Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to make a Diaper Cake

I've got "babies" on my mind lately.

You see, I have 5 friends who are pregnant, actually one gave birth already. So I've been thinking of unique ways to give my gifts. There are tons of ideas out there, but one that I really wanted to make for all if I can, is a DIAPER CAKE!

This video tutorial has ben the most helpful to me...

So, I gathered my materials...

I used only one pack of size 1 diaper from TARGET ($6.99) , ribbons, cellophane plastic, big rubber bands, glue gun (for your ribbons) , baking pan, chocolates (for mom) and other cutsie baby gifts you want to give or add
 Then started 'baking' my cake!

I then added all my soft gifts in the middle since I was only planning a single layer diaper cake...

Rolled up the onesies in a roll to make it roll like roses and tied it up with rubber bands.
The hat eventually ended up in the middle, mittens on the side.

I then added the rubber band to hold everything in place
Then the fun part, I added the ribbons tight, holding them in place by gluing both ends together.  That way you can use ALL THE DIAPERS still once it's disassembled.

In the end, I only ended up using 1 rubber band in the middle to hold the diapers in place.

And here it is...

I added some chocolates for mom in between the diapers
I also added extra ribbon scraps in between the onesies and mittens up top
I finished off the gift by wrapping it up in cellophane from the Dollar store. 

What better way to pin a card than to actually use a safety pin!
I added the sandals outside since they didn't go well with the cake.

I want to try 2 layers next time and I hope my friend and her new darling will love this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Have a Great Week!



  1. Hi Vel! Oh, this is just darling! I don't know if I've ever seen a more darling diaper cake. Thanks for telling us how to make one too!
    Be a sweetie,

  2. Hey sweet Vel, this is adorable and awesome, what an imaginative gift idea!!! Diaper cakes are so sweet for baby showers too! I love the idea for a baby gift! Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. I love this idea, Vel! What a great tutorial too! Your friends are sure to love these diaper cakes! The safety pin is the cutest touch. :)

  4. Wow, 5 pregnant friends at once, what are the chances?

  5. This is so cute! Thnaks for the idea, Vel...Christine

  6. So cute, Vel! I have 4 pregnant friends right now! Babies must be on everyone's mind right now!

  7. When I was teaching and pregnant each time, a co worker made them for my baby showers. Diaper cakes are awesome! Great tutorial!

  8. This is so adorable! What a super great idea. Great tutorial!

  9. I think those are always the cutest gifts! Love how yours turned out!

  10. That is absolutely adorable! I haven't been to a baby shower in years. I am sure your gift will be greatly appreciated both for its beauty and for its use. Diapers are expensive!

  11. So cute! What a lovely and practical gift idea! Love!!

    The Glam Pad

  12. That's such a cute and funny idea... Keeping it in my mind for my next pregnant friend!

  13. I've seen a lot of diaper cakes but yours has to be the cutest!

  14. At First, I thought you were going to tell us how to bake a cake! LOL! That is very cute!

  15. This is so cute!!! Your friends are going to love these!

  16. I love diaper cakes--so clever and cute and this one really--wait for it--takes the cake! ;-o Thanks for the tutorial--I am sure it will in handy sooner than later!

  17. Oh my cuteness! Girl, what don't you do?!

  18. Vel, that is soooo totally cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Such a sweet gift idea! Your cake came together nicely. I bet your friend loves it!!

  20. Oh my goodness, they are going to love these! What a fun idea, I'm sure it will be a hit! :)


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