Monday, May 28, 2012

Awesome find - Mirrored Chest

Hello everyone! Hope your Memorial Day Weekend went well!

Just wanted to share with you another excellent find that has been featured recently at COPYCATCHIC.COM! Thank you Reichel!! Mwah!

Horchow's Mirrored Chest
for $999 + shipping and tax

For this....

Overstock's Mirrored Accent Chest
$773 + 2.95 for shipping
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Uses for Old things - CAKE STANDS

One of my favorite magazines is REAL SIMPLE.

In it, they usually have a section that features New Uses for Old things (hence, the title). They come up with great ideas on how to use different things like example spaghetti noodle used as a candle lighter...

Anyhow, I have a few ideas of my own, and here I'll start with new uses for good ol'
Look at these gorgeous beauties

I am one of many fans of this beautiful and very useful object.

I have a bit of an addiction really in that, I have collected a lot of these. I usually buy them from flea markets, garage sales and whenever they're on sale at any of the stores.

As long as I like the form, I get them. I use them during parties a lot, but in the course of my "decorating adventures" I have used them for other things ( well, I have to put them somewhere right?!)... I realized that cake stands don't just belong in the Kitchen or Dinner table...

I have used them in my Dining room...

 As candle holders layered with different plates 
I have used them in my Bathroom...

To hold my perfume collection

In my Entry...

To hold my flower pot

In my Living room...

To hold decorative objects

For outdoor entertaining...

Propping up my Juice dispenser

And of course in my kitchen cabinets as just plain decorative objects themselves...

This one even holds a clay mold bowl my son made in Kindergarten!

There you have it folks, my little take on NEW USES FOR OLD THINGS. I hope you find some inspiration thru this posting!

Have A Wonderful day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awesome finds - Beds!

I again was on a hunt, totally far-fetched from these finds, however, I couldn't resist sharing these with you and COPYCATCHIC.COM !

Take a look at this one from Restoration Hardware...

Sleigh bed
$2935!! Luckily for you ( if your looking for the exact same bed), I found the exact same bed at for $1200! It came in black color too at Jcpenney's!

The other one is this...

St. James Panel Bed

Again, from Restoration hardware, and priced at $2760. I found almost the same bed (finish is a little different) at for $800!

Here's a COUPON to help you out with your shopping!

Sweet dreams everyone! :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello summer! Our Outdoor Oasis in 2012

We finally finished cleaning & unpacking the deck. And here is the result if our hard work...

Our Summer Oasis

I just love this space!

We went from this...

Grime and dust abound
and this...

No hope in site for all the LUMOT (moss)!
Using a regular deck cleaner which we bought on sale for $1.50 for 4 gallons, our composite deck improved to this...

At least the moss is gone
We've upgraded our dining area outside from this...

ok but a little chaotic...

To this....

A much better umbrella I think

The umbrella cost me a mere $35!!! It's from JCPenney on clearance ! I love its color and the shape, it totally matches our pillows.

Outdoor dining area

We got the 2 head chairs from, the same Windsor Line ( on clearance at $416 for 2). I got the outdoor carpet for this space from for $199, it's from the Safaveih line.

Outdoor Living/lounging area

Outdoor living area

The outdoor living area hasn't changed much, again the furniture was on clearance 2 years ago at called Windsor line from Smith and Hawken. The pillows were from restoration, they were on clearance too, 2 years ago for $10 each!!! The birdcage was from Crate and barrel on sale as well and the yellow pots from TJ Maxx. Carpet was from Ballard for $199. The white ceramic garden stool is from on sale and the 2 black ceramic stools in between is from TJ maxx for $24 each.


Privet Lane Planters from target

Like I always mention, I am no gardener. So I bought these plants - Emerald Green shrub from The Home Depot for $19 each, and trailing petunias from Walmart. The petunias were $10 a piece, meant for hanging, but I cut the hanger off and stuck them in the planters.

 The planter is from TARGET from their latest "Privet Lane" line. I like its's simplicity in an otherwise a little bit more traditional styled space. The 2 white lanterns on the back were from Home goods.

Lastly, we added this...

Guess what?

An outdoor projection screen!!!!! Yes, we do love our movies and what better way to enjoy them this summer than to watch them while night swimming! Cool huh?!

Outdoor TV's cost in the thousands! We thought this would do, the cost? $165 from

Outdoor movie anyone?
The only downside to this screen is that, since it uses a projector, you have to start watching when it really is dark outside already. But then again, that is the best time for me and my family to swim since we don't like getting sun burns. :-)

There you have it folks, hope you can all drop by and enjoy summer with us!

Have a nice sunny day!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

What's wrong with this space?

This, is our living room in it's current state. 

I love this space

I love it, BUT... HOWEVER... there is something "off" with the space.

guess... guess..

Can you guess what it is?

Other than the fireplace...

Yes, it's the rug. 

