Thursday, April 28, 2016

ORC Week 4 - Progress & Problems on Boys Room

Hello again!

We're now on Week 4 of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE hosted by Linda from Calling It Home and I don't have much to show for YET!

I don't know if hanging curtains is considered progress...

... or assembling the side tables up...

... But things going into the room have arrived so far...

Hardware upgrade for dressers and sides

Zimba wallpaper ( at least 1 roll of it)
 .. and the one that made me the happiest (and also my son ;-), the reading chair!
I have to rave about the awesome service I got from TOTALLY FURNITURE, an online furniture store I just discovered in my search for an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair I so desperately want! I ordered this lookalike right away and got it 2 days later! Yes, Two days! It's like ordering from Amazon Prime, only better since shipping is FREE! A new source for sure that I will keep coming back to for my furniture needs. :-)

Regarding the wallpaper, it did arrive early, but I only got a single roll when I ordered a double. I contacted the Customer service of PATIO LANE, where I ordered from, and they said they will send the other roll asap. The only problem is, this second roll will not be exactly the same as the one I have since they were printed 'differently'?!!! Ugggghhhh! I asked if they could send me a new set of double roll and I will just send them back the roll that I have, and they said, it might take 6 weeks! Uggghhhh! So I took my chance and have them send the different single roll and hope and pray, that it matches the one that I have!

Some good news though, I talked to my painter and wall paper hanger, and said they will start next week. So I hope I can show you something better next week!

Anyway, enough of moi and my woes. Let's go check on the other peeps awesome progress!
Check it out HERE
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


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Monday, April 25, 2016

American Citizenship Party

Since I shared with you the momentous event of our Citizenship, let me share with you today how we celebrated that important milestone in our lives!

Let's start off with the DECORATIONS...

Yup, I brought out my Christmas Lanterns

American Flags everywhere

I think Brass goes well with anything Americana right? Think of our Forefathers ;-)

I brought out the wreath I made last year and added more flags

The Buffet Island

Yup, more stars up above!
For the food, we had everything "American" of course...

Chips, wings, Salmon, Salad, crabs, sliders, Mac n' Cheese, corn, rolls, etc

I like how my Wings station turned out - Had 3 types of wings (Roasted, Honey Barbecue & buffalo) & 2 types of dip (ranch and Honey Mustard) . I had Potato salad and Coleslaw on the side too

Red, White & Blue Desserts
Yeah, I'm that "rich", used this cute Benjamin Franklin Napkins for the party!!!

We had The Hotdog and Chili station down in the basement along with chips and Pizza

For a hug party like ours, adding stickers to wine glasses helps if your out of charms
It was a fun-filled night with our family and friends and we capped it off by watching a big Boxing match of our favorite Filipino fighter, Manny Pacquiao.  Everyone wore Red, White and Blue too to celebrate with us!


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Thursday, April 21, 2016

ORC Week 3 - Comfy & Stylish Boys Bedroom Plan

Thank you all for the support as I try to tackle another boys bedroom! I say that because I know most of you are not joining the challenge but are really awesome to follow along on our attempt to finish this room in 6 weeks (5 weeks in my case).


Gosh, really, the hardest part of doing this, is in fact, the thought that my 'baby boy' has grown up and needs a space that can grow with him!

And so today, I share with you THE PLAN....

From this...

To THIS - Bed Wall
As you can see the huge statement piece in this space is the gorgeous wallpaper! It's by Shumacher called ZIMBA in Silver and I have been in love with it for years!


It comes in different colors but I think for our purpose, the Silver will work best (in terms of the growing up with him part, I think ;-)).

I only ordered 1 double roll and will see if I have enough for some other walls in the room. But I will definitely be placing it behind the bed.

Now for the wall opposite the bed....

From This....

To this?????
Ok,I put in a lot of question marks on this wall plan. Simply because I am leaning towards a desk here. The only problem is that this wall is between the door and another Indoor/Interior Window!!!!!

Yes, I have 2 Interior window in my house and I actually plan on doing the same thing to this window as I did in Sophia's Nursery...

Just to Refresh your memory
I like that I can just add a small piece of the wall paper to a roller shade and then place some clear shelving, and Viola - a cute book display! You can read more about it HERE, which btw, I also did for the ORC.

I do think he will need a desk, but with the big windows and not a lot of walls in the room, I think this wall would be the only spot for it. So I am thinking of putting up something like this...

Wall Desk from AMAZON
I think it can work with our limited wall and floor space. and I think will look nice enough too. The other thing is, my son is not letting go of some of these...

which is almost 3 ft. tall btw

... and some of this gang too
Yup, his favorite toys of course has to stay in the room and not in his closet. And of course, since this is HIS SPACE, I do have to trump style for what he loves and enjoys right? Coz isn't that what makes a bedroom "perfect" in the first place?!

