Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Colors... for the bathroom

Hello friends!  I think t's the perfect time for any update don't you think? So today, we're going to be talking about  Spring Bathroom makeover.

Finally Spring! 
Cold winter days are behind us  and now is the right time to go for spring 
color trends hunting. 
Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Sand, Cayenne, Freesia, Celosia 
Orange, Radiant Orchid and Dazzling Blue – that's how the color palette sounds for
Spring 2014, after Pantone brought to the world of design its colorful equilibrium. 

Now, let's imagine how we can use these hues to decorate a bathroom. 
Here's a range of beautiful BATHROOM VANITIES and accessories, presented in the best Spring colors!

Placid Blue surface in combination with Violet Tulip bath accessories
Fairmont Designs Shaker Transitional Polar White Bathroom Vanity with marble countertop
Calming, serene and all set to get you in the mood to think about the blue waters of Summer too, don't you think? 

Celosia orange gives bursts of energy and zest into any room
Fresca Energia Orange Modern Bathroom Vanity

Dazzling Blue and Radiant Orchid is an unexpected but perfect like Spring color combination, think blue skies and flowers

Avanity Windsor Vanity

Use any of these top spring colors to refresh your bathroom or even your entire home!
Bring color and sophisticated touch to your home design. 
You can make it possible without the help of professional designers. 

A true designer lives within you. Just release your creativity and be passionate about what you do!

Have a Great day!


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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Toy Nook Progress

Since we fixed the reading nook in my Tween Son's Bedroom , I thought it was time to fix my little man's walk-in closet. Actually, it's more like his TOY closet really.

I actually fixed this up 2 months ago, but never really have gotten around to posting about it.

 Here is what it looked like BEFORE...

Yes, he's a 'hoarder' like his mom :-)

Dumping ground for unused clothes, toys, etc...
So one day, I did this...


Did a lot of editing already

Added his own small corner for reading which he loves to do

Clothes for the week which we ready on the weekend - He loves this system a lot and gets excited fixing himself up in the morning!

His Chore & Responsibility chart - he gets a Dollar Store prize at the end of the week!

But I thought this area still looked too busy...
It is indeed a huge progress from what it looked like before and I'm happy to say 2 months after, it looks the same. I still need to do some tweaking on this space, but over-all, my little man is happy and I am too!

Have a Great Day!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to make a Diaper Cake

I've got "babies" on my mind lately.

You see, I have 5 friends who are pregnant, actually one gave birth already. So I've been thinking of unique ways to give my gifts. There are tons of ideas out there, but one that I really wanted to make for all if I can, is a DIAPER CAKE!

This video tutorial has ben the most helpful to me...

So, I gathered my materials...

I used only one pack of size 1 diaper from TARGET ($6.99) , ribbons, cellophane plastic, big rubber bands, glue gun (for your ribbons) , baking pan, chocolates (for mom) and other cutsie baby gifts you want to give or add
 Then started 'baking' my cake!

I then added all my soft gifts in the middle since I was only planning a single layer diaper cake...

Rolled up the onesies in a roll to make it roll like roses and tied it up with rubber bands.
The hat eventually ended up in the middle, mittens on the side.

I then added the rubber band to hold everything in place
Then the fun part, I added the ribbons tight, holding them in place by gluing both ends together.  That way you can use ALL THE DIAPERS still once it's disassembled.

In the end, I only ended up using 1 rubber band in the middle to hold the diapers in place.

And here it is...

I added some chocolates for mom in between the diapers
I also added extra ribbon scraps in between the onesies and mittens up top
I finished off the gift by wrapping it up in cellophane from the Dollar store. 

What better way to pin a card than to actually use a safety pin!
I added the sandals outside since they didn't go well with the cake.

I want to try 2 layers next time and I hope my friend and her new darling will love this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Have a Great Week!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

My First POLYVORE Design Boards

Glamorous Feminine Beach Home
I finally jumped the POLYVORE Bandwagon!
Got so addicted on my first try that I created not one but three Design Boards!
I've had the account for a while now but never really diddle daddled with it until now. 
One, for lack of time (or  just plain laziness) and two, a fabulous contest from Jennifer over at the 
THE PINK PAGODA! Thank you Jennifer!