I love this rug, however, with my new color scheme and chairs, the rug clashes with everything in this room. The pattern and color is just off, no matter how beautiful it is, it's time for this rug to move to my husbands office where I think it belongs and where it will look much better.

So I am in search again for a rug. And believe me when I say that I have looked at thousands ( more than 4000 rugs!!!) I have looked at thousands!  CRAZY right?! I agree somewhat. But for me, it is so much fun! This is one "dilemma" I love having!

Hope you have a great day!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

To the most wonderful women in the world, our Mother's I just want to greet you a very HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!!

Flowers for you

Particularly to my own mommy - my best girlfriend, my stronghold, my guide, my role model and my light. You have given me more than just life, you've taught me how to live and love. For all that you do and all that you are, I will be eternally grateful!

My beautiful mom

I hope you like my gifts, which you won't get today but later on, just know that these gifts are mere token of my love for you. What I feel for you mom is beyond words or gifts. 

I love you so much! You are the best! HAPPY Mom's day to you!!!!

And to my sister, nanay, sisters-in-law, tita's, and friends... this is for you! :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Awesome finds - Side Tables

I love browsing thru the net... and because of this I often see a lot of great deals that I often share with Reichel over at Here are some of my latest finds...

Directoire Black & brass granite side table

This baby is  $872.50 from Horchow!!! Pretty steep! BUT, I found this other one from Urban Outfitters for (DRUM ROLL PLEASE..) $64!!!!!

Metal Accordion side table
I know, their not exactly the same, but THE LOOK IS! :-)

How about this one...

Horchow Iron Side table
This one was $1399!!!! Now on sale at $599 ( you call that a sale?!) at! Why will you get this, when you can get this....

Mirrored side table

I found this one at one of my favorite bargain sites The price? $209.99! A lot better indeed. I know the finish is off, but hey, if your dead-set on silver, a can of spray paint is less than $5!

And lastly, I saw this beauty at Restoration hardware...

Dutch Industrial Side table
It goes for $445-$595 depending on the size. This is pretty, but you can get the same look for a lot less with this...

Renate Grey End table
$258.99 from!

If your like me who goes for looks above all else (ok, maybe WANTING something is tops and looks is just 2nd to this), there can almost always be bargains to be had.

But remember, sometimes there is a reason why these become bargains (e.g. poor quality, material, or smaller size, etc...), so be wary too before buying. In general though, I have not regretted any "bargain" lookalikes I've bought so far.

Happy Shopping! :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aidan's Bedroom

I know I that I have posted so many times about our master bedroom already.

And I guess, it's high time I feature our son's rooms on my blog.

So let me start with AIDAN's room

Something obvious on the door
I used clearance Foam letters from "Michael's" to label both my son's room. And the only reason I chose these were because they were cheaper (of course) and lighter. If you are to put wooden letters on a door, I betcha you'll have problems with if falling all the time or making a lot of noise as you open and close the doors. With these, putting them up is easy and more practical in the long run.

Aidan's room as of April 2012

The bed is their old bunk bed and this is the top portion. Nio has the other one. The white shelves were garage sale finds for $5 a piece. I opted not to put anything on the left side of the bed since there is a trundle bed underneath (for sleepovers, guests, etc).

Reading Area
      We love to read and we love that our kids are steadily becoming reading lovers too, so we always made reading areas in their rooms.

    Here in Aidan's reading area, I used 2 soft chairs that are convertible to bed (for sleep-overs) in his reading area. The chairs are from it's called Your Zone Flip Chair in stadium blue. The table is from IKEA, it was on clearance m any years ago for about $10. It can also double as a tracing table! The bookshelf is from Land of Nod Outlet store for $15.

more knick-knacks and books

     You may have also noticed that I only have a few toys out. That is so that I can conquer clutter better and also so that they will take books more than toys ( tricky, tricky mom eh?!).

     I rotate the toys around because we all know how easily bored with toys kids get after a while, so to make them "fresh" again, I constantly change the toys on display for play.
His art wall
I used these picture rails from IKEA for easier rotation of his art and other sentimental stuff.

The letter above the bed is from The bedding is from IKEA.

I know, I know, the wall is VERY BEAR. I have yet to put up some art in that huge gigantic wall. The circle came with the house, I just added the letter there.

Growth chart
I got theNumber art from Marhall's years ago, it's from AMY COE and because you know me, this was on clearance for $5. The ruler is a purchase of mine from ETSY, here it the LINK on where I bought it from.

This dresser is one of my favorite finds. I got it from the Salvation Army store and it's from Marshall Fields ( for those of you who are not familiar with the store, this used to be a high-end department sotre in Chicago, recently bought out by Macys), cost? $5!!!!

It is a beautiful mid-century piece, although a bit scratched up, especially on the left side, I love it's clean lines and simplicity. I might repaint this thing one day... :-)

We do love our TOY STORY

There you have it folks, Aidan's room.  Hope you get some ideas for your own little one's space!

Have a wonderful day!