Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why I'm delaying setting up my nursery

I'm a little bit close to my third trimester.

This was a couple of weeks back

And during this time, most families begin their 'nesting saga' so to speak, with much gusto and with full bravado.


I for one, you all know, have not been slacking on this important detail in our life.

You have probably seen my Nursery Designs already, so you know it's been a pre-occupation of mine for a while now.

However, the reason as to why I haven't done or executed any of my nursery plans yet is this - I am in no hurry to finish up my nursery since I plan to have my baby share our bedroom for awhile.

Yes, you read it right, I am planning to nest first with baby right in our own Master bedroom.

The decision was clear for us from the start and here are our reasons:

1) Baby's nursery is gonna be on the 2nd floor of the house. Our Master Bedroom is on the ground floor. You can imagine the dilemma and eventual weariness of going up and down the stairs already right?

2) Culturally, as Filipinos, this is the set-up we grew in to and the set-up I had with my 2 boys as well.

Why you may ask? Well, houses in the Philippines are usually not big enough to accommodate an extra bedroom for babies, and even if there was an extra room, this was more often allocated for guests and relatives  (or house maids) who often come and visit with the family, so baby ends up sleeping in parents room as long as possible.  

I guess I'm doing this again out of 'habit'????

3) It's just EASIER for everything to be arms reach when you have a newborn and recovering from a C-section as well.

We know having the baby in our own bedroom would give us more 'work' than respite but in the end, convenience of having our baby close by, wins against our 'restful night debate'.

And so with these reasons, I have been looking at families who co-share their own rooms with their babies!





I don't plan on putting my full-sized crib in our bedroom, just a bassinet and the changing table for some of baby's stuff. But overall, this last room sort of mimics the layout I have in mind.

I know this decision of ours is not for everyone and definitely not for the majority of families, but then again, it's our choice and we feel it is the right choice FOR US.

I will still set-up the nursery, for sure, but with some delay, and now you know why!

How about you? How did you sleep with a newborn? Sounds familiar or remotely absurd? When did you have your baby move into the nursery, right away or after a few weeks? months? Please do share your experience. I would love to hear them.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Red, White and Blue Decor

Wether your remembering someone or not on this Memorial day, it is best to offer a short prayer and remembrance to those who have fallen or have left a void in our hearts .

So as a simple tribute to this day, I share with you my favorite rooms in the traditional Red, White & blue colors....

Daily Dream Decor

Elle Decor

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Gramercy Park hotel Penthouse Suite
Madeline Weinrib Interiors

Lindsey Coral Harper Design

Ann Hepfer Design

Hope you have an Honorable Memorial Day!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Small Kitchen Updates Part 1

Hello Everyone!

I've been a bit "lazy" with my blogging and reading lately,  just feeling 'tired' a lot and of course, if you follow me on INSTAGRAM you know I'm definitely getting bigger and heavier (Ahhh, the perils and 'joy' of pregnancy right?!)!

Anyhow, enough excuses, I have a lot of back reading to do today, but let me share with you a quick update we did on our kitchen. Actually it's 3 small updates and I'll share one today and the other two on one of my next posts.

I know this one isn't obvious - but I changed the window treatment by our kitchen sink.
It used to be like this...

White blinds came with the house
The old blinds were fine, but I think it blended in too much with my white mosaic-tiled walls. Plus my window trimming too is white. 

Much better
I really loved the blinds I placed in my Son's Bedroom and added the same custom-made blinds I used on the window in the reading nook here too!

So, these ones were also custom-fit for the windows from JC PENNEY and I couldn't be happier with it's quality, fit and ease of install.

Growing collection
I also added 2 new additions to my blue & white collection here by the sink.

Beauties from TJ Maxx for $14.99 each
And what a steal they are right? Super sturdy too, I actually dropped the one on the left while I was trying to set up, from the countertop to my floor and it miraculously didn't break or chip! Hew!

And remember when I Organized my sink the LAST TIME? I showed you that I put my sponge in one of my milk glass basket then....

Well, that changed too - I figured my blue & white collection looked too pretty to be mingling with my sponge so I moved it onto the sink itself with one of those sponge organizer stick-ons from TARGET.

Yup, I don't need to see that one for sure

So there you have it folks. 
Like I said, I need to do a lot of back reading my friends, and I hope I get out of my 'laziness funk' that I may go on ahead with my other home projects.

This sink Area is not yet done. I have one more project here that I would need my hubs to help me with and then I can say this section will be perfect! Can you guess what it is? Anyhow, hopefully, I can share it with you soon!

Have a Wonderful day!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Linus & Sabrina Paris Apartment

I'm joining the Summer Style Soiree Link-up Party with one of my favorite actresses as an inspiration, AUDREY HEPBURN!


My inspiration for this space would be from the movie "Sabrina". I really love the chemistry between Bogart and Hepburn in that movie and their characters Linus and Sabrina as well.

Just one of my fave onscreen tandem
And this is my take on their "happily ever after" in Paris...

Linus & Sabrina's Paris Apartment

Can you just imagine Linus lounging on 'his side' and Sabrina on hers?  

I mixed their styles with Linus' serious and more mid-century tastes with Sabrina's French Chic glamour. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!

There'll be more similar parties to come this summer and I can't wait to join the others!


