Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Modern Rustic Christmas Tree

I know everyone is busy with their Thanksgiving preparation, but just in case you need a break from all the cooking and everything else it entails, I thought I would share with you our Christmas Tree this year!

Yes, I skipped the usual traditional colors for this year, a first for me since I wanted to do a Modern Rustic theme! Cant wait to show you the rest of our home later on once the tours commence.

I used my Flocked tree this year, and the Modern aspect of this theme is of course in the black and white grosgrain ribbons I used thru out the tree (and the house). I added my Faux magnolia leaf picks, pine cones and deer ornaments for the Rustic aspect of it.

I used a plastic paper Snowflake Lantern as a topper, a score from
TARGET last year.

A closer look...
I love these Wooden Laser Cut "MERRY" word from TARGET. For $3 I think they are the best buy (other than the ribbons) I had this season!

I also made this faux Gingerbread ornaments, a tutorial is coming up at a later post. ;-)

I also scored these beautiful Vintage ornaments from Thrift store
Of course in spite of all these "fancy" ornaments on my tree, I really could not ignore my important sentimental ornaments. I had to display them, and so they all ended up on the bottom of the tree...


I love that I placed them here because my daughter can see them well and tries exploring each one (also removing them ;-))!

I really love our tree this year, although like I say, I love all my Christmas trees but this one is slowly becoming one of my favorites!

And at dusk...

...simply more magical.

The family approves and loves the tree as well, but my oldest son hasn't seen it yet, I'm still waiting on his verdict. :-)

That is it folks, you know we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our Christmas tree in place already. But since Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about family too anyway, I think it would be darn alright! ;-)

Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving 
with your Family!

P.S. Please don't forget this upcoming fabulous Holiday Home tours!


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Friday, November 18, 2016

Unique Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Hello Friends!

I know your all busy preparing for Thanksgiving, be it hosting or visiting someone, it is a busy fun holiday for everyone. I do hope you have an enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving, wherever you are.

Anyway, after Thanksgiving then it's gonna be the CHRISTMAS FEVER starting, and if you haven't started your tree yet or in a shlump right now, I have some unique ideas here that you might wanna try this year!

1) Flowers 

Not the Ponsettias or Amaryllis, I'm talking about Spring and Summer flowers.

Martha Stewart
Good Housekeeping
2) Toys

Christmas is definitely for kids too and hanging toys I think would just be fantastic. And I'm not talking about just nutcrackers, but real toys. The Dollar store will be an excellent resource for this. Think Teddy bears, dolls, balls - or a particular cartoon theme. They can double as treats for kids too and unexpected visitors who can pick their toy from the tree!

Pretty My Party
Ideal Aile
3) Bows

Post  holiday season when everything is 50% off  or more, you can go as crazy as you want with the different colors available. A big plus too, is that it's very light and good for homes with little ones running around still. ;-)

Kate Spade already had the idea, imagine this all over your tree!

Or these cute paper bows by Lia Griffith
4) Picture Frames

What better way to showcase family and how your year has been than with a tree decked out in just picture frames with your pictures of course?!

Furniture Design

Cool 2 Craft
You can just use one type of frame color or different colors like the one above.

For the Love of White
5) Whatever you Collect

Since we have some sort of collection in our homes, wouldn't it be great to showcase them as well during Christmas? Think Travel Post Cards, matchboxes (no matches inside please), Wine corks. Things that can be hung or put on a strong tree on a pedestal, just look at the examples below...

River city Villagers
Me Love Hello Kitty
Nell Hills
I have a friend who collects Swarovski and Waterford ornaments and her tree is just filled with these and it is magical! I can also think of displaying antlers, Santa Claus items and decor, etc.

Whatever it is you fancy to decorate your tree with this year, be it the old ornaments you have or be it the shiny new ones you just bought, that most important aspect of course, is the home in which this tree will sit in.

I have never met a Christmas Tree I do not love, it shows each family's unique individuality and I just think you can never, ever go wrong with following your heart when it comes to decorating these babies!

Have fun and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Dining Room Chandelier Options

Hello Friends! Sorry for being M.I.A. for a week, just been really busy with life and on top of which, busy decorating for Christmas! ;-)

Anyway, I've been wishing to change my Dining room Chandelier for a while now...

Yup, this one

When we bought this foreclosed home, there was no chandelier and I had to hurry up and choose one before we moved in. I chose this inexpensive black modern chandelier because I knew it could go with anything. But the time has come for me to choose something I really want for the space, basically, something crystal and here are my candidates...

1) Elegance Crystal Swag Chandelier from Shades of Light
2) Maria Theresa 12 light Chandelier from Horchow

3) Pelre 6 Light Chandelier from Ballard Designs

4) Manor Court Crystal Chandelier from RH Teen

Very tough right? I know I probably won't change it in time for the holidays, but I'm hoping to so do pretty soon. What do you think? Which one would you choose? Any other suggestions? Of course size and price matters as with any decision for the home, anything  >30" in width and price <$1500 would be reasonable for me

Thank you friends!

Have a Great Week!


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Friday, November 4, 2016

One last Halloween post...

Hope you had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN! For sure, our family did, and I hope you'll bear with me, if I post about it one more Halloween post. This is short and sweet since this is the kid's rooms!

But before I do, let me just say HOW ECSTATIC I AM because of this...

Good-bye SOMEDAY!!!!!
The first ever Baseball game I ever saw was in Wrigley's and I just fell in love with the Cubs and every fan of the CUBS! I love the Cardinals too, a team closer to home, but my heart was always with the CUBS and I and my whole family are still beaming from this! 

Anyway, on with business..

 As you noticed, my son has kept his room fairly intact. Mom just zhushed it up a bit with some Halloween items.

Bat pillow looks cute in the bed

And in Sophia's room, I had the same BOO Garland...

There you have it, I am now excited to start decorating for CHRISTMAS!

Have a Great Weekend!


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