Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dreaming of Closets

I mentioned to you that I wanted to re-do our Master Closet HERE,  and now that you have see what it currently looks like HERE , now, let me finally share with you the elements of that DREAM today!

1) Maximize the space


We have a relatively modest-sized walk-in closet and since I (my hubs will be happy that I admitted this) have more stuff, I think going UP is the best way to maximize our Closet Realty.

2) Mirror, Mirror, everywhere.

Maybe not this much, but I think adding mirrors will definitely make any cramped closet feel more open and big! And you can't deny the added glam factor it brings.

3) Display for my ever- growing Bag Collection


I don't have any fabulous Birkin or Kelly to display, but still, I consider what I have "my loves"
 since I am a self-confessed Bag-aholic, I feel that my bags should be given the "honor" and "respect" they deserve - at least in our closet anyway.

4) Like my bags, I wish for a nice shoe storage or display

Maybe not like this, but like bags, I also adore Shoes and I want the see them all stored neatly and nicely!

5) Nice Lighting

I definitely will get some sort of Chandelier in our closet and remove the recesses lighting that we have now!

I want these bookcase lighting or some sort of cabinet lighting for our new closet. I think lighting spells a world of difference between ordinary closets and the really fabulous ones!

6) I want an island with a little seating perhaps or vanity if I can!

Not only does it add additional storage, I can display some of my jewelry on it too!

7)  Better Jewelry storage

Not so big, but I do want it organized. instead of the "Lo-and-Behold" Display I have now. I was thinking of something behind the mirror, and possibly embedded into the wall or in neat drawers.

That's it. Nothing impossible right? My husband says he'll tackle this himself ( with the help of an electrician), and I can't wait to get started!

How about you? Anything you want in your closet that I failed to mention here?

I will share with you the horrendous BEFORE next time, so you'll see what we're up against, and believe me, you'll understand why I'm cringing as I write about it! LOL!

Have a Great Weekend Folks!


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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Master Closet TODAY - What we'll be working with

WARNING: I'm putting out my limb here to share you this. It is not the most pleasing of sites or posts or pics, but I must show you what we'll be working with to achieve my dream closet.

And since "Pictures tell a thousand words", I'll let them do the talking....

HIS SIDE (with overflow from MY side)



I HOPE you'll still visit my blog after seeing this!;-)

The good news is, IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER FROM HERE, right?!
I'll be  share with you the inspiration next, then options out there then finally the plans and hopefully execution of that plan soon too!!!!!!

I'm excited that we're finally going to fix this space up and I hope you'll follow along this journey!

Have a Great weekend!


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Monday, January 25, 2016

Recent Scores

Just because I've been busy over the holidays for gift shopping doesn't mean I stopped Shopping for my home?!

Embroidered Blue and White Chinoiserie art work
 One of my most favorite finds. I might need to have this remounted , but looks really intricate and beautiful up close!

Tarnished Brass Lady Bug

Gold Grapes

Large Brass Bag

Brass Mouse Hook

And for the piece de resistance....

A lot of PINK MILK Glass compotes and goblets!

I have always loved PINK MILK Glass and I just could not find any at the right price! Now, I have!

And finally, I posted this on my INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT before Christmas...

... it was $75 then and you all asked me to get it! I didn't, right away, and waited for a sign it was gonna be mine. So after New Year, I went to the store, and the same tree was still there (the green was sold earlier), at 25% off. I offered $50, and they gave it to me! Whooppee! This is what I call FATE (and perhaps a little bit of luck too)!!!! Patience (with luck) is indeed a virtue!

How about you, any recent scores you'd like to share?

Happy Shopping!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Friday, January 22, 2016


I'm usually not the type of person who does New Year's resolution or even makes big project plans for my home.

And there's a reason why. I AM CHICKEN ....


Yup, I'm chicken to be the kind of person who shells out a plan and does not go thru with it.
I'm chicken to make promises to others or myself I can't keep.
I'm chicken to disappoint others and myself.

But that STOPS TODAY...

 I don't want to be CHICKEN... well at least, not the scared Chicken anyway. ;-)

I feel that wether or not I finish a project, what the heck, right?! Life goes on, nobody dies or gets hurt, I just  have to go past my ego and just place it all on the shelf of "unfinished projects" and try again someday right?

So what if I don't go thru with my New Year's resolution and end up back where I started ?! At least I could say that I TRIED right?! RIGHT.

So here it goes, let me tell you my plans:

1) Tackle the Master Closet

Like everyone, I want a nice and lovely Master Closet that I've always dreamed of, without breaking the bank (Sorry California Closet, you won't be getting my money for this one)! Tough - but doable. More deets on this later.

