Thursday, January 23, 2014


Due to a recent tragedy that has befallen one of my best friend and her family, I will be taking a short break from blogging and will be back in February…. Thank you for understanding my friends


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My first original Kerry Steele Artwork!

Original Kerry Steele Water color from The Pink Pagoda Shop

I am so happy to share with you my latest acquisition for my home… my first Kerry Steele original art work!

I have been a fan of this lady for over a year now. I first discovered her thru her BLOG, "Design Du Monde", and have been her 'stalker' ever since.

"Happy Hour" 
"Jumping someone else's train"
As you can see, most of my attraction came from her abstract art (yes, I have yet to acquire one of these someday). But she also does these…

Come to think of it I actually have the "Eschar Pagoda Citrine" already that I have yet to use!!! Big problem for a non-sewer like me ;-)

and this kind of art...
Figure study in water color available at her ETSY shop
… and finally, the latest ones she's been busy with…

One of a kind Watercolor art for The Pink Pagoda Shop

The last works in particular, sold-out like crazy! Luckily for you the The Pink Pagoda Shop just released more of this art works yesterday!

Kerry is truly a talented lady and her BLOG, "Design Du Monde", doesn't just show off her art, but her designs and tastes for the home as well! My kind of reading for sure!

Happy to see it on top of my Piano

As of this writing, I have just received my second watercolor to pair up with this one!
One of the perks I guess for being her 'stalker' was that I was able to request a second similar painting from her and Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda! Yey for me and a BIG THANKS to you both!

I will share it to you once I get to displaying it, I've been busy planning and preparing for my son's big birthday party this Saturday.

If your interested, I've placed LINKS all over this post so that you can check out this awesome fellow bloggers too! And also if you want to see the rest of my Living Room this Winter, CLICK HERE!

Have a Wonderful Day!


DISCLAIMER: All opinions written here are mine and I was not compensated nor have received any free product or services from the businesses or the artist mentioned above.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Indigo Winter Living Room

As always, changing up the decor for the seasons has been part of my decorating routine for our home.

So after the holidays, with a clean slate, I started moving things around and added some of the INDIGO and BLUES I've always loved…

Our Winter Blue Comfort
As you can see, I moved the two wing chairs closer to the window and moved the same table I always use with them too.

I also switched my rug to the more comfortable one.

I borrowed my son's Reading nook pillows to bring in the blue into the sofa. I ordered some blue & white pillowcases but they haven't arrived yet. 

Simple Coffee Table Vignettes
 I used my recent scores from Dillards and JC Penney on my Coffeetable. I wanted to use my crystals and I thought it would be perfect for winter. I also added this small Blue & White ceramic vase I scored at the thrift & two small Michael Grave jars.

Top View 

Comfy sitting area with blue pillows

I added these small blue & white Trinket boxes to bring in the blue into the table as well

Media Center across the sofa also had a slight update

Love the Rock Ball accessory I got on clearance from the Nate Berkus line in TARGET
I also moved the console table to our small hallway.

Two of my finds flank both ends

Remember these? Blue & White Orchid potBlue & White Lamp & Bird Wall art all courtesy of  GOODWILL?!
The Blue & White Geometric tray though is from TARGET
Piano area now flanked by 2 ghost chairs - lucite reminds me of ice, perfect for winter right?
I will share what's on top later on because it needs more emphasis especially the water color painting!

 Our entry got a change as well.

My orchid is just budding at this point

I love this small Blue & White Tray from JC Penney. It says " MEET SUCCESS LIKE A GENTLEMAN, DISASTER LIKE A MAN - WINSTON CHURCHILL"
I placed the ottoman as a side table with the other chair  and placed a tray
for some paperwhites and our telephone

I hope you enjoyed the change-ups. How about you, how often do you change-up your home? Is it by season too or whenever the mood strikes you?

Have a Great Week!


Thursday, January 16, 2014


Although the Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid...

Radiant Orchid
...I still haven't jumped the band wagon on this lovely color,  but instead have noticed another color taking it's day in the winter decor spotlight - Indigo...

In love with these caning pillows from Serena & Lily
Love this rug from PB

Pottery Barn
Perfect sectional for the family room

I want everything here from Wisteria

Pottery Barn
Don't you just love Indigo in Paisley? 
Garnet Hill
I want this rug!

