coming next week and hope you drop by again!

If you want to Link up to the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, do so HERE. See you next week!


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Thursday, November 2, 2017

ORC Week 5 - Master Bedroom Re-do PROGRESS

Things are moving fast in our Bedroom Re-do, so far no glitches... yet.

First of all, WE GOT BED!

And you can see the desk/vanity peeking on the side too!
We ended up choosing the Highline Greige Upholstery bed and so far, we LOVE IT! I love the modern wing-back upholstered headbord and I liked that it didn't have tufting since I'm iffy on dust getting into them. We also got the cabinets in!

Old mantel and surround removed too
My carpenter had to add an extra cabinet up top so that there would be no space above. and I'm liking the way it looks. I opted for shaker style doors and drawers had to be remade to plain, since it was narrow, the shaker style on the drawer fronts didn't look good. I'll just figure out a way to zhush it up eventually.

I'm also adding this wallpaper to the backing of the cabinets.

I opted for peel and stick since I wanted the look of grasscloth without the hassle of the cost and application. And I got to work right away...

Work in progress
I love how easy it is to apply and cut and, it really looks nice.

We also got light!

I replaced one of the the can light in front of the door as you go in the room to a flush mount, and this was what I chose. I had a real hard time choosing because as you can see below, there are so many beautiful flush mounts to choose from.

My finalists were these
Lastly, I wanted to share this...

My pretty awesome Ceiling fan
We also got a new fan installed along with this gorgeous ceiling medallion! The fan is from LOWES and it is reasonably priced and oh-so-gorgeous! Oh and we've been using it while working on the space and it is quiet as well! Love this wooden fan!

We also had the desk assembled, got the moulding for the wallpaper wall already(I just need to wallpaper)! Carpet tiles being delivered in a day or 2, chose the lightest one. I'm crossing my fingers everything comes together nicely!

We're nearly there and hope you come back next week for the big reveal!  I'm waiting on the chest too (actually ended up choosing a diaper changing table from Target) and curtains ordered from PB and of course, I need to decorate, decorate, decorate!

Can't wait to see all the rooms done next week! If you wanna see everyone's progress, check out the HERE!

Have a Great Weekend!

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