Thursday, November 17, 2011

FLASHBACK: Aidan's 6th Birthday

We had a fun-filled party during Aidan's 6th birthday. And I just wanted to share some of the details about it here!

The theme is "Toy Story". This was actually the 2nd Toy Story party I've come up with, the first one was for Nio when he turned 3. So I know this was gonna be a very fun party to set-up!


The cake was just plain blue. I added the Toy Story-themed sprinkles I bought at Walmart. The toy belonged to Aidan and I just placed it on the corner to some accent.

I bought the boxes from "Party City" and filled it with goodies. I placed Aidan's picture and with the help of an Ipad App called GLOW DRAW. I made the picture card just to make these store-bought boxes more personalized.
Garage Set-up

His birthday is January and being too cold to be outside. we set-up the game area in the garage. Patio heater, some table covers in coordinating colors to cover the mess and Viola - a party/game room!

It is a Filipino tradition to have a contraption such as this during kids parties. The PABITIN goes up and down, up and down while the eager kids await to try getting the toy they want! Such fun!

Dessert and Kiddie food set-up
I used a clearance table cover from Pier 1 and added purple napkins and lime green drawer liners to give the table more color.

I got the Star shaped bowls from Kohls on clearance after Christmas. Chocolates and fruits and cupcakes complete the desserts. The kiddie food consisted of pizza, chicken nuggets, veggies and chips.

Drinks on one side, adult food on the other

Tribute to the celebrant

Grown-up food

The buffet consisted of Beef with broccoli, Hunan Chicken, Chopsuey, Spring rolls, Palabok, Baked Mac and Congee or lugaw with all the extras and Fried tofu!

Balloons for the bday boy

More on the celebrant
I displayed a lot of Aidan's art around and his pictures to make the room feel like it's really FOR HIM!

Toy Story toys everywhere

Proud Birthday Buzz Boy!

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