Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Trouble with Juju Hats...

I love Juju Hats. No doubt.


That is why I put it in my beloved's nursery in the first place.

 However, after a few months, things started happening.... pink dust kept accumulating on the crib. And I saw, it came from the hat...

.. it was corroding :-(

I searched the internet on feathers and juju hats and maintenance, and I couldn't find any. 
So I finally moved the hat downstairs...

... where sadly, it still continues to corrode... :-(

It's not obvious yet when you look from afar and in the photos, but the middle part is 'balding', and I don't know how long it will last! 

But I still love it anyhow, just a bit of warning to people who are considering getting them. If you know of ways of minimizing or stopping this from happening, please let me know and share away! 

And  if you ask me if I regret getting the Juju hat? 
Nah - I don't regret getting this fabulous head piece, but I will never put it close to a bed from now on, maybe a place like this where I could easily clean it!

Kids are on Spring break so far I think I am too!

Have a Great Week !


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Monday, March 21, 2016

Favorite Brass and Acrylic pieces

Hello Friends! Sorry I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to blogging, but things have been very busy in our household lately, and plus, it's SPRING BREAK, so momma kinda thinks she's on it too! LOL! Anyway, I hope to catch up on my reading and for today I am sharing something beautiful for everyone.

I know that like many of you, we have an obsession on anything brass and lucite.

It's literally everywhere right now, and even stores that normally do not carry such pieces, carry them now! And I think it's not just  a trend that will simply go away, I think, it's here to stay. And for Brass and Acrylic lovers like me, that,  is a very good thing... ;-)

What's not to love with the pieces above?! Makes me wish Sophia would grow up fast so I could change my coffee table.

                1) Jacques Bench, 2) Lacquered Regency Three Drawer Dresser                             3) Emerson Counter & Bar Stools, 4) Modern Banquette Bench, 5)  Willis Brass Bench,

I would love to change my bar stools in the kitchen now if I weren't thinking of those sharp edges. And sorry I had to put the dresser in the seating collage, since I didn't notice it there until I started making this post,  it is a favorite though. ;-)

I would love to use any of these in my home, just oh-so-lovely, and the bins and boxes have lots of possible uses too!

1) Acrylic Column Floor Lamp, 2) Karl Stacking Wine Rack,3) Floating Brackets, 4) Theia Table Lamp,  5) Milo Acrylic Ceiling Fan, 6)  Lucite & Brass Doggie Bed

The fan is fabulous, but thinking of cleaning it all the time just makes me want to look at it for now. The lamps are all gorgeous, and that doggie bed? In love.

Lastly, I found this at Ballard Design....

I've always wanted these and either the cost or the DIY is a hindrance, but now I no longer have any excuse! This one is I think comes at a reasonable price and the perfect look.

So very pretty. Can you guess where in my home it will be going in?

Anyhow, hope you enjoy browsing thru all these beauties!

So, any of your faves I missed? Do share.

Have A Wonderful Spring Day!


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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Easter Table 2016

I know that it's quite early for Easter, but I enjoyed toying around with the table setting for this important holiday the other day, and thought that I might share them already!

The bunnies are out!

Peonies and bunnies? Yes in our household ;-)

Craft-free and DIY-free Easter this year, just pure decorating! I also don't have any new piece except for the 1 chocolate bunny in between the 2 moss ones. That's were my bunny collecting is headed, and I think, that is SWEET!

How about you, ready for Spring or Easter yet?

Have a Lovely Day!


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Organizing your Clothes - Design Details Master Closet Part 2

Today, I'm talking about something I really like to do - ORGANIZING!

When I saw the cabinets go up one by one, I was giddy with the thought of fixing it up! Naturally, you have to have a good inventory of the things you have to start cooking up a plan on how your going to organize your things. But one of the most important aspect to before you start planning and organizing is,  PURGING!

Yes, I purged a total of 4 bins of clothes, shoes and bags all together. Some went to family & friends whom I know will appreciate them, others went to "Good ol' will" and the others, I sold on EBAY ( just to let you in on how much stuff I have, I sold $1300 worth of stuff on EBAY)!

Let's start with the Clothing Organization shall we?

Hang shirts by Color

Changing you hangers to the same kind, also puts some order into things as well. I switched to the Huggable Hangers years ago, and this created more than 2x the closet space for me! Wether you prefer wood, or plastic, it's all up to you and your space, just make sure you have the same kind of hangers.
Separate them out in Categories
This KOMPLEMENT Pull-out Pants Hanger is a really good thing to have in a closet
There are other Pant organizers out there, this is what I found from REV - A -SHELF...

You can check this out HERE
It's also given, that folding your clothes neatly is very important. For order, and just because it looks NICER!

