Friday, November 18, 2011

An open letter to my son Aidan

Dearest Aidan,

I know that it may be many years before you get to read this letter, but I'm writing it anyway since I am just overflowing with pride and joy at what you have just accomplished.

You are now in first grade at your new school and yesterday you brought home your progress report card with straight A's and all S's. I and your daddy and kuya, are all so proud of this because we know how hard you worked for this.

Everyday, when you get home from school, the very first thing you do is go to your little desk in our kitchen and pull out all your homework and call me "Mommy, you need to help me with this!". You do this on your own, without any prompts from us, without any questions. You just knew that you gotta do what you gotta do. I think that what makes me so proud is this attitude of yours which I hope will linger on throughout your life and also, rub off on me too.

Your initial struggles with reading was very frustrating. So frustrating that it made you really anxious about school and brought out a transient tic in you. We felt the stress and your wanting to learn and please everyone, and so we all worked together to get your reading at par with your peers. Everyday, we would go thru all the vocabulary words you get from school -  From week 1 to now week 12 ( that's about 150 words now including the extras I put in your word box) and you would read these words to me automatically, without any complaints, without any questions. I feel your complete trust that this repetitive exercise will help you with your reading - and it did.

Now, its math we're "struggling " with. We realized how much we neglected you during all those years your nanny was with us. We are reviewing the basics of numbers again on top of your current math work in school of addition and subtraction. It is difficult and challenging, you cry sometimes because you know you couldn't get it sometimes. I am at fault too for loosing my temper so often that all I could do is apologize for my impatience and shortcomings to you before I say good night. I thank you Aidan for being so understanding of your mom who does not have the same patience and trust as you do.

I know its going to be a long haul. But you know what, this progress report of yours only shows that with the way you are right now, with your inherent admirable attitude, I strongly believe you can overcome your difficulty with math.

And with that, I am also equally confident that someday, when things are not going well for you, wether be it about middle school work or a college thesis, or about your life in general, WE KNOW you will be alright in the end.

Thank you anak, for showing me and teaching me and assuring me everyday, that things will be alright.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of hard work and perseverance in your own little way. 

Thank you for showing me how to trust unconditionally. 

But most of all thank you for your patience with mommy and daddy. We love you so much anak!

Your number 1 fan,

PS: I just heard mass at your school today, and I thanked GOD for YOU and who YOU ARE!

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  1. God gave you Aidan as his daily reminder about his LOVE--- UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and of his MERCY! God bless you Vel and Gerson.



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