I want to say good-bye to these wire shelvings for sure!

Here's a sample of the "mess"

2) Re-do our younger son's bedroom.

It's just time, he'll be turning 11 soon and Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat just doesn't cut it anymore for this young man.

3) Update our Dining Room

It's time too I think (Although my husband thinks otherwise), this room needs a lot of things done, not so obvious, but I'll tell you more about it later on.

4) Organize, organize, organize
Yup, I have such a closet. It's a MONSTER, literally. And my craft room and kitchen needs some serious re-organizing, AGAIN.


5) If possible, and if I still have the energy (and budget), renovate our entire FIREPLACE!!

Yup, this is how unsightly this thing looks
I have a lot of other little projects here and there, but overall, these are the MAJOR ones.

 I hope you all cheer me along this home journey and hope that I can continue to be a BRAVE CHICKEN overall!

Let's Do this!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear TARGET, Please stop!


Please, pretty please, STOP - stop making all these fabulous items for my home. I am trying hard to save and not spend too much on my home, but YOU are making it way to hard!

Wicker Round Mirror ($49),  Linear Weave Lounge Chair ($99)Casted Metal Steer Skull ($39)
Porcelain Rhino Trophy head ($29)
I can't even find any place in my home to put any of these stuff, and yet I WANT THEM ALL!
Threshold Solid Pillow with tassles - $24.99
This pillow is calling my name and it has a perfect spot in my daughter's nursery, or in the living room, or even in my bedroom!

Threshold Metal Big Horn Sheep Bookends - $24.99
I am a self-confessed "Brass Addict" and these bookends are not helping me from my "withdrawal"...

Threshold Long Haired gray pillow - $29.99
I could always use a good comfy, hairy pillow, especially on this cold wintery day....

Nate Berkus Gold table with marble top -$99
My toddler is into everything in our home and I had to put away my side table for a while, but now you give me this lovely table to oggle at?! Shame on you!
RE Acrylic table Lamp Gold - $31.50
I have lamps in every nook and cranny of my home, I do not need another beautiful lamp????!
Threshold Hand-hooked Kitchen rug $13.50
My kitchen floors already have a set of good rugs, but these ones just make me want to replace them even when I don't need to!

Franklin Marble Table Lamp - $81
And yes, I have another weakness, for marble, and this lamp is also making my heart palpitate again and again...

Industrial Collection
You've done so much "damage" to me, and now to RH too? I love RH and now you just made these fabulous pieces that rival their ultra expensive ones? WHY?!

And lastly, you have totally sealed the deal with this recent collaboration, I think I need a new house to house everything in this fabulous collab!

Oh Target, please, STOP, you really make it so hard for people like me to NOT BUY, but THANK YOU too, for making it easier for me to decorate and zhush up my home in a more affordable and possibly, reasonable way.



Have a Great Week Peeps!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Post-Holiday Living & Dining Room


Yes, I am still here my friends. It took me awhile to get the right footing again on blogging with all the holiday and post-holiday hoopla going around in our household, but I am hoping that I can start posting regularly again and share my home adventures with ya'll!

Anyway, if you follow me on  INSTAGRAM, you know how hectic my life has been. I was however, able to put away my Christmas decorations after New Years eve, with the help of my nice and nephew who were visiting from California. And because I still was not so "over" Christmas really, I kept a lot of the RED around...

Reds and browns all around
 I obviously kept my red throw and pillows, and I got a lot of potted ponsettias from our church, that I decided to keep this color scheme for a while. And with Valentines on the horizon, I think red is the perfect color for now, don't you think?

Added my Dwell studio bird pillow in preparation for the Spring Transition

Driftwood, my malachite box collection and some gold berries I recently scored, round up my simple coffee table vignette

Books dominate my Piano Display

Also moved these embroidered art work from the Master Bedroom to here.

I moved my giant Fiddle lead figs from the Breakfast area to the Living room and they both are just a joy to see! Look how much they have grown?!

The console is back in it's usual spot.

Brass Animal menagerie on my console

Add caption

I love my simple mantel all because of these two Does I recently scored with the help of Cassie at Primive and Proper
I love the light and airy feel of our home after all the Christmas garb comes down...

The Dining room is a clean slate as well. I think this is the most toned down this room has been for a while!

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour. I will share with you some recent scores I've collected this last few months next time and hopefully share with you some plans and projects I want to tackle for 2016!

Have a Great week Friends!


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