Monday, June 25, 2012

Powder Room Before and After

Here was our Orange-ful of room BEFORE...

The memories are giving me a headache! :-)

Too much orange right?!

And here it is now after my Re-do...

A Headache no more!

After adding the wallpaper and re-painting the other walls as you may have seen in my previous post, I put all my other stuff back in.

I got the Ceramic Trash bin from TJ Maxx for $10 on clearance. The white garden stool was from when it was on super sale. I figured, my lady friends would need a place to set their bags while doing their thing, and since there was no cabinetry or counter space at all inside this room, I added this pretty perch.

The vanity has sentimental value to me. I got it years ago from HomeGoods, and my mom bought it for me. It now serves as the toiletry essentials Cabinet in this space.

The Powder room Essentials

On this table, I placed basic stuff that I anticipate guests may need when they use this space. From Lotion to Cotton balls, ring holder (from a thrift store), wipes and Feminine Hygiene products (inside the cute metallic box underneath the wipes), I wanted an easy access to all things essential.

$6 beauty

 I got this drawing from Goodwill. I just liked the fact that it's an original artwork (I think) and I love the feel of the picture. This is a picture of Anne Hathaway cottage by the way.

Another View

There you have it folks! I hope you get some ideas on how to perk up your own Powder room someday!

Have a Nice day!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good-bye Orange Powder room!

Hello Everyone!

I have been busy with work, baseball games, camp etc lately, and I haven't really spent that much time tweaking our home.

Yesterday, I just had to give our abode a little TLC, and so I finally had the energy and guts to tackle our VERY ORANGE POWDER ROOM!

See what I mean?!!!
This space actually gives me a headache! And I can't imagine what my guests and friends may be thinking?!!! LOL!

Glamorous? - NOT! This lighting has got to go!

Just too much Citrus!

I know what people say about powder rooms - it's a chance to do something bold, go dark, do pattern, etc. After all, it is a very small space, so anyone can do "bold" things in there!

Just take a look at these marvelous Powder rooms...

Love, love the boldness of the Trellis pattern!

Love the rustic appeal and the mactan stones!

An Oh-so-Oooh-la-la Powder room!

Elegant and sophisticated

Glam, glam, glam!

So with all these gorgeous space as an inspiration I forged ahead changing what I can first in this space - The WALLS....

Spanish Tile Pattern Wall Paper from Allen & Roth at Lowes!

I told you, I literally forged ahead!

Doing the corners now

Tired but proud

Finishing up
The wallpaper was pre-pasted, so all I had to do was soak, hang and viola!

Ha! I wish it were really that easy! Hanging the wall paper up by your lonesome (hubby was putting up kiddos new ceiling fans upstairs, so I couldn't bother him) was no easy task, but once you attach the wall paper up on the wall, it does not dry very fast, so you have time to adjust the sides and smooth things out.

I placed the first paper smack in the middle since this is the first wall you see as you enter, I wanted the pattern to look centered. So using my level, I drew a line and followed that with my first panel. I measured my wall length of course and added 2 inches excess so I knew my wall would be entirely covered.

As for cutting - TIP: HAVE A VERY SHARP CUTTER! The paper is soggy so if your cutter is not as sharp, you'll have ugly corrugated edges. I let it dry first too before cutting, removal of the excess is a breeze anyway.

And one last tip: ALIGN, ALIGN, ALIGN!

I also painted the other walls. I used our left-over Behr RHINO paint from our Master Bedroom re-do.

And here she is now, all bare-boned no frills or decor yet!


No more headaches!

Updated light fixture

We are all so pleased with the result of this latest project. And I can't believe I did it all in 1 day!!!! Total cost of the project is $122 ( $20.98 x 3 for the wall paper + $59 for new light fixture + FREE paint and supplies) !!!!!

Hope you all have a great week! I can't wait to start decorating this space!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yard Sale find - Vintage First Aid Kit

Hello everyone! I hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Anyhow, last week I went for a short shopping spree around our neighborhood yard sales. I found a lot of nice and cheap stuff but  the find that I was most giddy about was this...


