Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bargain Binge-ing

Yes, you will be allowed to 'drool' and 'cry with envy' once I show you SOME of the bargains I scored recently. ;-)

Let's get on with it shall we?

First stop, January 1st - DILLARD'S

In love with everything here
If you still don't know, January 1st is their BIGGEST sale of the year. Holiday decor is at 75% -90% off and all sale & clearance items additional 50% off !

I got the plates at $14 for four (got 8), platter for $7.98 and the Shannon Lotus Crystal Candle holder for $17, originally $50.

I got these for $49 each!

If you think $49 is not a bargain, check them out on sale at HORCHOW…

I know it's not the best way to start the year, but hey, can you blame me with these?

Next stop, TARGET!

Wood & Stainless steel wine coaster for 99 cents

I got these for $1.99!!!!!!
Yes, you read it right. Originally these were $19.99, not bad at all. I need a set since I don't really have one and since we're no big drinkers, I didn't want to splurge. So finally, with much patience and luck, I got these!!!!

Now, fess up and tell me what latest mind-boggling bargain have you scored lately that I may 'drool' and 'cry with envy' too?! ;-)

Have a Beautiful Day!


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  1. Wow, I'm gelous of the ´pretty bargain plates and you sure found great things at wonderful prices too. We are having a sale around here too, but didn't see anything I didn't have, so, that'll be all, lol! Last year I did lots of sale shopping. I also love the flatware, I would have bought it too at that NICE Price too!

  2. Oh my word, you really did find some of the greatest bargains. I love score at Dillards and Howchow isn't bad either. You did good. Hugs, Marty

  3. Great finds! I love after-Christmas sales!

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVE it all! Especially that flatware. Oh how we need some modern new flatware!! Did you get the flatware at Dillards too? Great finds..

  5. Great scores! I recently purchased a beautiful Spode flatware set at Tuesday Morning for $99...which I know is pricey, BUT everywhere else it was $299 including Overstock!

  6. I've really got to start going to Dillard's on Jan. 1st!! Love, love, love the flatware and your Target deals are superb! Great finds!

  7. I am going shopping with you from now on! Great finds and awesome prices!! :)

  8. I'm a die-hard Dillard's clearance shopper! I debated those plaid plates and decided to pass. I'm sure I'll be sorry! I didn't see that flatware, though. I would have totally scooped that up...I'm dying to have a gold set! I'll have to check back. Maybe there's still some there and I can catch it on the next clearance! This sale was dreamy for years...no one knew about it! For about the last 3 years it's been absolutely insane here.

  9. I am so jealous of your gold flatware! I have been wanting some... not really searching for any. Great deals! Loved the Target clearance this year too! Stocked up a little myself!

  10. You are the queen of bargain hunting my friend!

  11. V.C. - Just popped over here from Sherry's "Design Indulgence" via your comment. Love your deals here but, can I say how much I enjoyed your Sept 1, 2013 post on your kitchen remodel!!!

    The pantry cupboard details in gold, complementary not matchy matchy cupboards and countertop finishes, and the littlest thing to some (huge to me) the set back top shelf in your upper display cabinets. Brilliant! To easily layer the different milk glass pieces allowing the large and tall to visually overlap the smaller items on the top shelf.... well done. :-)

    Can't make time today but I'm looking forward to going back to see your posts on the day to day of remodeling. I've been through it myself, but have not had the focus to document the changes. Sometimes it's hard just to get a before photo! "I'll be back"

  12. oh wow what a score vel! i especially love the flatware, those are so pretty...i've done bargain shopping at hobby lobby too, i purchased my nativity for $19.99 from $99.99 because they had all their christmas stuff for 80%off!


  13. You did excellent, Vel!! I never have luck when it comes to sales, especially with clothes. Can never find my size :( Enjoy your new treasures!!

  14. PS - That coaster for 99 cents??? Seriously? You can't even get parking in Bethesda for that!

  15. Great choices! And nice to find your blog! xo Caroline

  16. Oh you got some good deals. I haven't bought one thing yet this year. LOL!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  17. Dang, I always forget to go!! That will teach me every time I see one of your beautiful table settings with the gold flatware!! Are you just dying to use it? :)

  18. You know I love a good bargain, and these are incredible!! I want those plaid plates! And the crystal lotus votive!!

    The Glam Pad

  19. I love the plaid plates! It'll be perfect for any winter tablescape!

  20. Great table stuff for bargain prices. I love the plaid plates too.....Christine

  21. Oh boy, can we go shopping together! What great bargains you've scored. I love the plates.


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