Monday, September 28, 2015

Evolution of a Boy's room

Since we are all still 'recovering' from a very busy weekend after Sophia's birthday party, this  post, will be short and sweet.

Now that my son is off to Highschool ( I feel like it's college since he will live in the school dormitory ), I wanted to look back and remember how our "little" boy's room has evolved thru out his time in our home...



Makes me teary-eyed just looking at all the changes.

 And yet, here we are with more changes - in his life for that matter!
  Hoping and praying that this decision we all made together would turn out to be the best for him in the end. 

I MISS HIM TERRIBLY ALREADY!Why do kids have to grow up so soon?!!!

Have a Great Week!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

PS: THANK YOU ALL very much for your words of sympathy and comfort with regards to my grandmother's passing. Words are very powerful and what you conveyed was truly helpful and comforting to me and to the rest of my family.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Flamingle Party Prep

Ok, like I mentioned the last time, I wanted to share with you some details of the preparation I'm doing for Sophia's first birthday!

The theme as you know, is FLAMINGO!

Since it is her First birthday, mommy gets to decide since she can't tell me yet what she wants her theme to be! ;-)

Let's start with her invite...

And since I was so pleased on how her invitation turned out, I ordered the rest of the party stuff from the same store as well!

Like this Birthday Poster
I love how I can print as many as I want with all the stuff that you get to order online.
Digital designers at the tip of my finger! LOL! ;-)

Cupcake toppers

Water Bottle Cover

Welcome Sign Banner

I plan to have an Ice cream bar and also a candy/dessert buffet where kids (and adults) can fill the goodie bags I made for them!

Here's a sneak peek
I got the idea, instructions and templates from OH HAPPY DAY.COM (HERE)
Thank you Caitlin and Stephanie for such a fab idea and for sharing it with us!

So, what do you think?
I know, I know, I go overboard, but can you blame mommy?

Hope to share with you the actual party soon!
Wish us luck and praying for NO RAIN that day!

Have a Great Weekend !

P.S. It's a bit ironic that we'll be celebrating on this Saturday here in the U.S. while in the Philippines, my grandmother, who passed away on Monday, will be buried. I have mixed feeling right now but I know my Lola Mila (Grandmother) will understand our joy in her great grand daughters milestone celebration. I pray for Lola everyday and thanks to "e-burol" I am able to attend her wake everyday until her actual funeral day. I will remember and love you always lola, you've given us so much and asked nothing in return. I know you are happy now with Lola in heaven. I know you will watch over all of us everyday.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Horizontal Fence REVEAL

Hello friends!

First of all I need to apologize to you for being M.I.A. for the last 2 weeks!
Life happens. And in my case, it was snow balling like an avalanche! ;-)

Aside from Sophia's upcoming birthday (preparations which some of you have seen on IG), we had baby-sitting issues to deal with, since my mother had to go home urgently for my sick grandmother. And then my in-laws arrived, and my other son joined band, and so on and so forth.

And so even if I did have lots of projects done that I wanted to share with you, I just couldn't yet.
Did I mention I also did a talk on vaccines at a recent Immunization summit here? 

Yeah - life and work, all playing up together to make me put my blogging and reading aside!
But I'm back and I can't wait to see what you guys have been up to - I want to get inspired (design-wise) again!

Anyway, without further adieu, here is our new fence!


We were able to add a huge amount of play and running space for the kids with this new fence and we're absolutely in love with it!

Even our neighbors have complimented on how great the new fence looks!


Here it is from the inside...

Huge new space

The old fence was only up until the cemented portion of our yard...
Remember this?

Finally covered up our unsightly pond here

We have been enjoying this space a lot, since the weather right now is perfect for it.

Sophia loves playing here and we don't worry about her falling down at all!

Perfect spot for a hammock in the future right?

I don't know why we had to wait so long?!
 I have to give full credit to my hubs for this. Because although he did hire some workers to build the fence and fix the yard, he was the 'architect' behind this all. The workers did not have any experience building this kind of fence, and will the help of my husband's great research, he was able to give the right instructions and plans! I am just so amazed by him!

View of the back of the house from our extended yard

Oh, and remember this too?

Another nice spot now in our back yard

 Now that the yard extension is done, we are planning to have Sophia's birthday party here!
And so if your wondering about  the flamingos all around, those are actually in preparation for her 

I will share more on our next post dears!

Have a Wonderful Week!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another Bathroom Project - Sophia's Nursery Bathroom

Ok, please don't get tired of reading my blog just because lately, I've been on a bit of a "Bathroom Frenzy". ;-)

Well, after we finished the boy's bathroom which I shared with you HERE, we thought it was time to do Sophia's Nursery Bathroom too!

Since we finished the Nursery last April, followed by her Nursery Closet in May, we thought it was about time to finish her bathroom now.

Although it will be quite sometime before we'll let her use this room on her own, she is quickly out-growing her baby tub and would need to use her own big tub soon.

Here's what we're working on...

Ta-da! Brown 'Goodness" just like her old room was too
This room is just way too dark because I think of the wall color. So for sure, we will paint over it.

I love the brass and acrylic details of this bathroom though, just like the boys had. I think no major change needs to happen with that. Luckily for us, brass and acrylic are both "IN" at the moment.

The floors also look just fine. Generic, but fine.

Vanity/Sink area

 Like in the boys bathroom, I won't be changing her vanity and mirror too.
I like the big mirror and the sink cabinet is still in pretty good shape, maybe I'll paint it up too!

I just need some art here I think and change the towel ring hardware.
I also want to change the light, something hanging perhaps.

I want a towel bar here and add something to the walls other than just paint.
I have a plan brewing in my head and I hope to share it with you soon!

We're going to Chicago for the long weekend, so hope to tackle this project as soon as we get back!

Hope you have a Great Labor Day Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...