Garnet Hill
And this bedding too! 
Crate & Barrel
Contemporary comfort

Don't you think that tye-dye effect on the wall is beautiful?!

Pier 1
Haven't grown tired of IKAT and I think I never will!

And of course, if you love this color you can never go wrong with these...

Blue & White Chinese Giclee from The Pink Pagoda

Everything in OKL's Classic Combination Items

Clover Bone Mirror in Indigo from Wisteria -$126

What do you think? Did you notice this trend lately? And which Color bandwagon have you joined lately?
I joined the INDIGO band wagon and will be sharing my INDIGO Winter look for my home next week!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bargain Binge-ing

Yes, you will be allowed to 'drool' and 'cry with envy' once I show you SOME of the bargains I scored recently. ;-)

Let's get on with it shall we?

First stop, January 1st - DILLARD'S

In love with everything here
If you still don't know, January 1st is their BIGGEST sale of the year. Holiday decor is at 75% -90% off and all sale & clearance items additional 50% off !

I got the plates at $14 for four (got 8), platter for $7.98 and the Shannon Lotus Crystal Candle holder for $17, originally $50.

I got these for $49 each!

If you think $49 is not a bargain, check them out on sale at HORCHOW…

I know it's not the best way to start the year, but hey, can you blame me with these?

Next stop, TARGET!

Wood & Stainless steel wine coaster for 99 cents

I got these for $1.99!!!!!!
Yes, you read it right. Originally these were $19.99, not bad at all. I need a set since I don't really have one and since we're no big drinkers, I didn't want to splurge. So finally, with much patience and luck, I got these!!!!

Now, fess up and tell me what latest mind-boggling bargain have you scored lately that I may 'drool' and 'cry with envy' too?! ;-)

Have a Beautiful Day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Decor Organizing, again!

This is actually a re-post of the way I organized my Christmas decorations last year.
But since I pretty much put everything away the same way, I thought it best to share again!

All of us dread the day after New year when we have to drag ourselves to store all the decors we've set up meticulously over the holidays. I am no exception.

As much as I love decorating for Xmas (You've seen how clearly over-the-top I could get..), putting them all back into proper storage is one helluva task! 
Plus, I have a tendency to just dump everything in bins and just "dive in" the next year looking for stuff!

It's not just the manual labor itself, it's also the thought of the holidays being over so far!
 Uuggggh! I know you understand what I'm talkin' about.

So, to make it easier for me next year, I started putting away my decors in a much more organized fashion to make my next year decorating adventure MUCH EASIER....

Let's start off with the ornaments...

I used 2 plastic drawer bins from Sterilite from TARGET ($10.99-17.99) & ziplock bags to organize and categorize some of my ornaments.

Different Snowflakes

Felt trees, Crystal Angels and Glittered greens

Icecles galore

Glittered Reindeers

Sentimental ornaments

Red ornaments
Felt Snowflakes

Blue Ornaments
I also used these red Sterilite Ornament bins from WALMART ($4.95 each)

Capiz stars

Glass Balls and leaves
I mentioned some, since the bigger ornaments went into much larger plastic bins. I use the ones from Target because I like the color. :-)

Like these
I have 2 major storage rooms for these. One is in the basement utility room...

Lanterns hang atop
Shelving for some decors

Xmas boxes filled with more decors

Glittered tree one inside another

Xmas Table linens and party stuff

Xmas pillows and more ornaments

Nutcracker and more ornaments

The other storage I have is in the outside garage.
 My hubby and Dad built it for all my bins three summers ago.

13 total, actually now 15!
 I wanted one color only so I know immediately know what's inside. For Halloween I have orange bins.
Xmas tress atop
For my wreaths, I have these Sterilite boxes..

All bought on clearance of course
For the lights, I recently got these see-thru bins from Home Depot...

4 total so far

I know what you must be thinking - that's A LOT OF CHRISTMAS DECORATION! 
And yes, you are right, but I don't use them all at the same time. 
Since I am gaga over this holiday, I just could not resist beautiful xmas stuff whenever I see them (I know, I NEED HELP!!! :-))!  
But now you know how I change my Xmas decor every year, choosing from any of the stuff that I already have and mixing them up differently. And like most of you, I shop AFTER THE HOLIDAYS, to get the big discounts.

I hope you have some idea how to store yours too! Good luck if you haven't yet!!

Have a great week!!!


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