Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crafting for a Cause

My Oldest son Nio, goes to Catholic school.
And every year the school does different fund-raisers to subsidize the school funds for all sorts of activities, updates and just the daily grind of running a private school.

This year, I decided to join the Mardi Gras Committee. And with a fund-raiser like Mardi Gras, there's always a lot of work to be done  for all the different booths for the carnival. 

One of the booths is a Doll Raffle Booth - I gladly obliged to help this area although honestly, I really wasn't sure what I could do to help until they gave me this box...

Not much to work with- a few scraps of fabric, some beads and flowers and of course, the dolls
The leader of this group just told me to dress up these dolls like Princesses and make them look more attractive than their current state. I was up for the challenge, even though I never worked with dolls before, and so here they are…

Ta-da! All dressed up and ready to raffle!

Ok, you don't think I won't brag about each and everyone right? After all, they were all a 'labor of love'… and glue gun ( you know I can't sew!)!

Not the prettiest I suppose but my favorite since she was the first!
I added glitter glue on her sash, flower and hair cut up a bead strand for earring and sequence head dress. I also put rhinestones for her ring and bracelet.

Difficult fabric to work with, I think it's an upholstery fabric, but still turned out pretty I think.
Made the hat from an empty ribbon spool!

Another difficult fabric to work with, very stiff, but still with draping and the ruffles, I think she turned out pretty too.
I added a left over ruffle for her head dress.

I think she looks so modern and simple I only accented her with a ribbon hat and red flower.

Love how the purple fushcia ribbon added to the ends of the fabric made the white stand out.

This is flannel fabric I actually bought at Joann's clearance for $1.50 for 1/2 yard. I love the fish scale pattern and mixed with the greys, pastel elegance!

The 2nd brown fabric I had to work with, I added glitter glue to the dots for some bling and gave her lots of ribbons

The 2nd white fabric but this time I used blue ribbon as accent and shawl

I love the ribbon when  properly cut eventually looked like a crown. I also bought that black tulle with glitters from Joann's clearance for $1.50.

Fuschia and black looks so elegant combined, I added rhinestones on her neck too!
I really enjoyed making these and never realized how fun it was to drape and mix fabrics up on these little models. I hope they sell well during the Mardi Gras!

Which one is your favorite?

Have a Great Weekend! 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ORC Tween Boy Bedroom Updates

After the very fun One Room Challenge (ORC)  Linda from "Calling It home" hosted last time, we're back in the same room for some minor updates we did to this space.

First, was this huge Vintage Map Find I found last December that went on this wall...

Something me and my son loves a lot!

Second, the window treatment for the nook finally arrived!

 Custom Bamboo Woven Wood Roman Shade

I ordered this during ORC and only got it afterwards, and finally my husband hung them only after the holidays!

Yes, it took a while, but for the unbelievable price I paid for it, I say it was worth it. 
I paid $42 for a custom made shade from JC Penney, and if you know how much custom shades or blind cost, you know how much a bargain this is! In fact, I ordered custom-made shades for my kitchen as well!
The down-side of course was the shipping time, on the site it said 6-7 weeks, which was about right when I finally got this. But if your in no rush, you'd save big with these! Quality is not shabby either!

Lastly I got some new bedding, actually just pillowcases...

Switched around the pillows as well
The Throw Pillows went from Nook to Living Room to Bed
 I scored the Kate Spade Shams for $6 each at TJ Maxx clearance.

Still looks pretty much the same
Luckily still not so chaotic
My sons and their dad spend a lot of time here on the weekends ever since my hubs transferred one of the gaming consoles here as well. It's 'their space' as they call it.

So far so good, and no major re-arranging needed to be done or changed since my son enjoys his space more than ever!

Linking back to...

Calling It Home

Have a Nice Day!!!!!


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Sunday, February 23, 2014

My First Campaign Furniture

When I posted this picture on INSTAGRAM two weeks ago all of you said the same thing…

My Caption read - "I'm gonna regret passing up on this $30 Campaign Desk at GOODWILL!"
"GO BACK!!!"

And as if by some divine revelation, I also saw the perfect chair on site at the perfect price, that before I could head out the door, I strolled right back and grabbed the tag on this baby and the chair! SCORE!

I didn't really think about where I'll put it or what my hubs would think of 'another' furniture in the house AGAIN, I just went with my gut and got it!

I've always wanted to have campaign furniture in my home and  this beauty, in near-perfect condition, was just too good to pass up! I knew I'd find a place for it somewhere.

So I followed the not-so-wise adage: "BUY NOW, THINK LATER"! ;-)

Guest room
And as I was driving back home, I knew where I would put it -The room above…

And here it is now…

I think it's a perfect writing desk/Vanity here. 
The drawers are pretty useful too for guests to store their things in and I love how I get to use some of my thrifted art as well!