It was on a heap pile and I saw and loved this baby right away. For $3, it was a steal for me!

So after a little cleaning and dusting and filling up, here she is in all it's "First-aid Glory"...

Basic supplies ready

More ER stuff

It now will serve it's purpose in our pool house for those "OUCH" days!

Hopefully we don't get to use it much!

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 12th!

On this very special day of June 16th, 2012, I am very happy to celebrate our 12th Year Wedding Anniversary!

To my partner, confidant and best friend - THANK YOU for all the love, happiness, patience, trust and understanding. I love you forever!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A side table Dilemma

I am on a hunt.

Actually, I've been on a hunt for months! I just can't decide on the best side table for our living room with the correct look and value for the money.

I mean, I see a table I like, but the problem most of the time is that, the price is way off my radar or I have my doubts on it for some other reason! I'm sure you know what I'm talkin' about. Anyhow, here is our side table now...

Living room

I know, not bad at all. These IKEA Lack table for $12 a piece is definitely a keeper ( it will head off to our Basement family room). But for our living room now, I really wanted a taller and more substantial piece. Something that will also be a keeper and at the same time, will look great no matter what I end up changing in our living room.

Here are my options starting with the cheaper ones...

1)Homedecorator's Parsons end table

Subtle modernist table
PROS: At $99 + 15 (shipping), this 24 inches high lacquer cube is a good knock-off of the high-end Jonathan Adler Lacquer table for $350++! I like that this is similar to our old one, taller and more substantial and definitely very versatile.

CONS: However, my problem is the bottom - although I love that it covers the floor space underneath (which I need because of all the wiring under), I feel that this would not be FLAT on the floor because the bottom is solid.

2) Overstock's Tacoma weathered table

Go-with-anything table

PROS: Priced at $124.49, 24.5 inches high, this one is also a keeper. I love it's weathered-wood look and I love that it is a no fuss table. A lot easier for someone with 2 boys like me. I also love the extra storage space underneath - great for books, game boards and other knick-knack.

CONS: I'm not sure though if it will go well with my Custom chairs below....???

Add caption

3) Overstock's Jade End table

Simple with a twist

PROS: At $151.9, 23 inches high, this one is also well-priced and looks more high-end. I love the glass top (although mirrored would make this super fab more) and the cute shelf underneath.

CONS: Glass top may not be the best for our house-hold and cleaning it up for fingerprints may drive me nuts.

Now let's start with the high-end ones and probably considered, "Dream Side tables" because as the name implies , high-end means high-priced..

4)) Crate and Barrel Driftwood Side table

Naturally Gorgeous
PROS: At 24.5 inches high and it's super gorgeous organic look, I have been in love with this table for over a year! I just love how natural it looks and that it seems so modern yet so "old". I like that its color is also neutral enough for any decor.

CONS:  No surprise at all here, for $399 ++, this one is something I may never be able to replace because of how expensive it is alone! I also think it may look better in a woodsy more masculine space.

5) Zgallerie's Encore end table

Simple yet sophisticated
PROS: Yup, this is gorgeous. I love mirrored furniture and I never had one, so this may be my first. It is sleek yet elegant enough in our living room space.

CONS: Again, the price, at $399 ++, I would be heartbroken if something cracks or smashes this delicate top.  :-(

6) Jonathan Adler Regent table

High-end in all aspects
PROS: You know I'm a huge Jonathan Adler fan (e.g . take a look at my post on this infatuation). And getting a furniture from his line is a dream for me. I love this marble top- too classy and oh-so-sturdy and beautiful!!!! Love it!

CONS: Other than its sky-high price ($795), this table is also the shortest of my choices,  16 inches tall, kinda like the same height as my Lack table.

7)  Zinc door's Alexander Side table

Definitely only in my dreams
Finally, my ultimate Dream table. A dream because, at the price of  $1873 per table, I could buy a whole new living room and more for that kind of money! Hew! just thinking about the price makes me sweat! But it is lovely, a true heirloom (because you can't re-sell this one for the same price for sure - unless your Michelle Obama or someone like that), timeless design and just perfect for our space.

