Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Showing off my collections

Another fun and obvious fact about me is that I am a huge collector.

I started with stationaries, stickers, candy wrapper and pig figurines when I was little (Ok, I also went thru  a boy band phase with the MENUDO - latin boy group in the 80's for the unfamiliar).

I've never outgrown my love for collecting, and so other than my milk glass collection in my kitchen, I have other things that I collect that have not been on the spotlight on my blog.

And before the Christmas decorations came out, my collections had a brief moment to shine in our home.

Like some of the books I collect...

Gotta get them out of the library sometime right?

I'm so in love with these Penguin books - have more titles to get ;-)

And you probably noticed how much I love BRASS right?!
So I thought of showing off some of the Brass I collect...

Sitting pretty in my Dining room

I love these - timeless candlesticks can go anywhere!

Did I mention I collect Brass Apples too!

I think GOLDEN APPLES are just so pretty!
My Dining room is just glistening in golden brass!
And honestly, I think collecting is genetic too!

Take a look at what my sons collect...

Snow Globes, skeletons & Lord of the Ring items
Got to use the Letterpress Drawers I scored Antiquing a while back

Some Disney Characters that my younger son collect

Matchbox collection too

Come to think of it, my Dad collected Horse-themed decor and my mom has these gorgeous celadon vases & jars! I therefore conclude, that yes, collecting is in my DNA!!!

How about you? Is it in yours too?

Will be busy preparing for Thanksgiving and the Dinner Fund-raiser, and hopefully squeeze some shopping in between, so maybe I'll see you all next week!

Wishing you a  very Happy Thanksgiving!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas touches in the Kitchen

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend everyone!

Like always, mine was busy but fun with lots of get-together and some R & R with the family.
Today, I would like to share with your the touches of Christmas I placed in my kitchen!

I normally do not put a lot of stuff in the kitchen, for practical reasons, but with my new kitchen, I just couldn't help it! 

Let's start with the office area...
Very subtle trees all over

Love this Desktop wall paper I got online
I added these white snow trees I scored from Crate and Barrel years ago and these small battery-operated LED lights from Walmart for $7.99 for 18. Very similar to the RH version.

I just couldn't remove my teapot and milk glass collection just yet!

I already had my gold back drop, so I just added these bottle brush trees I got last year on clearance from Home Depot for $1.99 for all of them!

Mini Christmas Village in my Cupboard!

I eventually couldn't resist changing this up again, the reason being, I saw this fantastic idea from Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage and I couldn't resist putting a mini Christmas village here!

I love the little detail and all it took was some Metallic gold & silver spray paint I already had lying around the house and viola - instant cute village!

The other spray paint I used was Satin Brown like the one in the Coffee shop - I penned the names of the shops myself using a fine tipped Sharpee and Gel pens

Now, let's check out the Pantry area...
Just added these small Christmas trees I also got from Walmart for $12.98

I think having these Christmas greens are perfect for the kitchen.
Got the rug from Home Depot too last year $1.50 each!!!
The main Kitchen area...

Very subtle from afar...

Posted this simple vignette on IG
Placed a whole set of white string lights inside my perforated ceramic jars and added white and silver ornaments on my vintage metallic basket + candle and viola - a simple and festive vignette.

Again, my milk glass collection stayed..

... just added more of the bottle brush trees and some Snow flake ornaments I already had

Got the gold & silver snowflakes from Opryland 2 years ago

The smaller snowflakes were from Pier 1 clearance last year
one more...
And again, I copied Kelly's Winter Snow Globe Jar Idea for the island decor - you should check out how Kelly made it HERE!

I think it's absolutely adorable 

The kids enjoy looking at the displays whenever they eat!

All items again are from the Dollar Store

Modified it a bit inside my cake dome - some spray glue and glitter snow made it perfect!

Lastly, I want to share our breakfast area...

Some festive reds added
I got the paper lanterns from Pier 1 clearance too years ago. I love how the light just makes it look all the more festive. They are velvety red up close.

I got the driftwood bowl from TJ Maxx and just added some silver ornaments with my fruits
I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of our kitchen this Christmas!
Do you decorate for the holidays in your kitchen too? Do tell!

Have a Great Week!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GUEST POST: Fallifying Your Home with Beautiful Fall Decor

Hello Friends! 

