Thursday, May 26, 2016

ORC Faves & Inspirations - Living and Dining

Today I wanted to share my favorite Living and Dining Spaces from the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE! And mind you, looking into these fabulous spaces is like looking at Design Magazine pages, just take a look...

Gracious Home
Barclay shows us how an Interior Designer does her own home, with definite style and beauty. You must see the entire space, I wanna shop there!

Amanda Louise Interiors
Olive & Tate
I can't imagine designing a room with a huge "elephant" in the room, in this case, a pool table, but these ladies nailed it to a tee with a fabulous space that everyone in the family will love! Bravo!

Worthwhile Domicile

Can I just say that this is the most awesome Sun room/Library ever?! From the colors to the over-all feel of this space, Tiffany just totally made this space a dream. I could read here forever! LOL! And to think she also did her equally fabulous master bath makeover all in one challenge?! Amazing!

Suburban Bitches
Erin totally floored me with her Dining room makeover! From the amazing lighting all around the space, to the rich textures and contemporary chic furniture, this room is just a total dream!

Ann Jackson

Last, and certainly not the least, this ultra fabulous Dining room makeover from artist Ann Jackson, WOWs us all with the beautiful jewel tones in her room and all the fabulous glam details. You can tell, a very talented and creative person lives here!

That is it for this edition. I will share my last favorites next week, when I talk about my favorite Kitchens and other rooms! And hopefully, I can share some details about my son's room too!

Don't Forget!!!!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!


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Monday, May 23, 2016

My ORC Favorites and Lessons learned - Kids Rooms

To continue on with my Favorite One Room Challenge Spaces from the Guest Participants Party, I would like to share with you my favorite Kid's spaces! And just like the other rooms, there were plenty, but here are the stand-outs for me...

A Storied Style
You've probably seen this absolutely phenomenal kids bedroom by Grace Mitchell everywhere! A colorful, fun, and imaginative kids room for her boys is just perfect! I love how she incorporated her love for vintage things, whimsical and oh-so-beautiful style flawlessly! A must see!

Living Pretty
I love how Lizzie made a combined boy and girl bedroom work so flawlessly! Her design is simple, uncluttered, and so perfect for a gender neutral bedroom!

Amidst the Chaos

I think my favorite part in Christine's room is the whimsical cuteness the space just has From the carrot-like geometric lanterns to the bedding and decor, this room just screams FUN!

I love the sweet and charming  room Melissa created for  daughter Sienna. All the girly details along with that fabulous wallpaper, all make for an idyllic bedroom for this lucky little lady!

Pink Little Notebook

There were so many beautiful nursery reveals during the last ORC, but to me the one that stood out the most was Sabrina's nursery for her baby Olivia. What can I say, mom was just able to incorporate sweet with contemporary chic in one perfect room! Love every nook and cranny of this space!

Mimosa Lane 

I don't think ORC will be complete if I did not share a space from the very talented Albertina Cisneros. Look at this fabulous room for her tween daughter! From the beds, to all the colorful art and that Bubble chair, her taste and style is truly something to emulate and strive for

Paint yourself a Smile

This copper pipe installation (and lighting) that Jennifer made for her teen son's bedroom is just over-the-top creative and COOL!

Kristin shows us how even something as mundane as a hallway can work so functionally and stylishly for our families! I bet her kids will be in honor roll (if not yet) with this kind of working environment!

The Painted House
Angela just totally changed my mind about the 80's! Just look at this fabulous and fun PLAY SPACE! Bravo! 

Don't you just wish you can be a kid again?! Next I will share my favorite Living and Dining Spaces from the ORC!!!!

Also, one more news to announce, I will be joining the 2016 Summer Home tours!!!!!!! Mark your calendars for this fabulous line up of inspiration for the summer!

Have  A Fabulous Week!


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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ORC Inspirations & lessons learned - Bedrooms & Bathrooms

I am proud to say, I looked at all 227 reveals from the One Room Challenge Guest Link up Party!

Inspirational and exhilarating would be the two words to describe it, since there are so many beautiful spaces DONE (Thanks to you Linda) and narrowing them down to my faves was sooo difficult!

So I decided to divide them into rooms for your viewing pleasure so that way you don't have to look at all 227, some of which were not done yet and did not meet the 6 week deadline. You my friends, are lucky, I did the work FOR YOU! LOL!