I absolutely love these sliding shelves
For our closet, I added these 2 different types of basket/bin behind each folded pile. One, so we can put in things that we've used already and will use again soon, and two, for extra storage later on, since our shelves are deep (22"Depth), we have the space to do so.

Inside the drawers, to avoid digging, it is very important to see what you have, so I fold it this way...

Long-sleeved shirts and leggings and jogging pants folded nice and neat
I hung my dresses by length. Shorter ones nearer and longer ones, further.

You also have to think of other things in your closet other than clothes. Like where to store your hangers...

I have a small basket under my dress cabinet for this purpose
... and a hamper inside your closet is good thing, but since I prefer our dirty clothes piling up in our big hamper in the bathroom, I have a very small one here in the form of a basket...

Mini "hamper" 

It would also be great if you had a Valet to get you ready right?

I'm not talking about Mr. Bates  ;-P
I'm talking about this...

Valet Rod - those 3 circular rings above
.. where you can hang clothes you want to prepare in advance. ;-) 

Like this...

There are other versions like this...

From Rev-A-Shelf
I also organized our undergarments in the drawers too. Here's an example of how I did ours...

I rolled up small items like panties and briefs similar to this too
Hew! I hope I didn't tire you out with this post. I know that most of this stuff I wrote here, you already know, but I thought I might just remind you of it!

Not all of us can re-do our closets right away, but keeping things organized is a great way to start on that path!

So, what do you think? Any tips you have when it comes to organizing clothes? Please, do share, I'd love to know!

Next time, I'll tackle my other love - PURSE ORGANIZATION!

Have a Great Weekend!


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Monday, March 7, 2016

Seeing Pink and Blue for Spring

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! Though the weather was still a bit nippy in our part of the world, the sun made a whole world of difference for me! I truly can't wait until Spring!

And because I feel excited about Spring, let me share with you today our Living room for this season.
I went with Pink and Blue color scheme and I hope you like it and bring some fun Spring Decor inspiration for you all ...

I have to give a huge shout out to one of my favorite artist and IG friend, GINA JULIAN, for this marvelous new original art work I have. It's called "Carried By The Crowd" and was really the jumping off point for my Spring decor inspiration!

See how gorgeous it is?!
Gina is a fantastic artist, and I will talk more about her work on a later post because I know her  and her art is definitely someone to watch and follow. You can see more of Gina's masterpieces HERE.

You obviously noticed the big move of the Juju hat from the nursery to here. I will explain to you more in detail why it had to leave the nursery on another post, since it requires that much attention all together .

Aren't you even more curious now, why all the fuss??? Let's just say, this Juju hat, as gorgeous as it is, brings something into your home that designers have not been sharing yet, as far as I know, and I will share it with you.... ;-)

Simple Spring Mantel

As you probably noticed, I brought a lot of my PINK milk glass out to blend in with my blue and white chinoiserie collection, and I think, they work well together!

I hope you enjoyed this short tour, and I hope you go check out Gina Julian's work. I know for sure this art work of hers that I own, won't be my last!

Join me this Thursday, as I go back to the closet again, for something I love talking about - ORGANIZING!

Have a Great Week Everyone!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Favorite Oscar Looks for 2016

Did you guys watch the OSCARS? I always do, aside from being a movie buff, I also love seeing "Fashion Super Bowl" of Hollywood.

This year however, the Oscars was tainted with the #OSCARSOWHITE movement, and it kinda showed this unrest even on the red carpet. I did not see the Super-wow moments I look forward to during this event, so instead of 10, I only have 8 favorites to share...

Charlize Theron in Dior
Definitely my favorite of all. She epitomizes what a superstar looks like, full of  glamour and style!

Emily Blunt in Prada
Winner among the pregnant ladies in the Oscar this year, and even in the non-pregnant category!

Tina Fey in Versace
Simplicity seems to be the theme in Hollywood this time, and this number is just the perfect 'simple' gown for such an event.

Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney
Following along the simplicity line, this orange number is a dress I would love to have!
Naomi Watts in Armani Prive'
Naomi always comes out a winner on the Red Carpet, nominee or not, this one just proves it further.

Rachel McAdams in August Getty
This dress is a stunner from behind, and only someone like Rachel McAdams can pull this one of flawlessly.

Charlotte Rampling in Armani
I love it when a woman dresses her age and does it with utmost class and style.

Brie Larson in Gucci
That smile truly shows the winner in her. Love this soft number on Brie's fresh young face.

And as always, there were a lot of disappointing moments on the Red carpet too...

Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren
Oil-slick black doesn't look too hot, even on someone like Kate.... :-(

Kerri Washington in Versace
I also felt Kerri can do so much better than this "dominatrix" number....
Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton
And though she won an Oscar, this dress just seems so frumpy for my taste.

Overall, like I said, a lot of "boring" dresses was on the Red Carpet this year, I hope next year will be better!

Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!


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