Have  A Great Weekend!


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Spring ORC Favorites

Every year, Linda, from CALLING IT HOME holds the very much anticipated


And every year, it never fails to deliver such amazing room turnarounds and makeovers!
This year, definitely did not disappoint, here are my most favorites  - be prepared to 'drool'!

Christine's room is over-the-top FABULOUS! You have to see the Before photos and all the lovely elegant details in this AFTER! That piano alone made me gasp, but the floors and the rest of the furnishings truly make for an Elle Decor Magazine Cover!!!!!! Calling Elle Decor!!!!

Seriously, Albertina makes me want to re-do my family room with her fantastic update on hers!!!! Just so many wonderful and beautiful details in this chic yet still kid-friendly space! Love everything she places in the room - perfect!

The Dynamic Mother -daughter team of Judy & Jess from Brisbane, Australia truly created a globally appealing classic Dining room with this one! I love that they kept their furnishings simple (including the table centerpiece) but managed to mix gorgeous patterns and accents all around the room! New follower and fan here for sure!

What can I say about Sherry's Dining Room but just simply oozing with French country pizzazz and unexpected touches (cheetah pillows in the Dining room ? Genius)! That Dining table and those walls truly made this room a big winner in my books!

Erin's Powder room may have been the tiniest space done during this ORC series but definitely proved the old mantra " the smaller, the better"! She totally transformed this builder-grade powder room into a real chic and glamorous space!

Abby M. Interiors
You should see the BEFORE photos of Abby's bathroom, this transformation is just truly perfect - simple and very do-able for anyone! Take not of what she did with those fantastic shower curtains?! I want one ASAP!
Reichel's Master Bath Re-do is really so stylish and personal that I wouldn't change any little thing she added in the space! You should check out the fab gallery wall in this small space - just inspiration to the max!

I love Naomi's past ORCs and this one is no different. I was absolutely blown away again with how she managed to turn this oddly shaped (& oddly-roofed) room into a comfy lounge/office for her! I adore the wood details and how she burned, I mean, distressed her beautiful bergere chairs (not in photo). Definitely a space I'd love to lounge in!

Since I have a tween/teen myself, I adore how Holly transformed her son Bo's bedroom into this eclectic chic space. Just take a look at that ceiling and all the gorgeous patterns and pops of red in the space! Any teen would love this space for sure!

I truly love the youthful and colorful vibe Jennifer put into her daughters lounge/hang-out space! From the beautiful art works to the gorgeous otomi pillows, I could definitely see even ME hanging out here! 
I've called Pam a magician several times, and can you blame me? Just take a look at her recent ORC, you won't believe that almost everything in this room was a DIY project right? Just take a look at that marvelous range hood re-do! Love seeing her weave her magic all thru out her fabulous home!

And finally, the host herself, Linda, showed us how a mudroom SHOULD be done. Yes, I said, mudroom, this is her gorgeous mudroom and I love how she did not use traditional benches and cubbies in this space yet still provide function and lots of style!

I'm still rounding up my ORC Link-up favorites. Yes, there was a link-up party too that I sadly wasn't able to join this year, but ya'll know my 'excuse' right. Hopefully I can join in the fall, for you probably know what!

Have a Fabulous and Inspiring Day!


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Monday, May 12, 2014


I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers day Everyone!

Wether it was YOU your loved ones were celebrating or you were celebrating YOUR OWN MOM - Mother's day is truly one of those holidays that just HAS TO BE!!!

Mine was BUSY  & HAPPY- hence I have a short post today. Nothing mind-blowing, just an addiction to gold spray paint you could say.

Here is my Pantry Cabinet inside...

Spray-painted my canned good risers gold too!

See the GOLD yet?

Yup, I spray painted these white wire baskets  ($2.50) from TARGET and added the gold stick-on labels by Martha from Staples - sprayed away, and viola - better and nicer organizers for my pantry!

Hope you all have a Great Week!


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers Day Wishlist

Since a lot of bloggers are coming up with their Mother's day wish list. 
I thought it best to share mine too!

Diptyque 'Baies' Scented Candle - $60

Never had one of these, but I wanna know what the fuss is about. ;-)

Saw these plates from Jennifer - Dillards
I went to my local Dillard's and they only had it in BLUE. This matches my Breakfast room chairs perfectly and you know how crazy I am for anything malachite!
Sephora Sampler $58
I've gotten a similar set before with different samples and totally love it! Plus, you get a voucher for one big bottle of any of these sample perfume, so basically, your getting all these wonderful samples for FREE!
L' OCCITANE Secret to Beautiful hands set -$48
Love the hand cream so I bet the rest of the set would be sumptuous on my hands as well.

Frederic Malle Bois d'Orage Parfum - $250

This bottle would probably last me for years just because I would try to save every drop!
Hermes Oran Box Leather Sandals
A splurge I know, but what better day to get this for my feet than this day!

Burberry Grace Nylon Diaper Bag

Another splurge, but for a momma-to-be again, I want something extra-special!

Of course, a nice bouquet and card is always welcome too, for me, just the the EFFORT makes any gift very special!

How about you, what are you wishing for this Mom's day?

We'll be celebrating with some of our close friends and their families in St. Louis that day so for sure, it will be a lot of fun!

Wishing you all a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!!


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