So let's start with my favorite Bedrooms and Bathrooms. I will have a separate post for "Kitchens & Other rooms", "Kids Bedrooms", "Living and Dining".

Polished Habitat
Melissa's awesome wall treatment totally made this bedroom stand-out for me. Aside from the lovely details she added, a statement wall behind the bed , which is always a great idea.

Christine  Dovey
What can I say, this room belongs in Elle Decor no doubt.  Sexy, glamorous and very stylish. Every grown-up lady would love a zhushed up room like this. Christine made her subdued color palette stand out with patterns and texture, something I need to work on in my rooms for sure.

Design Indulgence
One of the designers for HOUSE BEAUTIFUL's kitchen of the year, Sherry shows us why she is among the upcoming designers to watch out for. With a limited budget, but a keen eye, she has made this room feel perfect - the wall updates, and all the design element (including the hat she threw in there the last minute), can make or break a space, and here, you know she truly has MADE IT. You should see  what she did with this room's small nook too!

Pretty Practical Home
Sharon's guest room feels like she spent thousands of dollars and hours on it, but in reality, she just has excellent tastes! The audubon gallery wall is virtually FREE and the tray table was built by her hesistant-carpenter-husband. Sharon brings great style to all her rooms without breaking the bank .

Dimples & Tangles
Your home reflects how you feel about life, and Jennifer, who exudes happiness in everything she does!  And for the ORC, she shows it more so in her Powder room! The painted buffalo checks and the molding make for a perfect combination in this tiny space that packs a lot of gorgeous details! A must-see!

Wife in Progress
I think this is the year for shiplap walls, and this pretty powder room makeover by Jenna combined with the gorgeous floor tiles and clean lined vanity is just perfect! This room epitomizes the phrase "simplicity is beauty"!

Jana Donohoe
Jana did both her bedroom and bathroom at the same time, and the result, a great transition and combination in both rooms! She clearly showed us that doing two adjacent rooms at once makes perfect sense!

Making It in the Mountains

I love how Kristi and her husband built this gorgeous vanity in this farmhouse bathroom makeover! Just goes to show that teamwork makes all the difference for an awesome space!

The Impatient Gardener
Last, but certainly not the least, Erin just totally wowed me with her bathroom makeover! The gorgeous mirror, the  patterned roman shades and the patterned tiles just make a perfect combination. She showed flawlessly how color and pattern can make a room!

There you have it, my 'short' list of favorite Bedrooms and bathrooms from the ORC Link Party!
Hope you can join me next time when I share my favorite Kids & Teens Spaces!!!!

Hope you have a Great Weekend!


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Monday, May 16, 2016

My ORC Favorites - Featured Designers Series

First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your awesome comments regarding my son's room! 
Blogging and blogger friends truly bring a much needed validation for all the hard work we put in to our home. It's nice to know that people who love and are as passionate as I am about design and making our home better, a little at a time, give their opinion which I value highly, thanks again.

And since we all love GREAT DESIGN, I thought I would share today my favorite rooms in the FEATURED DESIGNER SERIES from the 

Link up of all the Designers HERE


Claire Brody Designs
I love the eclectic-chic vibe in this space, you should see the BEFORE!

The Curated House
Sophisticated yet still oh-so-relaxing!

The Makerista
My most favorite MAN CAVE ever! Love the wall treatment using simple picture frame molding!


Driven By Decor
Perfection in every nook and cranny of this restful and beautiful masterful retreat! The closet is fantastic too!

Thou Swell
I love how Kevin was able to incorporate style for his father's room!

Making It Lovely
This is the den area view from the Masters bedroom, I love how daring those giant bug wall art is! The bonus, it's a FREE DIY!
Design Manifest
The only kitchen in the series, truly epitomizes the term "size does not matter" when it comes to good design.

Simplified Bee
This is my dream master bath realized!

Jill Sorensen
Need I say more? Just Fabulous!

Waiting on Martha
A work space I could live in, literally!

The Zhush
The use of this uber cool wallpaper is just GENIUS to make this mundane space vavavavoom!

I am still trying to finish up all 200+ gorgeous reveals from those who joined the link party. I think I'm in # 167 already, so almost there.  And believe me, some of them are just as great as the ones above! Truly like Christmas morning for me browsing all the beautiful transformations! I know we all don't have time to browse each and every room, so I will be doing a series on my faves from the ORC Link Party and the lessons and inspirations I learned from these talented people! I hope you join me!