A personal spot for guests
I placed this faceted mirror I got from TJ MAXX on clearance years ago ($20) on top, added some pictures, milk glass pot with some dried hydrangeas, the wireless phone and a desk lamp.

The chair is from the Threshold line of TARGET which I scored from GOODWILL for $29.99.

Nate Berkus Lamp - scored from TARGET Clearance for $32
I love the modern shape of this lamp and the marble base helps add to it's appeal.

The Cityscape oil painting of Chicago is a Goodwill find as well for $3, and you already saw the Paint-by-number Boy with dog Art work I scored on one of my shopping trips for $5. the canvas map art of old Paris is a clearance find from TJ Maxx as well. 

Inside the desk have these imprinted…

I tired looking up these BRANDS/LABELS on Google but only found similar vintage furniture for sale with these brands...

From ETSY $339

Anyway, I'm really very happy about this find.
I don't think I will paint it for now. If there's something that needs painting, I think it's definitely the room itself!

Yup, change is in order for this room

Particularly with the wall paint
I also need to update these…

Typical Barrel Cane Chairs I scored for $5 years ago.
I don't think I want to re-paint it but I really NEED to re-upholster it, and I know Tiffany at "Living Savvy" is doing just that to hers, so I need to wait for her tutorial.

Anyway, that's it for now. Please let me know if you know anything about "CAMPAIGNER" or "DIXIE" brand.

How about you, any great scores lately? Regrets? Do you also follow the "Buy Now, Think Later" mantra sometime?

Hope you have a Fabulous Week!


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bargain Binge-ing and some random things

Can you guess how much I paid for all these (except the orange tray)?

4 Michael Graves Fluted Storage Jars, 4 Lacquered trays, 2 sets of suit hangers...

and these 7 party items from Martha...
If you guessed $12, then your right!!!!

Everything was on CLEARANCE and the store had additional 40% and I had additonal 15% off from SHOPKICK

This App
I love this App and check it all the time to see if I have extra coupons and discounts that I could use while I'm at a particular store! Plus, I get "kicks" or points every time I enter  a partner store (like TARGET or JC Penney), and you get to choose your reward after you accumulate certain amount of points!!! You can get extra "kicks" too by scanning particular items in the store as well.

So far, I've earned $20 worth of gift card from TARGET!

Anyway, Yes, I paid $12 for 4 lacquer trays, 4 Michael Graves jars & 2 sets of wooden suit hangers, 5 sets of Martha Stewart Party stuff!

As for the orange faux-leather tray, I originally ordered it online and cost me around $39. However, while at the store, I saw it on clearance and with all my discounts I ended up paying $8 for it!!!

I truly love it on my coffee table right now
After having a blast at JC Penney, I went to TJ Maxx and scored this..

Gold & Stainless steel Ice Bucket $7.50 clearance
Also grabbed me 2 of these ...

Paper whites are never out of season for me for $2 from Walmart
Here they are with my orchids by the sink!

I couldn't help but show off my small kitchen garden. It's atypical since it's not of herbs, but since I have a 'black thumb' bulbs and orchids are the only one that survive in my house.

Anyway, how about you, any crazy bargains lately?

Lastly, hope you can join these fabulous ladies every last Friday of the month…

Absolutely adore all four and am so excited with this collaboration! I'm definitely IN!!!!

Have a Fabulous day!


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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Re-upholstering Made Simple

Two weeks ago, I finally did this...

Added some pizzaz to my chairs
I have wanted to use these fabric ever since I saw it on a pillow and you know how much of a sucker I am for malachite!

Plust, the chairs were needing this facelift, really, the seats were just so dirty already that I needed to re-cover them fast!

So, now that you've seen the finish product, I want to share with you how I did this super simple re-upholstering project!


The 3 I was choosing from
If it's your first time doing this, make sure to not use your Schumacher or any expensive fabric yet.  That way, if you make any major booboo, your heart won't break a lot.

But DO pick a fabric that you love and avoid any stripes with your first try. The reason being, sometimes with stretching when you start re-upholstering, your straight line might go awry and it's not going to look good.

As you can see, other than loving this, it's pattern-less design makes it easy to use.

Robert Allen Malachite Fabric

Mine only had 3, some have 4.


Make sure you use something like this...

A worthwhile investment for sure
and not this…

Your project will be doomed from the beginning ;-)


Perhaps the most tricky part to this project, but almost mistake proof, since you can always straighten the fabric by pulling it tighter and stapling it again. Here's how I did mine...


IF you do make a mistake, removing and re-adjusting  is easy with this…

Make sure too to AVOID THIS

tsk..tsk… The staples from the original Upholstery of this seat

 And also avoid doing this...


Have you done re-upholstering before? Do you have any other tips to share to us? I know a lot of you have done way more than this kind of project which I hope I'll be brave enough to tackle eventually!

Have a Good day!