By the window, I want to put a good reading chair. And in "Dream Land" I can and will put this...

I say it's for "dream land" because this chair costs " $6,894!!!
I have looked at more affordable options, but I really want something similar without breaking the bank! Still on a hunt, let me know if you find something similar!

I'm getting some help pulling this space together. Last week, I had a contractor survey the space and I'm still waiting on their quote and the other things I ordered for this space like the wall paper.

Now, let's check on what the others are up to since technically, we're supposed to be halfway there already!

Check it out HERE
Have A Great Weekend!


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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vanity Stool Options

Ok, I need a stool.

Yes, it's for the closet. 

I know you saw the one I was sitting on when I showed you the reveal the last time, but that one actually is for our bathroom, which I use when I put my lotion on after my shower. So I've been carrying that ottoman back and forth between the 2 rooms, and I'm getting tired.

And so here are the ones I am considering at this point...

1) Southport Gold Metal Bench 2) Cooper Leather Stool 3) Leather Director Stool 5) Mongolian Lamb Stool 5) Octavia Stool 6) Hillsdale Clover Stool

I was dead-set on one of these until I saw this...

Acrylic Leg X Stool from Wisteria

Now, I'm toast. HELP!!!!!

Here's the space again to jog your memory

Have a Great Week!


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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ORC Week 2 - Another Boy's Room Re-do

Nope, you did not miss my Week 1 ORC post.

The reason being simple, I jumped LATE into this game. In other words,  I joined only this week!

If you don't know anything about ORC, check it out HERE

But as they say, better late than never right? And because of my late entry and late planning, I hope and pray that I will be finished on time for the big reveal along with everyone else!

Ok, 'nuf about that. Let me show you the room we're working with...

This is my younger son's bedroom, and the picture above was how I decorated it when we first moved into the house. Only thing we did, was paint the window wall white (since it was orange before).

Then I re-did his room HERE, in 2012. And obviously, he was into Dr. Seuss at that time...


But as he grew, of course his tastes have changed and he has asked me to fix his room up already right after I did Sophia's Nursery ,also for the ORC , Here.

I procrastinated a long time as you see. And actually one of the perks of joining the ORC is that is gives you extra motivation to get things done. However, I think my main reason for procrastinating is this...

.. I MISS THE TIME WHEN HE WAS STILL LITTLE, and he's just growing up WAY TOO FAST! sniff... sniff..
Ok, since I made the point of not being "chicken" anymore , which I also wrote about HERE, I hope you'll cheer me on as I tackle another room!

Next week I will show you my plans for this space!


Have a Great Week!


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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nursery Changes & Juju hat update

 First of all, I want to THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for your overwhelming support and heart-warming comments regarding our citizenship! Truly, one of the best gifts of becoming a citizen is to call you all my sisters and brothers! Thank you!

I'm busy again planning for a party/gathering at our house this Saturday to celebrate this milestone, so forgive me for missing out on some of your posts. I will try to catch up next week when things slow down a bit in our household! ;-)

For now, let me just share with you some minor changes we have made in Sophia's Nursery recently..

Juju Hat out - Mirror  ( from Horchow) in!
You probably remember that last Christmas we made a switcheroo and moved the sofa bed on this wall and the crib on the other. I often sleep with Sophia so this arrangement makes more sense for the time being.

I absolutely adore the Martha Stewart WHIM line at Macy's. And I think most of my sheets for Sophia's Sofa bed is from this line, just like the dotted sheet now!  I got the typography pillow case from Target's current Pillowfort line which I absolutely love! The green dotted pillowcases were Thrift scores years ago, also from Target. 

Had to move the rocker here because of the trundle bed now on the other side

Crib by the LOCKED Window is just so pretty
Since Sophia's a toddler already, she has all her play things all over the house and of course, in the nursery too!

Got the Cardboard stand and table set from IKEA
Right now, this play stand is her "TEA SHOP" with cakes and cups for us. 
And as soon as she enters her room, she goes straight to her "Tea Shop" (which by the way she could clearly say now) and goes and minds her 'shop'! Her favorite though is the cash register with all the paper money and coins!
Our little Miss minding her counter

I added the paper flowers I scored from Target years ago (their available again this year).
We are all enjoying her room , and as you can see, it's little occupant too...

Before I end my post, let me share with you an update on my Juju hat woes.
I posted the photo on IG and a Juju hat retailer gave me a tip...

I followed their advise and kept my hat in the freezer for 3 days and so far it's not shedding anymore!
I hope to enjoy my hats for longer now!

Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone!


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