Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My first original Kerry Steele Artwork!

Original Kerry Steele Water color from The Pink Pagoda Shop

I am so happy to share with you my latest acquisition for my home… my first Kerry Steele original art work!

I have been a fan of this lady for over a year now. I first discovered her thru her BLOG, "Design Du Monde", and have been her 'stalker' ever since.

"Happy Hour" 
"Jumping someone else's train"
As you can see, most of my attraction came from her abstract art (yes, I have yet to acquire one of these someday). But she also does these…

Come to think of it I actually have the "Eschar Pagoda Citrine" already that I have yet to use!!! Big problem for a non-sewer like me ;-)

and this kind of art...
Figure study in water color available at her ETSY shop
… and finally, the latest ones she's been busy with…

One of a kind Watercolor art for The Pink Pagoda Shop

The last works in particular, sold-out like crazy! Luckily for you the The Pink Pagoda Shop just released more of this art works yesterday!

Kerry is truly a talented lady and her BLOG, "Design Du Monde", doesn't just show off her art, but her designs and tastes for the home as well! My kind of reading for sure!

Happy to see it on top of my Piano

As of this writing, I have just received my second watercolor to pair up with this one!
One of the perks I guess for being her 'stalker' was that I was able to request a second similar painting from her and Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda! Yey for me and a BIG THANKS to you both!

I will share it to you once I get to displaying it, I've been busy planning and preparing for my son's big birthday party this Saturday.

If your interested, I've placed LINKS all over this post so that you can check out this awesome fellow bloggers too! And also if you want to see the rest of my Living Room this Winter, CLICK HERE!

Have a Wonderful Day!


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  1. It is just beautiful and your vignette is absolutely perfect! Very well done!!

  2. Vel, this is so beautiful and I love the way you styled it. That frame is perfect for Kerry's art.

  3. Very pretty, I checked out her blog, I have never seen it before. Thanks for the referral!

  4. Vel, this is an absolutely beautiful watercolor! And you have another on the way?! Her artwork is just perfect, so complimentary to your home. What a creative lady! Be sure to show us the new piece! :)


  5. Oh it's gorgeous sweet Vel! I love it with all your blue and White in the piano, you can always pass by and enjoy it! I know how happy you must feel, I would too with that lovely artwork in the house.


  6. Your new artwork is beautiful, Vel! I really like those fabrics too. I'm also a non-sewer. I see so many pretty fabrics, but don't know what in the world I'd do with them. :) Hope your son has a very happy birthday!!

  7. Her artwork is beautiful. Although I don't have any I love abstract art - someday I will a piece. I love the way you styled the painting on the piano, those books are gorgeous and so are the lamps. Thanks for sharing this artist with us.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderfully flattering feature! I love how you have styled it. Jennifer and I are working on an option for anyone to request a custom piece. So glad you got the second one too!

  9. Oh that is so pretty! Love the blue and pink color combination. And there is nothing better than original pieces of artwork too..

  10. I love original artwork - nothing better than finding an artist you love!

  11. Oh wow, I love how you styled your vignette! Your painting looks lovely! Thank you so much for the mention, Vel!

  12. Just beautiful! I love your vignette, such a harmonious composition with your pretty books!

  13. I LOVE it!! It fits beautifully with your stylish vignette too. Can't wait to see the other one!

  14. Love your beautiful artwork! I also like the way you styled your vignette, it's very pretty and visually interesting. You did a great job, Vel!


  15. Love it! Looks gorgeous with the rest of the blue and white! Love those chairs too :)

  16. I wasn't familiar with her art. Thanks for sharing. It is lovely in our home!

  17. Your new painting is stunning, it looks fabulous on the piano. I look forward to the second one. So pretty. Hugs, marty

  18. I discovered Kerry through the One Room Challenge! She is SOOOO talented! The watercolor looks wonderful in your home.

  19. Hello gandang Kabayan,
    Musta ang lahat thoug,I see you have a great time...

    Naman... ganda ng new found baby mo?

    Truly I love your style. So, dainty & elegant talaga.

    Njoy the mid-week Friend and GB.

  20. The watercolor painting is beautiful, I look forward to seeing the next one. The vignette is so pretty, so nicely put together. Have a great day:)

  21. I've been following her on Instagram for some time. I LOVE her work. Congratulations!!

  22. It's beautiful and looks great with your decor!

  23. i love your selection and the way it is framed. such a beautiful addition!

  24. Just lovely! Her work is beautiful...I am thinking of purchasing one of her new ones!

  25. Absolutely beautiful!! I too am a huge fan of Kerry Steele, and I have been eyeing here new TPP watercolors... I did not know about her Spoonflower fabric line! I'm heading over to check it out!!

    The Glam Pad

  26. Love the Kerry Steel piece and where it sits in your home. She is a real talent!

  27. Kerry's art is highly addictive! After I got my first I quickly added to my "Kerry Collection" and I love all of the pieces I have and want more! She is so talented!
    I love where you've placed the watercolor. Can't wait to see it's mate!

  28. Vel, what a perfect spot for Kerry's amazing artwork, your styling is fabulous, too! I have one of her abstract prints, and am crazy about it!

  29. Love your Kerry Steel piece!!! So jealous! :)
    And you styled it beautifully!


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