Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Proud Wife showing off - My husbands News Interview today

AAAGHHH! So excited to see my hubby on TV talking on the news about the recent Steroid-related Meningitis outbreaK

We are so proud of you!!!!!!


  1. The article about this interview -

  2. Good job! Congrats! So proud of you guys!

  3. Wow..galing naman! So proud of you! Stay blessed.

    Shella Narag

  4. Cool! So proud of you Classmate! I've always known you and Vel will reach great heights... Congratulations to both of you! :-)

    Mayleen Alon-Alon Cardenas, MD

  5. O tell him to keep talking about it and what to watch for...bless great ped.specialists or My Son Matthew who is now 36,has a rare birth defect..he does not fight infections..and thus day 1 he developed Menengities it was the bacterial type..the doctor who took over his case, on day 2 a 3% chance of is Doctors that made all the difference. Menengities is nothing to ignore...and bless your Hubby and your efforts

    1. Thank you Kathryn, really appreciate it,so glad you got thru that ordeal. I let him read this and sends you his "thanks" as well

  6. Vel- wonderful job to your husband! You should be proud. Bethany's husband had viral meningitis a few years back, that then turned into encephalitis and ultimately caused a stroke from lack of blood flow to his brain. Enough cannot be said about the warning signs and danger from this! A big thanks to your husband!


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