Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kid's Bookshelf upgrade

When I showed you the Library, I didn't show you this part - the kids bookshelf/Storage.

A place for everything

Although there are kids books on the big Bookshelf, I thought of putting their supplies separately. This book shelf you see here stands across the giant bookshelves in this room. It's our old book case from TARGET which I upgraded a bit to match the rest of the space.

Gift-wrap upgrade to be exact


All I did was remove the back,  then covered it with my gift wrap of choice (in this case, the gift wrap I have around the house!!!Again from TARGET for a mere $1/roll), then screwed it back in place, and viola! A nicer and more color-coordinated book case for the space!


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If your wondering about the stuff inside, here is the low-down:

1) Big Globe - Office Depot, bought years ago
2) Small Globe - GoodWill Find $2
3) XYZ letters - RH Baby and Child for $0.99 each!!!! These are solid wood letters, and of course, since it's on clearance, the vowels are gone, but instead of doing "ABC" why not "XYZ" right?! Hurry and grab some already before they disappear!!
4) Gold/Brass frames - from the Dollar Tree - they actually look pretty good, considering it's price, I bought a bunch of these and spread them thru out the shelves

And of course, my most favorite organizer yet....

STASH organizer from BOON
This was originally designed for storing Baby's stuff, but I think it is TOO CUTE for only that. So I put all the kids school supplies in it! I think this will be a good DIY project if you use pipes and cut to size.

Hope you garnered some ideas with this mini-upgrade!
Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. I love the finished look! The wrapping paper is perfect!

  2. That organizer was the first thing to catch eye. I love it and the Greek key paper.

    1. Thanks Kerry! Love your paintings! your very talented!

  3. Brilliant!! You are so smart with your time and money.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Marie and thank you for the visit as well. :-)

  5. I love the XYZ idea! :P Great bargain too!


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