Thursday, November 2, 2017

ORC Week 5 - Master Bedroom Re-do PROGRESS

Things are moving fast in our Bedroom Re-do, so far no glitches... yet.

First of all, WE GOT BED!

And you can see the desk/vanity peeking on the side too!
We ended up choosing the Highline Greige Upholstery bed and so far, we LOVE IT! I love the modern wing-back upholstered headbord and I liked that it didn't have tufting since I'm iffy on dust getting into them. We also got the cabinets in!

Old mantel and surround removed too
My carpenter had to add an extra cabinet up top so that there would be no space above. and I'm liking the way it looks. I opted for shaker style doors and drawers had to be remade to plain, since it was narrow, the shaker style on the drawer fronts didn't look good. I'll just figure out a way to zhush it up eventually.

I'm also adding this wallpaper to the backing of the cabinets.

I opted for peel and stick since I wanted the look of grasscloth without the hassle of the cost and application. And I got to work right away...

Work in progress
I love how easy it is to apply and cut and, it really looks nice.

We also got light!

I replaced one of the the can light in front of the door as you go in the room to a flush mount, and this was what I chose. I had a real hard time choosing because as you can see below, there are so many beautiful flush mounts to choose from.

My finalists were these
Lastly, I wanted to share this...

My pretty awesome Ceiling fan
We also got a new fan installed along with this gorgeous ceiling medallion! The fan is from LOWES and it is reasonably priced and oh-so-gorgeous! Oh and we've been using it while working on the space and it is quiet as well! Love this wooden fan!

We also had the desk assembled, got the moulding for the wallpaper wall already(I just need to wallpaper)! Carpet tiles being delivered in a day or 2, chose the lightest one. I'm crossing my fingers everything comes together nicely!

We're nearly there and hope you come back next week for the big reveal!  I'm waiting on the chest too (actually ended up choosing a diaper changing table from Target) and curtains ordered from PB and of course, I need to decorate, decorate, decorate!

Can't wait to see all the rooms done next week! If you wanna see everyone's progress, check out the HERE!

Have a Great Weekend!

 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. our remodeling work is still going on...

  2. I think it will look beautiful when it is done. I'm loving the fan. Can't wait to see it all next week


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