If you missed my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE room, check it out HERE!


Have  A Great Week!


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ORC Week 6 - Comfy & Stylish Boys Bedroom REVEAL

Hooray! We've made it! The final week for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and I would again give a huge shout-out and "THANKS" to our fab host, Linda from CALLING IT HOME! Thank you again for hosting such a great blogosphere event! I mean, did you see the reveals of the featured designers yesterday???! Absolutely amazing! We have some pretty serious talent in the blogging world FOR SURE!

Anyway, like I mentioned on my post last Monday HERE, I hit a huge snag on the wallpaper. Basically, I didn't have enough, and I destroyed some parts of it, while trying to remove the painters tape! I will explain more on later posts but I had to come up with a solution for this huge mishap - fast. And I think, if I didn't mention it here, you wouldn't notice it at all. So for now, here is my son's room, done.... for now... ;-)



The Zimba wallpaper was a huge impact in the space for sure

Important mementos that my son treasures
I really love this lighting - was a pain to install though -
I made a mistake and didn't realize the lighting was supposed to be hard-wired ...

... we converted it to plug-in, thanks to other bloggers posts and my genius husband,  worth the effort though

I had to explain to him what this quote meant - He got it. ;-)

Simple letter "A" interrupts the huge wall. Chalkboard paint below the bed rail and the for the "ME BOARD".

Same space BEFORE

Can you see the "STAR WARS" all over the pillowcases? My MIL helped sew those

My son's favorite part of the space (other than his desk & chair), the "ME Board"

Had to have acceptable organization for these lightsabers ;-)

I love how our simple Malm dresser got a huge update using hardware and contact paper!


I had to hang the mirror lower for my son to see his face more adequately at this point

Opposite side of the room

Yup, Star Wars Matters in this space!

BEFORE, 6 years ago

I think the floating desk is perfect for our young man & his Space Age toys!

BEWARE OF STORM TROOPER guarding his room!;-)

My son is an avid collector just like his mom, who collects all sorts of things.

Too excited to use his desk - he set up reminders of these things. Multiplication table is framed nicely on the side.

A place for everything, earphones, Death Star and all....

Books and toys that he loves must be displayed

My solution for our other Interior window - turn it into a book case!
Do you see the words on the shelves????
Some fave toys displayed - Done.

PLAY with caution!

Hide everything unsightly!

Reading chair which is both mine and his, favorite chair.
Faced it towards the bed for perfect conversation too!

And here is the proud owner of this space!
My darling dear husband has been the most patient and wonderful handy man again for this project. I had so many troubles in this room you wouldn't believe it. I will share about it though next time. Let's just say I'm lucky to have a husband who can "McGyver" his way out of any situation! Thank you hon!

The room I'm happy to say, is a HUGE HIT, to the most important person that matters - my son.

He absolutely loves his new space and has been so proud of it ever since we started 5 weeks ago,  that, whenever friends would drop by, he would gladly give a 'tour' of his unfinished room (we only finished yesterday night)!

He has been thanking me and his dad constantly saying he loves his new room so much! And that for me, is the ultimate acknowledgement for all the hard work we have put into this space.

Now, are you ready to see some more fabulous spaces? I am, check out the other reveals below!

If you want to see how we got here check out the links below:

Week 5
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Week 2 - the beginning

My ORC Space Spring 2014
My ORC space Fall 2013

Come to think of it, the One Room Challenge has made me finish all of my kid's Rooms! Thanks again Linda! 

Have a Great Weekend!

Schumacher Zimba Wall paper - Patio Lane, White Paint - Valspar Ultra White, Dresser, Bed & Side tables - IKEA, Egg Chair - Totally Furniture, Zimba Pillow - Etsy, Floor Reading Lamp - IKEA, Swing Arm lighting - Amazon, Acrylic Office Chair - Amazon, White Floating Desk - Amazon, LED Work Lamp - IKEA, Acrylic Window Book shelves - Clear Displays, Star Wars Scribble Wall Art - ETSY, "May the Force be with you Pillowcase - ETSY, Light Saber Holder - Amazon, Giant Letter "A" - Land of Nod


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