Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ORC Tween Boy Bedroom Updates

After the very fun One Room Challenge (ORC)  Linda from "Calling It home" hosted last time, we're back in the same room for some minor updates we did to this space.

First, was this huge Vintage Map Find I found last December that went on this wall...

Something me and my son loves a lot!

Second, the window treatment for the nook finally arrived!

 Custom Bamboo Woven Wood Roman Shade

I ordered this during ORC and only got it afterwards, and finally my husband hung them only after the holidays!

Yes, it took a while, but for the unbelievable price I paid for it, I say it was worth it. 
I paid $42 for a custom made shade from JC Penney, and if you know how much custom shades or blind cost, you know how much a bargain this is! In fact, I ordered custom-made shades for my kitchen as well!
The down-side of course was the shipping time, on the site it said 6-7 weeks, which was about right when I finally got this. But if your in no rush, you'd save big with these! Quality is not shabby either!

Lastly I got some new bedding, actually just pillowcases...

Switched around the pillows as well
The Throw Pillows went from Nook to Living Room to Bed
 I scored the Kate Spade Shams for $6 each at TJ Maxx clearance.

Still looks pretty much the same
Luckily still not so chaotic
My sons and their dad spend a lot of time here on the weekends ever since my hubs transferred one of the gaming consoles here as well. It's 'their space' as they call it.

So far so good, and no major re-arranging needed to be done or changed since my son enjoys his space more than ever!

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  1. It looked great to begin with and looks even more amazing now! Thanks for the tip on the woven blinds - I've been shopping for those and got total sticker shock! Will have to check out JC Penney's!

  2. I would say your son is a very lucky boy!

  3. I love this space Vel, you did such a great job with it. So many cool touches for a kid's room. The new shade and the pillow cases look great, but I am especially digging that huge map!

  4. What a nice, spacious room! It looks great and I love that he has a separate little nook. The bedside lamps are perfect for a boys room too. I've also noticed Penney's has some great prices on window treatments. I think people tend to forget about them sometimes, but they do have low prices on a lot of stuff. :)

  5. It looks great! I love the big map and the tip about JCP for blinds. I really like their window treatments but didn't know about these. :)

  6. $6 kate spade shams? what a steal!
    really this bedroom is very beautiful, the most favorite thing is the reading nook! i just want to use this room to envision my son's bedroom when he's a little bigger...

    salamat, huggies♥

  7. Just remembered how much I love this room from the ORC! And I'm obsessed with maps so love the new addition! :)

  8. This is such a great boys room Vel, with awesome features and style!!! I love that nook and the wall stripe. You did a phenomenal job and thanks for the JCP custom tip. Xo Nancy

  9. Vel, I love JCP window treatments. I agree you can get a really good deal there! Great updates!

  10. It looks great Vel...what a find the vintage map is! I love the wall stripe!

  11. It's the perfect boy hangout. I love that map and just gave one away that was similar. It didn't work with my son't NASCAR poster. The shade is perfect, and a great score.

  12. What a dream room for any kid! Love the window shade - I need one for my family room!

  13. Looks great! I love the bedside table with those fabulous pulls! Elle

  14. Love that room! Boys rooms can be a challenge but you nailed it!

  15. Your son has such a nice room. I already said it, but I really love that huge map of America you found!

  16. Such a fun room! The map is great. And great tip on the JCP shades!

  17. Wow, loving that shade - worth the wait! Thank you so much for sharing the resource, it looks so much more expensive. After I just tried (and failed miserably) to make white linen shades, I think I will be ordering these!

    xo Mary Jo

  18. What a great space! Perfect for a young boy, Vel. I love the nooks! Are those dormer windows?

  19. Beautiful room. Love the vintage map. The blue is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  20. I am still in love with this space! The map is awesome and looove the shade! The gallery wall is still one of my faves!!

  21. That map looks great. So glad to hear your son likes the space!

  22. What a nice place they have :) I love how you transformed this room since the beginning, the new additions are perfect! What a score with those shams wow!

  23. luv this room.....pinned for sure Vel.....Christine from Little Brags


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