Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Goodwill" Hunting

I am a true-blue thrift store regular. I know you know this because I give every little detail of where I get stuff for my home and that includes a lot of stuff from the thrift store.

When we were starting out in the states, the thrift store was the place to go for people like me who was on a very tight budget. Nowadays, though our life is a lot better than before, I still would come back again and again for great bargains and one-of-a-kind finds at my local Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. - any store with the words, "Thrift", "resale", "used", I'm there.

When you go in a thrift store, you don't expect things to be beautifully displayed or even cleaned well. You have to see the potential of a piece first...

Here are a few examples of my latest finds...

1) Caning Frames

Not much to look at now..

but for $3, I saw it's potential..

With a coat of spray paint...

Who can tell it was thrift now?! :-)
Yup, some of the stuff in the store may need a little buffing or even spraying, but in then end, if it's got good bones, it will look great.

 2) Wall Decor

Nice right? 

Again, for $3 - it's a steal even with some scratches

Now hanging proudly in our hallway

Some don't need fixing up at all, just a bit of cleaning and viola, you have a beautiful piece for your home!

3) Milk glass & green glass

This is only a small chunk of my hoard.. ;-)

Going Green

If your a collector like me, finding these antique pieces are abundant in thrift stores. They are also way cheaper than in antique malls.

4) Whimsical Objects

Super cutee :-)

Sometimes you find things there that you never knew you wanted, like these super cute shakers, when I saw them "kissing" on a shelf, I just had to have them! :-) Cheap thrills that is worth much more than $2.50!

6) Norman Rockwell cups

Just prety

Emily Henderson said it right really, if you find a piece you like, and are willing to pay even more than what it's priced for, then you should get it. I paid $4 for all four cups and I would have paid much more if need be. Lucky me, I was at a thrift store. :-)

The other good thing about shopping thrift is that most of these stores are true charity institutions whose proceeds go to a certain charity - so in a way, you are helping yourself as well as others too!

There you have it, some of my recent acquisitions from the good ol' thrift stores.  Next time, I'll show you my finds from Antique malls around the area.

Happy Shopping!!!!
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  1. I wish you lived closer. We'd have fun thrifting! Great finds!

    1. me too! We'd have so much fun shopping together :) I LOVE your milk glass collection, and those frames are just gorgeous!

  2. I have a ton of milk glass too. It is so nice for keeping everything coordinated at a party. Love the frames.

  3. I also love thrifting. I found a wooden bushel basket so cute hihi i just don't know whether i should paint it red or leave it as is. whatdyathink? I also have a birdcage but i haven't done anything with it yet. living in a condo kasi gives me the constraints of painting:/


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