I am so glad to share with you a wonderful post written by Jessica Christian from 4 Interior Design from the U.K.!
She calls herself an 'Official Home Decor Worshiper", which I think many of us can relate to right?! 
So before Thanksgiving hits, I know this post can further enhance your decor for a pretty perfect home for Fall!

It is time to get your décor ready for fall and the winter that is shortly to follow. If you find the thought of the cold, grey months ahead to be daunting, take steps today to make small, but significant changes to your décor to ensure that you breeze through the darkest, most miserable months of the year without too much stress.

Pot Plants
Change your plants around, making sure that fragile plants are kept inside where it's warm. There are several species of plants that cope well with a bit of frost, and these are the ones to use on chilly windowsills and on balconies or verandas. Be shameless when choosing your plants, and make sure that you pick plants that flower willingly and have attractive-looking leaves. The less frost-friendly plants can be moved into the dining room or living room, where their winter foliage will add a lovely splash of nature to the room. 


Autumn Wreath

An autumn wreath has become something of a tradition in interior décor circles. You can hang it on your front door or display the wreath in pride of place on the mantelpiece where it will be safe from inclement weather. If you are making your own autumn wreath be sure to include nuts, seeds and berries along with the gloriously colorful autumn leaves. This nod to the harvest will make your wreath seem so much more complete and attractive. Make your wreath a celebration of everything that is best about this time of year to help stave off the blues that can affect us all at the beginning of the cold season. 

Bright and Warm
Change your lamps or at least your lamp shades seasonally. While dimmer bulbs and cool coloured shades are excellent for summer and spring, we humans operate better with access to brighter light in winter. Switching to lamp shades in warmer colours changes the atmosphere within the room, discernibly making it seem physically warmer! Cool crisp cotton throws that work well in summer can be exchanged for lovely thick fluffy blankets that are perfect for snuggling under to watch seasonal movies with the family! Different throws and even cushions can make a difference to a fall-ready living room, bringing it together and providing good defenses against chilly grey days. 

Colours make an enormous difference to any room, especially if the room is has a neutral base. For summer, bright pink, lemon yellow and vivid bright green make a cool but cheerful and attractive display, while spring is all about pinks and blues. For autumn, choose the colours of fire: flame red, blaze orange and soft, honey yellow, set against warm chocolate brown and charcoal black. Winter speaks of ice blue, pure white, jet black and tiny sparkles of colour. Get your décor falling into autumn by introducing metallic notes, muted colours like mustard yellow, dusky pink and powder blue, and perhaps even start hinting towards Christmas by bringing out the gold, red and green decorations!

The sooner your home is ready for cold weather and indoor pursuits, the sooner you will feel able to cope with the cold, grey season. Embrace fall and winter this season and you will soon find that there is nothing to fear from the cyclical changing of the seasons!

Don't you agree? Color, plants and lots of coziness can definitely make your home all set for Fall and Winter! 

Thank you again Jessica for this wonderful post! Please do Check out her awesome blog, 4 INTERIOR DESIGN!

Have a Fabulous Weekend Everyone!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


 I am truly in love right now with the FAUXIDERMY TREND right now.

And with the gorgeous Fall season in full 'bloom', what better way to celebrate Life , and Death ;-) than thru these nature-inspired decor!

Like these from Z gallerie

They come in all sorts of material too from paper...
West Elm's 

... to Cardboard puzzles....
From Urban Outfitters
.. and even Cable knit covered ones..

Would look amazing for a Christmas mantle!

 .. to metal and inflatable plastics!

Also From Urban Outfitters

There atypical versions too such as these Dog heads...

Anthro doggies
and this  outrageously priced one of a walrus head...
Walrus Bust by Ivar Theorin - $1,250

They can range from weird...
Squirrel and tail
to fabulous...


Decor pad
Decor pad
I am totally smitten with this!
And though we live in the south where the wild things run free and hunting is as common as hiking, we just haven't gotten ourselves into it yet. 

And so, as an 'ode' to the south and my love for fauxidermy, I incorporated some in the best space for these in my home - my son's bedroom!

I got my 'fix from TJ Maxx for $12.99 each. :-)

Excellent place to hang Medals too!

How about you? are you a fan?

By the way, if you have the time, check out Rea's blog, "Home 4 Sweet home" - she featured my Home HERE!
Have a Great Day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...