But really I have to thank Linda for this too, she gave an excellent tutorial on how to get started HERE on her blog, CALLING IT HOME, so thank you Linda!!!!!

Anyway, win or not, I know this won't be the last of my mood boards for sure! 
So go ahead and check it out, just to warn you, it can be so addicting!

Have a Great Weekend!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recent Finds

Like I mentioned on Sunday, I also did a lot of shopping in Destin. 
But of course, one my favorite stop was an Antique Mall.

Pair of Brass Giraffes - $ 32
This is my favorite find there, really beautiful but so heavy as well!
I think these can double as dumbbells if the need ever arises!

Set of 4 beautiful oriental rectangular plates -$6

Beautiful slender gold-rimmed dishes $3.50
And before I left for our break, I went antiquing with some friends at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
These two below are my favorites.

Brass Bucket -$15

Gorgeous Federal Mirror
I'm not quite sure where to put this one yet, so I temporarily hung it by the staircase. 
I know I will find the perfect spot soon, I always do, for pieces I truly love. ;-)

Shopping truly is fun with girlfriends around!
BTW, the BAR on the top pictures is where the move "GONE GIRL" was shot - Ben Affleck played the owner of this actual bar!

Hope you have  Wonderful Spring Day!


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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Marbled Contact Paper

Hello Friends!

It's good to be back. We had a wonderful Spring Break in Destin, Florida!
From Deep sea fishing to crabbing and of course, shopping, it was a great short break with the family.

Marvelous view from our Room
Anyway, bear with me as I try to get back into the 'norm' of things.

So let me start with this great find I recently started using.

Do your drawers look like this?

Yey, I'm not alone?!
It's normally more organized than this, but because of the type of drawer liner I placed in my drawers, my organizers and things don't stay put!

 This is what I placed on all my drawers when I started moving things back in the kitchen.
It's the typical foam drawer liners you can find at any store. 
The problem is, despite the exact size or taping the edges, these things don't keep my stuff stay put!

So I got this from

Love it!
I love that it stays put and is sooooo pretty too!

No more crumpled drawer liners!
 I love them so much I lined the bottom of my cabinets too!


Every time I try to get sometime up top, the liner follows suit as well!


Now, all my items glide out smoothly and like I said, it made my cabinets look prettier as well!
There's tons of things you can probably do with this contact paper, I can imagine it backing  a beautiful black book shelf or to top off a console table too!

How about you any great finds lately? 
I'll be sharing more on Tuesday, been antiquing/thrifting in Destin as well!

Have a Great Week!


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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inside the drawers…;-)

I've always been proud showing off our Kitchen office…

I love this area of my kitchen
But I never showed you what's inside the drawers.

You see, whenever I see beautiful kitchens and offices, I always wonder what's inside these gorgeous cabinets and drawers…

Is it as pristine as the outside?

Or do they have messy secrets lurking inside?
I always imagine these marvelous kitchens are as organized and as pretty as the outside.
They should start putting links to the web-versions of these photos so we can snoop around them! ;-)

And If you think that's the case here in my office... well,  it's not.

My drawers & cabinets are filled with 'real life stuff'.
But I try to keep it NEAT & ORGANIZED or I'll just go INSANE!

So if your just as curious as I am,  let's start going 'inside the 'drawers' , at least 'my drawers' shall we?!


My Calendar inside the upper cabinet door in "A"

My Command Center inside "A"

Monkey game for my son, Address letterpress,
Appliance guides & lots of pens

Inside "B" is one of our charging stations, particularly for the phones
I also have my address file here

What's inside "C" - A two-tiered drawer organizer
What's underneath

What's inside "D"

Drawer "E"
Drawer " F"
Drawer "G"
Inside "H" - The kids- gadgets- charging- station
Of course the wand has to be in there too. ;-)

The printer rests in "I" section with a pull out drawer my husband added
 Area "J" just holds some of our my mini server ware

Like I said, while the outside of my kitchen office is really nice, the inside shows my 'reality'. 
And my reality, though not as pretty as the outside, it's what helps make my everyday life functional!

I hope I didn't disillusion you with this mini-tour!

Have a Wonderful Day!


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