Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mad about MAD MEN

I know you probably can't believe that I JUST RECENTLY discovered the series MAD MEN.

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Yes, it's true, after all the hype, awards and media attention it's been getting, I just recently found some time to watch it and got hooked immediately ( like watching -3- seasons- in- a- span- of -3 -weeks-crazy).

What's not to love? For a nostalgic one like me, the 50's and 60's is just a romanticized period filled with clean-cut, quirky hair-dos and beautiful designs both in fashion and in decor.

Just take a look...

Strong female characters in gorgeous dresses

I must admit, when it comes to dressing, I'm a huge Betty Draper kinda gal (Blond beauty on the left), but occasionally I go for Joan Harris' style ( middle).  I like Peggy Olson's character (last gal on the right), not for her clothes or style, but because her character  personifies the "emerging" woman power back in the 60's.

Men dressed up like real men!
What's not to like? All these slick, well-suited and irritatingly-stubborn men all of whom you can smell the pomade and cologne thru the screen! My fave of course is Don Draper, the main character (3rd from left), a chain-smoking, drinks-alcohol-like-water-kinda guy, who's charm is both his strength and ultimate weakness.

And of course, what I love most when I watch this series are the set designs, check these out!

Mid-century peaking...

Offices I actually want to work in

And at it's peak!

Roger Sterling's office

I bet you recognize most of the furniture in this room because THEY ARE SO BACK again in design. Come to think of it, I don't think they ever disappeared at all! I love the Eames tables, the arc lamp, everything! I could see this office today for sure, minus the bar cart and the telephone of course. :-)

Zen Office space
I also love Bert Cooper's 1st office. I love grasscloth wallpapers and the smart use of Asian influences around. Love, love, love!

MAD MEN is set in the corporate Advertising world, so for me the offices of course are well-designed better than the homes. But there are still pieces and aspects of homes in the 1960's that I love. For example, here in the Draper Residence...

Draper Living room

I love the 2 cane chairs! How I wish my grandmother had these and passed them on to me! The sofa's not so bad too.

Artwork in the Campbell Apartment

I love these giraffe tryptich artwork! Definitely a keeper!

Oh, and of course, the story lines are pretty interesting too!

Happy Watching!


  1. We are mad about Mad Men too! For all the same reasons.

    I wanted to let you know that at the 11th hour a miracle has happened. I knew it would :) He is ever faithful. Details will follow soon. Thank you for your encouraging friendship.


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