Friday, November 11, 2011

FLASHBACK: Kids rooms in Carbondale 2010

Forgive me, but I am feeling very nostalgic lately. Maybe because the kids are growing up so fast, maybe because I don't have anything "new" to post or maybe both. Whatever it is, bear with me. 

When I started this blog I not only knew that friends would see my thoughts and life like an open book, but also, I knew my children would too. Although none of them (not now at least) has shown any interest in design whatsoever (fine by me), I know they might get to read and see this blog all together. And I want them to see how mommy cared for them in her own little way.

This was Nio's room...

Comfy big boy bed

Study area - very important

Bookshelves filled with memories..

.. and books of course

reading nook with ample lighting

His "pet" fossils in his bowl

I felt that Nio was no longer the little boy I once knew and that turning 10, marked the start of his "Tween" years. So, I decorated a room for him that could grow with him into his teen years(well, that didn't happen because we moved!). His room reflected his interests, hence the map and the books. And like any mom, I wanted to show how proud I was with anything and everything he does, so I displayed some of his art. 

Now to Aidan's room...

Still my "baby"

His study area

His artworks

Trundle bed underneath for at that time, Nida

Aidan's room on the other hand is still very "kiddie" - a lot of bright colors and furniture, decor. 

I did not buy anything new when we moved to this house for his room. These were all our old stuff.  Bed is from their bunkbed, table and chairs and rug from ikea, an old school chair I bought from a thrift store and his toy chest.  Wall decor both from Ikea and Marshalls.

Most of their toys ended up in the family room so that the bedroom was just mainly for sleeping, studying or relaxing. I think too much stimulus in a child's room is a bad idea (woohoo, very late bedtimes anyone?!).

Anyway, I'll show the kids rooms as it looks now when I fix it well enough. It's a work in progress, but I think we're getting "there".

Have an awesome day!!!!!

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