So you see what I mean about having difficulty choosing a side table? I know, it's a great "problem" to have and "solving" it will be even more fun.

Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear them. My "perfect" side table may not be in any of these choices, it may be lurking in a yard sale or estate sale somewhere, who-knows

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pillow Give-away

Just saw this over at " Keller Creative ", a fab pillow give-away  from "Motif Pillows"

Wanna win this one!

If you wanna join the give-away, press the LINK HERE!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mad about MAD MEN

I know you probably can't believe that I JUST RECENTLY discovered the series MAD MEN.

Add caption

Yes, it's true, after all the hype, awards and media attention it's been getting, I just recently found some time to watch it and got hooked immediately ( like watching -3- seasons- in- a- span- of -3 -weeks-crazy).

What's not to love? For a nostalgic one like me, the 50's and 60's is just a romanticized period filled with clean-cut, quirky hair-dos and beautiful designs both in fashion and in decor.

Just take a look...

Strong female characters in gorgeous dresses

I must admit, when it comes to dressing, I'm a huge Betty Draper kinda gal (Blond beauty on the left), but occasionally I go for Joan Harris' style ( middle).  I like Peggy Olson's character (last gal on the right), not for her clothes or style, but because her character  personifies the "emerging" woman power back in the 60's.

Men dressed up like real men!
What's not to like? All these slick, well-suited and irritatingly-stubborn men all of whom you can smell the pomade and cologne thru the screen! My fave of course is Don Draper, the main character (3rd from left), a chain-smoking, drinks-alcohol-like-water-kinda guy, who's charm is both his strength and ultimate weakness.

And of course, what I love most when I watch this series are the set designs, check these out!

Mid-century peaking...

Offices I actually want to work in

And at it's peak!

Roger Sterling's office

I bet you recognize most of the furniture in this room because THEY ARE SO BACK again in design. Come to think of it, I don't think they ever disappeared at all! I love the Eames tables, the arc lamp, everything! I could see this office today for sure, minus the bar cart and the telephone of course. :-)

Zen Office space
I also love Bert Cooper's 1st office. I love grasscloth wallpapers and the smart use of Asian influences around. Love, love, love!

MAD MEN is set in the corporate Advertising world, so for me the offices of course are well-designed better than the homes. But there are still pieces and aspects of homes in the 1960's that I love. For example, here in the Draper Residence...

Draper Living room

I love the 2 cane chairs! How I wish my grandmother had these and passed them on to me! The sofa's not so bad too.

Artwork in the Campbell Apartment

I love these giraffe tryptich artwork! Definitely a keeper!

Oh, and of course, the story lines are pretty interesting too!

Happy Watching!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yard sale find - Planters

I love yard sales.

And one Saturday morning, I found 2 of these beauties for $5 each!

Cemented planters

These are quite heavy, it took me and the lady to carry one into the car! I think, for the amount of wind we get up here on the hill, we need something this heavy to put some plants in.

And here it is now....

Prettier entry

We put in some spikes, petunias, sweet potato vines and vinca vines (I think) and with the help of my mother-in-law, planted this beauties in these planters!

Hope you have a nice day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting the basement

Yes, we are finally re-painting our Purple Room, the basement....

At last!

Our handy helpers

We did this last Friday and Saturday. We colored the Movie area using a paint called "Delicate Mist" from Bher. I will show you the final result later on.

In choosing paint, we went for a FLAT finish so as not to reflect any light from our movie screen. Paint comes in all sorts of finishes for indoors, the most common are FLAT, SATIN and EGGSHELL. As the names Satin and eggshell implies, these have a bit of sheen to it. Definitely not ideal for our Media room. Also we got paint that is both primer and paint so as to save time, money and energy.

The living/gaming area will be colored "chocolate froth" (yum!).  As with any painting job, the prep work (e.g. moving the furniture, protecting the floors, taping the borders and baseboards) takes far longer time than the actual painting itself.  Paint dries pretty quickly so you see the results right away.

We are also in the process of re-doing our "horrid" floors. So I will eventually post about the entire re-do here soon.

Have a great day!!!!