Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mint 2 Review

It's been 3 months or so since we got our little "Inday" to help us with one of the most grueling household tasks.. floor cleaning.

And I must give this a 4 star rating!!!

Yes, we love the MINT 2 and it is definitely (at least for us) worth the money. We love that it really does what is says it will do, clean our floors wet or dry, it does its jobs without any complaints ( of course!) or problems. The only drawback I guess it that after one run, we usually need to re-charge this baby and I wish the cleaning head is a little bigger so it can do it's job faster. But all this inconvenience is still nothing compared the the amount of time and energy it saves us.

If your interested in trying out this baby, check out this link from Amazon! We usually buy our gadgets from amazon since returns are always easy.


Monday, February 27, 2012

A Chair is a chair is a chair... or is it?

I am going crazy trying to decide what dining room chairs to get for our formal dining room.

Currently, this is what we have...

We bought this is 2006 at KMART at $25 each. Yes, it is NOT fancy at all, but despite its price and quality, it has served our purpose well for all those years.

But I also think you understand why we need an upgrade right?!

The reason this is gonna be a difficult job for me (choosing the right chairs), is because, I know it will take years again (or perhaps never), before I replace them again. Just like everyone, we know that buying and committing to a furniture is usually a long-term investment and we have to "be sure" that we love and can live with what we buy.

Even if the furniture your gonna buy is "cheap" or "affordable", the next question will be storing them when you do change them or where to give them to or how to sell them next.

In choosing a chair, I know that the design has to be timeless, not too flashy, sturdy and comfortable. Yes, comfortable, because I think the reason the formal dining set isn't used all that much in homes is because it is usually stuffy and and chairs uncomfy, right?!

Here are a few chairs I'm contemplating on...

Lexington Modern Chairs from

I have always loved the Kartell Louis ghost chairs. However, the price ($400++ each), is something that hinders me from getting them. They are plastic afterall, but I like the airy feeling of the chairs and plus they won't take a lot of visual space in my small dining room...

Simply gorgeous

However, they don't look that comfortable, even a little "cold" to a point ( looks like ice chairs too right?). The chairs above are affordable knock-offs of the original, $149 each with free shipping - very doable and can go with any decor - shape is classic but material is contemporary - very much like our design aesthetic.. aaaarggggh!

This next one is the opposite...

Palmetto Chair

This one is  from Crate and Barrel - very traditional lines but material is natural. It is actually made in the Philippines (woohoo!!!), and I like the texture of the wicker. It looks pretty comfy and would make great head chairs.

something like this...
They are a little more expensive, $379 each + shipping and taxes  (making me sweat already). But for my purpose I would need only 2, and it would go great with my Philippine decors and just about anything too!

This next one I also really like...

Willoughby Chair From West Elm
I like the simplicity of these chairs, very contemporary design, I think timeless as well, it is upholstered in both leather and fabric, and it's currently on sale ($948 for 4 - Ka-Ching!).

simply beautiful

The last one (so far), that I am seriously considering is this...

Somerton Chair from

I have seen this a long time ago, and I still love it. It's reasonable price ($464 or 2 + free shipping) is really tempting. I love the espresso finish and I just love the clean lines - contemporary but classic.

There are other types of chairs that I love - but in considering my true personal style( and budget), these chairs currently tops my list.

Just to remind you, my dining room looks like this currently....

HELP!!!!! Which chair or chairs do you think I should go for?!

A. Ghost chairs
B. Rattan Chairs
C. Willoughby chairs
D. Somerton Chair
E. Combination of  _______


Have a wonderful day!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goodbye baby...

Dear Baby,

I will miss you terribly...

I want to thank you, for making me and daddy sooo happy this last 2 months. Knowing you were here in our lives made life just seem extra special.

You were not even born yet but I already know how special you were knowing how you made me and everyone who loves you feel - just genuinely excited and happy.

So today, when I did not see your little heart moving on the ultrasound, my heart just broke into pieces... I could not help but cry and sob for I will not be able to hug you or kiss you or even more importantly, KNOW YOU even more....

People may say that 'it's ok, better it happen now than later', but you know what baby? It doesn't make any difference. From the moment I first saw you and heard your strong heart beat, the unfathomable bond between mother and child was made, it was set, right there and then, in the ultrasound room. No words can comfort or allay the sadness I feel right now...

Questions burn thru my heart and mind if I could have done anything to change the course of the inevitable...but being a physician myself, I actually know, that there wasn't. I actually think it better, I if I knew it was my fault somehow, and not just fate handing me a deadly blow...

I promise to not forget you baby and I know that somewhere in heaven, there is a special place for innocents like you.. Please watch over us always

I love you you always and forever...

From your one and only mommy

Monday, February 20, 2012

How to make your guests feel at home

I have shown you what our guest room looked like before...

Of course, things change around our house depending on the seasons, and beddings go from light to heavy as winter approaches, so naturally the decor changes too...

Window seats

I used our old Living room curtains from Pier 1 this time around. When guests are around, it's nice to put fresh flowers on the table.

Color-coordinated for the season

The comforter was on clearance at TARGET before at $12!!!!  It is very simple and nice and truly befitting fall/winter season.  I placed a queen-sized fur throw from TJ MAXX for extra comfort. The 2 cable knit throw pillows are old ones that I sometimes use in the living room.

"I am ready"

But aside from the decor, what makes a guest room special is the way the host anticipates what her guests might need during their stay. I usually think of hotel rooms,  and what I can find over there, then try to simulate the set-up in our own home.

