Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Small Kitchen Updates Part 1

Hello Everyone!

I've been a bit "lazy" with my blogging and reading lately,  just feeling 'tired' a lot and of course, if you follow me on INSTAGRAM you know I'm definitely getting bigger and heavier (Ahhh, the perils and 'joy' of pregnancy right?!)!

Anyhow, enough excuses, I have a lot of back reading to do today, but let me share with you a quick update we did on our kitchen. Actually it's 3 small updates and I'll share one today and the other two on one of my next posts.

I know this one isn't obvious - but I changed the window treatment by our kitchen sink.
It used to be like this...

White blinds came with the house
The old blinds were fine, but I think it blended in too much with my white mosaic-tiled walls. Plus my window trimming too is white. 

Much better
I really loved the blinds I placed in my Son's Bedroom and added the same custom-made blinds I used on the window in the reading nook here too!

So, these ones were also custom-fit for the windows from JC PENNEY and I couldn't be happier with it's quality, fit and ease of install.

Growing collection
I also added 2 new additions to my blue & white collection here by the sink.

Beauties from TJ Maxx for $14.99 each
And what a steal they are right? Super sturdy too, I actually dropped the one on the left while I was trying to set up, from the countertop to my floor and it miraculously didn't break or chip! Hew!

And remember when I Organized my sink the LAST TIME? I showed you that I put my sponge in one of my milk glass basket then....

Well, that changed too - I figured my blue & white collection looked too pretty to be mingling with my sponge so I moved it onto the sink itself with one of those sponge organizer stick-ons from TARGET.

Yup, I don't need to see that one for sure

So there you have it folks. 
Like I said, I need to do a lot of back reading my friends, and I hope I get out of my 'laziness funk' that I may go on ahead with my other home projects.

This sink Area is not yet done. I have one more project here that I would need my hubs to help me with and then I can say this section will be perfect! Can you guess what it is? Anyhow, hopefully, I can share it with you soon!

Have a Wonderful day!



  1. I love the blinds and of course your blue is fabulous. Such a great corner area.

  2. Looking good! Love all the blue and white! I hope you are getting lots of rest! Put your feet up! You deserve it!! xo, Emily

  3. Looks so much nicer with your blue and white displayed!

  4. Love the update, Vel! The new shades highlight the trim and beautiful tile. Great additions to your blue and white collection, they look great in that spot!

  5. Hi Vel! Oh, I love it too! The blinds look so nice and your collection of blue and white pieces is marvelous! I love that gorgeous tiled wall too! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love the contrast of the darker blinds there! JCP is my favorite for blinds! The blue & white looks so pretty! What great finds! Oh, and you look teensy in your pregnancy photos! :)

  7. I love the blinds! The contrast with the light fixture is really stunning! :) I love the blue arrangement, as well!

  8. Vel, your new blinds look great, I like the contrast! Your new finds look fabulous!

    P/S: By the way, I am hosting another fabulous giveaway! Come over and enter for a chance to win $140 worth of home goodies!


  9. I love your mini makeover, Vel! Isn't it amazing how a few small changes can make such a difference? Have a great night! xoxo

  10. You certainly have every right to be tired and you should just rest while you can. That will all change in the not-too-distant future! I just signed up to follow you on Instagram, & you look adorable!

  11. I love your new blinds! The color looks so much better than the white ones! Your blue and white pieces are stunning too. Beautiful!
    Hope you are feeling more energetic soon. :-)

  12. I LOVE the blue and white and the blinds look great too! Make sure you are getting enough rest - the blog can wait!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  13. I too am so behind on posting and reading my regular blogs Vel! But you just worry about that belly oven you've got going on right now. Love the new blinds!

  14. Beautiful, Vel! Your blue and white collection is looking great and what a pretty view while doing dishes! I've never checked the blinds at JCP, thanks for the tip! Oh no, your pendant is so pretty... :)

  15. I love the texture that woven blinds afford. I have them all over my own home...and that blue and white collection looks lovely there!!

  16. That collection of blue and white is gorgeous! Such a great way to use a spot that would otherwise be wasted space!

  17. The new blinds look great! I love your blue and white collection!

  18. First of all...your mosaic tiled walls are beautiful!!! I love that little corner of your kitchen! The new window treatment looks great and I love the lighting in there too. :)

  19. I love your blue and white collection. It really steals the show.

  20. Love your new blinds!nd your collection by the sink is gorgeous. Very pretty, Vel!

  21. I love the new look for your kitchen sink area. I'm also so glad to hear you're happy with your JC Penney woven shades because I've been thinking about getting some in my living room. They're very handsome at your kitchen window.

  22. Congrats Kabayan...
    The baby is definitely a girl. I missed my guess to my apo to be. Kasi, ang liit ng tiyan. Akala ko boy na naman? excited na ako makita ang new member. When is the due?

    I love your vignettes and blinds fits better. Sarap pag spacious ang bahay ano? You really can make things better.

    Pahinga muna. There's nothing to rush in the bloggie world. Take care of yourself, chill and write when you feel like doing it.

    GB and enjoy the weekend.

    Hugs from D´BoX,

  23. Love your blinds! Look great!


  24. Your new blinds are so perfect in your kitchen, Vel. I love how they pull that darker wood tone over to that part of your kitchen. I too had bamboo blinds cut by JC Penney and agree, they are great quality and price too. Your blue & white collection looks so pretty in that corner too, how nice to enjoy it every day!

  25. I really love kitchen designs. I wish to have the ones I got to see in your blog posts

  26. I think you made a great choice! The new blinds are perfect and you just can't miss with blue and white. :)

  27. What a pretty corner! I love the backsplash and all the blue and white urns back there.


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