Thursday, May 28, 2015

Estate sales vs. Antiguing vs. Thrifting

I haven't shared my finds in a while and I have been to 3 short shopping trips lately and I just thought it would be fun comparing all 3 places when it comes to bargains!


Custom-built bench/ottoman, red velvet box,2 acrylic reindeers
TOTAL = $101


Huge Staineless Cake stand, Frames Cross-Stitched Wall Art, Hard books & Tall Brass Sail Boat
TOTAL= $29.50
Stainless Server with cover, Boy and girl Bisque-finish Busts, Blue and white tealight holder with lid
TOTAL = $13

So, what do you think?
Confusing right? With each type of store (or house), it all depends on LUCK
Luck that will make you see or find the right items at the right price for your home!

Definitely diligence, patience , and not to mention, going early (especially at Estate sales) helps, but I believe, LUCK places a bigger role in whatever you score!

How about you, do you agree that LUCK plays a big role? Any recent shopping trips or finds to share? What's your latest favorite find so far?

Happy Shopping!


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

JHS Graduation Party

We had a simple party to celebrate our son's graduation from Junior high.

It was a joint party with one of our close friend's daughter who also graduated from the same school.
I was glad it was or I wouldn't have been able to pull this of. 
I needed to come up with decorations that were easy to set-up and remove since we were to decorate only on the morning of the party and leave by 2pm (it was a lunch party).

So here's what we came up with....

Cake Table without the cake yet...
I came up with black and gold color scheme since there was really no standard school colors. Uniforms were red, blue, white and yellow.

I displayed pictures of my son in different ages using gold frames that I already had
Also displayed a framed class picture that stated what his classmates thought of him!

Cake and Gift Table

Simple Photo Cake

Simple Table centerpiece
Basically the table was set up with a balloon centerpiece we made, some gold Christmas balls and metallic gold and silver piggy banks that were the give-aways.

Closer look
We used 30" balloons, spray-painted clearance Easter tin baskets I scored from Target, spray-painted PVC pipe, ribbons and styrofoam to mount the whole thing.

Finished room

It was a very fun day but most importantly we were able to celebrate this young man's achievements...


Hope you have a Great Week!


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

My ORC Faves Part 2 - Bedrooms, Living & Laundry Rooms

Ok, are you ready to see some more fabulous transformations from the ORC?

I looked at every room in this link up party and feature, and believe me, they are a lot!
All wonderful in their own right but these faves of mine just truly stood out for me!

The Pursuit of Style
I love the mix of colors and pattern in this room from the floor and up!

Kim Macumber Interiors
Kim's luxurious jewel of a room is just amazing! I want to sleep in this beautiful cocoon!

Simple Details
Would you believe majority of the major pieces here are DIY and Craigslist finds? I wouldn't have believe it, but it's Pam who did this room and she is just a talented designer! Check out that awesome ceiling too!
Dimples and Tangles

No one does color better than Jennifer, and her Master bedroom is a perfect example of that talent!

Charming in Charlotte
I love the colors and pattern in this room and you should see the very pretty pink chest across the bed!
Kate Collins Interiors
Love the modern country feel to this space.

My Old Country House
The BEFORE of this space looked amazing already but this upgrade is just beautiful!

Stephanie Krauss
This Lavander room is truly fit for any princess!

Design Dump
Really edgy room on this end, but the other end is still oh-so pretty and feminine!

6th Street Design School
This super cute and fun girl's bedroom for Jane is just perfect!

So many pretty things to see in this tiny girls bedroom!

Katie Gracie Designs
This space can pass for a super cool global bachelor loft! Love all the textures in this room!
The Glam Pad
Love this jungle glam boy's nursery Andrea made for her baby!


The Pink Pagoda
Classy, so well-curated, perfect.

Jana Bek
This is a combined living and dining area and it is just so refreshing and beautiful!

Thou Swell
Someone to watch, Kevin is a High School student who pulled off this amazing space!
Can't wait to see what this guy can do for years and years to come!

Pretty Practical Home
Still can't believe this is a laundry room.

The Curated House
Love the simple cabinetry and that smashing flooring!
Lisa Canning
The ultimate Laundry room - from functionality to organization, Lisa thought of everything and to top it all off, she's pregnant with another child while pulling this room together!

Have A Great Weekend!


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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Before and After is just so fun, and I can't help but look back and see where it all started and where we are now. So this will be short and sweet..







Don't you love seeing BEFORE AND AFTERS too?

Most of the time it's all about making a room feel prettier and more functional, but for us, this BEFORE & AFTER highlights the HUGE CHANGE in our lives, and it's all because of this
little lady...

I think this is the BEST BEFORE AND AFTER  - EVER in our lives!

Have a Wonderful Week!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My ORC Faves Part 1 - Kitchen, Dining, Office,Bath Rooms & Entry

With the conclusion of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE last week, I am proud to say, I looked at each and every room and came out with so many favorites that I just had to share them with you!

I truly enjoy looking at room transformations and the ORC is just heaven-sent for me!
I admire all the thought and hard-work that goes to each and every room, big or small budget, doesn't matter, each space provided their own unique character and inspiration for anyone willing to look and see. And so without further adieu, here are my faves for the KITCHEN, DINING, OFFICE AND BATH ROOMS!

Jill Sorensen
A gut-reno that is totally swoon-worthy in every aspect! That waterfall island is my fave feature in the space,

Always RAD
You have to see the entire space and art work in this room! Just FABULOUS!

Tera Janelle
Love the grey on grey tone on this sleek kitchen. You wouldn't believe what it looked like BEFORE!

Tiina Wilen
What can I say, despite the fact that this room is still missing a lot of stuff by the time the reveal came, it still showed so much to be jealous about!

The English Room
This is actually a pingpong table, the coolest one ever!

Pink Little Notebook
I love how this dining room flows from living to kitchen! 
Crane Concept
Small but with a lot of punch!

Dear Emmeline
This one is just plain CHARMING! Jealous of those plate racks!

Swoon Worthy
The blog name says it all, love all the glam details in this space!

Petite Modern Life
You should see how this chalkboard turns into a desk. Such a cool space!


Jenna Sue Design
Love that it's rustic and yet still oh-so-chic!

Vanessa Francis
This is just classy all the way, and that wall paper? Have to have it!
JADE by Jenni
I adore the counter they added in this cute space.

Interiors for Families
This vestibule is just so magazine-worthy!

Splendor Styling
This just goes to show how even the tiniest nook matter!

Mimosa Lane
And lastly, the MUDROOM OF ALL MUDROOMS, Albertina just does any room in her house with a huge WOW! You know she loves design and her whole house proves it!

I have more to share next week, I haven't tackled the bedrooms, living rooms & laundry rooms yet!

So what do you think? Ready to join next time? Did I miss your fave?
Thanks again to Linda for this great platform for talent & inspiration!

Hope You have a great weekend! I know I will because of this guy's graduation on Friday....

Antonio Gabriel Baricuatro Criste
Graduate 8th grade Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

So proud of you my son! I love you so very much!


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