We are the type of people who like having guests over, so naturally, this room is always ready for any last minute guests and feel welcome anytime.

Comfortable and clean bedding is important. I always have the following at bedside as well...

Ready anytime
 A water carafe, alarm clock and books to browse...

Don't forget the kids!

I also prepare some storybooks for family guests so that the kids don't feel left out. I also put some snacks out so my guests won't feel famished in the middle of the night.

TV armoire
Of course, during your guests lull time, having a tv is a blessing. Here I also placed stacks of magazine for browsing. I also have some stationary and pens, just in case they need it.

The bathroom should be clean and well-stocked...

Very important room

Cotton balls, Q-tips, Facial tissue and wipes - CHECK

Lotion, Mouthwash, First air, Deos, Feminine wash
& extra soaps - CHECK

I also place extra towels in the closet, an ironing board and iron (so if they want to freshen up their outfits, it's all set), and lots of hangers.  Our guest closet is also our linen storage, so no problems if extra pillows or blankets are needed, it's all ready for use.

I hope this gives you a little idea on how to set-up your own guest room. And like always, our home is open and welcome to friends and family anytime!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

FLASHBACK: Our Patio in Carbondale 2010

I'm going back in time again and posting some stuff from our second home. This time it's our patio.

Really relaxing here

Perfect extension of our living room

The furniture are from Target. We bought them on clearance before moving here. Pillows are all from Restoration Hardware, on clearance as well for a price you won't believe - $10!!!

Sentimental art

This art work used to be in my living room. A gift from my mom bought at TJ Maxx. Used to be painted black but I spray-painted them white,

There you have it. I liked this set so much that in our current patio, I just could not let go of this set. And that goes to show that if you really like something, it will always look good to YOU. And in design I think that is the MOST IMPORTANT!

Have a nice day!!!!!!

Philippine Decor Finds

On our last trip to the Philippines, I mentioned that I did A LOT of SHOPPING. Yes, that includes shopping for decor stuff that I could fit in a balikbayan box ( a huge box that can fit an old-style boxed TV set).

Most of the stuff I bought were from Quiapo Ilalim (remember this beautiful picture?)...

Shopping Haven for natural-based or "Native" decor

Here are some of the stuff I bought there...

Embroidered Placemats..

.. and runner

Actually, these were from my mom. But there were a lot of these over there too.

CAPIZ Tea light candle holder


These cost from around $1 for the small pair, to about $1/piece for the bigger one. I bought several of these because they are just gorgeous and of course, these little beauts would probably cost way more over here.


This one was around $10. It is beautiful as well and goes with the other stuff I bought below...

CAPIZ Plates - not for eating

Mor Capiz plates

The other CAPIZ items I bought will come out come Christmas time since they are, Christmas decorations.

I set most of this stuff in our dining room. And here is the whole set-up now...

 The Capiz balls are actually from TARGET, bought years ago on clearance. The SHELL Balls are from the Philippines. I bought those back in 2008 and they cost me around $1 for 3! The silver tray is a gift. The mosaic bowl is from "Bed Bath and Beyond" , on clearance for $5. The runner is from TJ maxx for $10.

White on white

Simple elegance

I placed the capiz plates underneath the jars and as well as the tray. All 3 jars are from TJ Maxx. The beautiful lamps were from there as well. The mirror, which I luckily found on sale, is from Pier 1 Imports.

Last but not the least, we bought this amazing painting while we were site-seeing in FORT SANTIAGO...


It is a very colorful oil painting that we both absolutely fell for and knew we wanted to take home with us.

I had it framed at "Hobby Lobby", and needless to say, despite the 50% off coupon, the custom framing ended up costing more than the actual painting itself!

But we are happy on how it all worked out and now this art hangs atop our mantle...

Lively Art

Perhaps it was coincidence that the place I bought most of my decor from is the same place depicted in our painting. But then again, one thing for sure, this piece, will always be a good remembrance of home.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Surprise

Just wanted to share with you something that I got while at work on Valentines Day...

I did not expect this at all since I got my Valentines gift the night before...

It really made my day and with that card? My heart just melts...

Thank you Honey!!! I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Gifts for baby!

The "BaBy Band wagon" has begun!

We were so grateful when we got our first gifts for baby on Valentines day! And from my hubby's co-workers nonetheless, a very sweet and thoughtful gesture indeed!!!!




I also received this in the mail today.... A gift from me to Baby...

Memory keepers

I did baby books/journals for my first two, so naturally, I have to do one for this one. The only thing is, I KNOW, and I'M SURE. this will be my last, so I want to do a Pregnancy Journal and a Motherhood Journal as well.

I bought these from, beautiful books - I just hope I can fill it up properly for my future child to enjoy and cherish.

Monday, February 13, 2012

VALENTINES DAY - The Perfect Excuse

It's that time of the year again when we celebrate HEART's DAY!

I know a lot of people think this holiday to be "cheesy" and I must admit, that at times, I feel the same way. BUT, come to think of it..

What's really bad about celebrating LOVE?!

What's really bad about expressing that love to others with flowers or chocolates?

What's really bad about having an excuse to say "I LOVE YOU" when in this busy world we often times forget to say so to the people that matters most to us?!


So as for me and my family, we are CELEBRATING because it is one great "excuse" to express and show our love and appreciation for each other.

I got my boys chocolate roses and a valentine card for each, nothing fancy, but I want them to know that Valentines day is FOR THEM TOO!

As for my one and only hubby, I've planned something special for him as well. A small gift and a card, and who knows what else... :->