Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aidans Room Update

I did a few changes to my son's room last weekend, just wanted to share these with you guys..

BEFORE - Ok, must admit, I think this is way cuter picture because my son's in it, but the decor was a little bo-ring...


I got the decals from Karen over at Casa Bella Vinyl in Etsy. Aren't they adorable? I think so. My son loves, loves Dr. Seuss, and I am glad there's a lot of Seussisms out there for young ones like him!

The huge pencil was from PB kids on clearance I bought months ago.

 Now to the bed area...

BEFORE - not bad really but that wall decor is just a big "duh" right?!

AFTER - Yup more Dr. Seuss

I think the bigger wall art was better for the huge room don't you think?

Again, I got the decal from etsy over by at A baby wall. These are huge and easily replaceable since we all know decals are pretty temporary if you ever change your mind. One thing though, although in the picture it seems clear, the green color of my son's name, doesn't really show well with the blue walls, So I added these....

A Much Better AFTER

I just added white tape in the middle of the letters so it can be highlighted better. :-)

Here's the wall art again

I got these letters from RH child

Another change I did was on this side of the room...

BEFORE - sorry wasn't able to take pic of the shelf before, but this used to be a white bookshelf

AFTER - got the shelf from TARGET and it used to be in our office

There you have it, my quick update on Aidan's room.

It was a surprise I did for him for all the hard work he's been doing in school and other stuff. I am just so proud of him and admire him so much for his patience and dedication. I knew he would love this room and here is a pic of him when I revealed the room to him...

Here he is reading his Seussisms on the wall
His reaction was "Wow, thanks mom!". And with that, I knew this was my BEST project yet!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love love...I am going to have to check out that site....and your little boy, is huggable

  2. VEl, This is great! I love Aidan's room, and if he loves it, it's a home run!
    Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  3. i love the writing on the wall. you have such great taste... adrian's old room was already cute but you gave it more splashes now it looks so alive...yes it breadths LIFE!

  4. Cute - I bet he does love his new room. Thanks for linking up!


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