Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monsters University Birthday Party

My son is currently into his Monsters University obsession and so he really wanted a MU PARTY this time around. And so, as a doting mom, I succumbed to his wishes.

And just like the Holidays, birthday party makes me "wacko" too!
So be prepared for LOTS of pictures!


I got this from ETSY ℅ SSS Designs Creations for $7.99
Quick tip for printing 5 x 7 invites, SAM's Club has the cheapest price for sure. For the relatively small number I needed, their price can't be beat, believe me, I looked around!

I printed ID cards with the invitees name, cut them and placed it on top of the invite like this using paper tape...

That way they have their ID's already for the party!


The Appropriate sign as you head down into the basement
Had the different MU Houses photos enlarged and placed on our regular Movie Poster frames

Simple table decoration - GIFT WRAP runner for $1, MU Toy and
Happy Birthday B table decor from Goodwill 24 cents!

Photo Area
Oh what fun.. :-)

Hung MU Ceiling Swirlies all around, blew up our own balloons  and bought Helium ones from the party store!
The upstairs got party-ed up too!

Simple Gift wrap runner

Total Party Scene once the Party lights turned on

Logo and Monster Grab in our Foyer

Guests also need to "Register" and put their ID tags on to join in on the Monster Fun!
I also had the "Monsters University" Song playing in the background to really get all the guests in the mood!

THE FOOD - for kids

I had 2 food stations set-up. One was in the basement which is the one I'm showing here and one for the adults set-up in my Kitchen island. The kiddos had Pizza, hotdogs, popcorn and of course cake!

Freshly-made popcorn
Squiggly welcomes guests
Drink Station - Punch fountain c/o a friend who lent it to me for the partry
Aren't these Juice Boxes perfect?! 

The Cake
A friend of mine makes these gorgeous and super yummy cakes for me. The biggest one was chocolate and the other 2 small ones were Vanilla. We used Aidan's MU toys he got for Christmas to add on as decors!
It really is very yummy as it is pretty!

The Cake table
See how my little one is eyeing the cake already?!
The Other Birthday Cake Upstairs - A gift from our close friends!!!!!

It's Chow time!

We had food all around the island and the counters! One thing about Filipino parties is that, the guests as well bring food, so there are plenty to choose from and enjoy!


I sort-of invented the games to go with our theme
Modified "Pin the tail on the Donkey"

Modified Stop Dance instead of just stopping when the music does, they make their scary monster faces! 

Relay using balloons in between the backs of the kids - so much fun!

TOP SCARER GAME - kids team up and do the scariest roar

This is actually a game we play in the Philippines during birthday parties. It's called "PABITIN" in our language ( "hangings" or "anticipation" if translated literally in English). 
See my hubs on the back pulling the rope up and down? This brings this trellis-like contraption with all the toys, up or down, as kids try to grab a toy!

See who can finish wrapping up their partner using Party streamer! Fun, but messy afterwards ;-)


I only assembled the box, ordered the whole thing ETSY c/o Gina's Magic Designs
This is what it looks like printed out.
Printing cost 49 cents each at staples if you bring your own cardboard paper (which I did), and I just stuffed candies inside! You can also put cereal if you want. :-)

It was truly a memorable and fun birthday party for Aidan. He was counting the days until the party and on the day itself, he was just so happy.

And I think, despite all the hoopla I put into the birthday party, this little guys approval was all that mattered in the end!!!

Have a Great Weekend!



  1. Wow are you a party planner! This is over the top fantastic! I want to be your kid! I know he was thrilled. It looked fantastic...youre such a great mom! Those ID's are adorable. xoxo Nancy

  2. What a wonderfully planned birthday party! The food looks so good - making me hungry ;)

  3. Wow.... you are really amazing doc. Aidan's party was awesome. Your d├ęcor and colors are wonderful. Thanks for the info about staples re your boxes for goodies. Congrats you make a good party planner.

  4. I love your party posts! What a fun time! You truly thought of everything. I love all of it...the decor, food, games, and those give-aways are too cute! That monster grab game looks like it was a lot of fun. Oh, and I've always loved the name Aidan. :)

  5. You're the coolest mom, Vel!!! Boy, do you know how to throw a partayyy!!!! I want a monsters university b-day party, too. And my birthday is next week :) Have a great night with your beautiful family. xo

  6. Wow, somebody certainly knows how to throw a party! I'll bet Aidan is thinking his Mom (and Dad) are pretty "cool!" Looks like everyone had a great time!

  7. Awww Vel! I love it! I know your son was over the moon excited! The decorations are so festive and wow, I love the lights! Awesome details and job well done!!

  8. You always have the best parties. I'm saving all of these for when Will is a little older!!

  9. Oh my gosh, Vel!! I bet invites to your fabulous parties are highly coveted! What a lucky guy!

  10. What a great party, love every detail! Thanks for the tip on Sam's too, the invites turned out great!

  11. What a fun party! I love that you had the pabitin, that was always a highlight of parties back home when I was a was right up there with cracking the palayok. :-)

  12. What an amazing party! How fun! Everything looks so beautiful and the food... YUM! LOL

  13. Wow! What an amazing party! Will you come plan my birthday party in June? haha!

  14. You've got a great party space in your house, I'm so jealous!! And Monsters Inc. is one of my families favorite movies too. Just love it! Great party :)

  15. Talk about a party?! This is amazing. What a lucky little guy.

  16. What an incredible party that must have been. I love all your coordinated colors in the decorations and the theme itself. Your son must of been very happy. Love all the food and gifts for guests. The kids look like they had a blast.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  17. What an amazing party! You thought of so many details!

  18. You deserve the mom of the year award!! Aidan is a lucky kid. You gave him such an amazing party!

  19. What a fun party! I can tell Aidan really enjoyed it. Happy birthday, birthday boy!

  20. Wow! You sure do know how to throw a party! There is not one detail left unattended! Everything looks just perfect and it was all so budget are a party planner extraordinaire! Amazing! Oh and Happy Birthday! ;)

  21. Holy cats, about a party!!!! What an amazing memory for your sweet son. Love the treat boxes and the cake....too cool. Jane

  22. Wow! Amazing! I'm sure the kids loved it!

  23. I'm sure it was a Fun-tastic party! Love the monster grab, all your decorations and of course those cakes!

  24. Brilliant and genius.. I love everything!

  25. Fantastic!!! Where did you find you and your husband's shirts?

  26. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  27. Nice post and your birthday celebration is really awesome. thanks for sharing with us.

  28. I an sure you had a wonderful and rocking party. Thanks for sharing your joyful moments with us.

  29. Very nice article..It is good to celebrate a party..


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