Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inside the drawers…;-)

I've always been proud showing off our Kitchen office…

I love this area of my kitchen
But I never showed you what's inside the drawers.

You see, whenever I see beautiful kitchens and offices, I always wonder what's inside these gorgeous cabinets and drawers…

Is it as pristine as the outside?

Or do they have messy secrets lurking inside?
I always imagine these marvelous kitchens are as organized and as pretty as the outside.
They should start putting links to the web-versions of these photos so we can snoop around them! ;-)

And If you think that's the case here in my office... well,  it's not.

My drawers & cabinets are filled with 'real life stuff'.
But I try to keep it NEAT & ORGANIZED or I'll just go INSANE!

So if your just as curious as I am,  let's start going 'inside the 'drawers' , at least 'my drawers' shall we?!


My Calendar inside the upper cabinet door in "A"

My Command Center inside "A"

Monkey game for my son, Address letterpress,
Appliance guides & lots of pens

Inside "B" is one of our charging stations, particularly for the phones
I also have my address file here

What's inside "C" - A two-tiered drawer organizer
What's underneath

What's inside "D"

Drawer "E"
Drawer " F"
Drawer "G"
Inside "H" - The kids- gadgets- charging- station
Of course the wand has to be in there too. ;-)

The printer rests in "I" section with a pull out drawer my husband added
 Area "J" just holds some of our my mini server ware

Like I said, while the outside of my kitchen office is really nice, the inside shows my 'reality'. 
And my reality, though not as pretty as the outside, it's what helps make my everyday life functional!

I hope I didn't disillusion you with this mini-tour!

Have a Wonderful Day!


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  1. I think the inside looks just as fabulous as the outside! So organized!!! I try to stay organized but with the kids helping themselves to what they need in my drawers and cupboards, it never lasts!

  2. Beautiful! And, your insides of your drawers are beautifully organized--just how I like it! I keep mine pretty organized, but then I gave my husband his own drawer. I don't look inside of it, because it's a major mess!

  3. Vel, you're miss organization! It all looks pretty neat. They're necessities most households have. The problem is to have them as organized as you have them ;)

  4. I love organization! I recently cleaned out and organized the buffet in our dining room. I took pictures, but haven't written a post about it yet. Good job!

  5. You are SO organized! It's something I really need to work at. Maybe I can pick up a few pointers from your pics!

  6. Oh Vel, I need you at my house - thinking if someone could get everything beautifully organized, then maybe I could keep it that way!!

  7. I love organizational posts like this, Vel! You're very organized! I used to have baby bottle sticky notes like that too. So cute! You've also given me the idea to move my calendar inside my cabinet door. Thanks!

  8. I admire how neat and organized you are, Vel! And I am going to go get my wall calender and see if it fits inside a cabinet door!! I have to keep my one kitchen "junk" drawer organized on a monthly basis. No one keeps it orderly for long! Good for you!


  9. Would you please come to my home and organize my drawers & cupboards?!1 That is impressive!

  10. I so wish I had a command center such as this in our kitchen! This is amazing, and so well organized!!

    The Glam Pad

  11. You are putting me to shame being so organized! Organizing my drawers has been on my to do list for awhile. I just keep putting it off...

  12. I admire your organisation! I can barely open my drawaers!

  13. Wow you are so organized! come do my drawers, will you? we would have so much fun together! Have a great weekend. xo Nancy

  14. Not only beautiful outside but from within as well! Love the lined drawers and the separate compartments for just about anything! The life organized seems to be JUST the thing that keeps me happy nowadays :D Fabulous design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  15. I loved seeing this tour! I always wonder about that too, what's behind all the shiny, pristine cabinet drawers and doors. You are so organized!! I love how you make even the necessities look pretty with the way you arrange them.

  16. Hello Gandang Kabayan,
    Wow! really pedantic Doc...

    I also wonder. I am as pedantic as you too, lalo na sa kusina? I will go berserk if I see my things are upside-down.

    May cover pa nga eh? LoL*

    Happy weekend to you and sweet fam.

    /CC girl

  17. Oh how I wish I was that organized...maybe one day!

  18. Vel can you please inform me how you work a demanding job, keep your house clean, mother two boys, and find time to organize your drawers? You amaze me!! I covet your organization. I purge and organize frequently but it's things like chargers and earphones that make me crazy. I like how you have them bundled, I will have to try that!

  19. Vel, I've always admired your kitchen office (wish I had one) and now I am absolutely envious of how organized you are! Loved seeing this post!

  20. Your drawers look amazing. I am sure that those kitchens are not organized any more than the rest of us. They just looked great on 'photo shoot' day.

  21. Look at you! Oh, I can't believe our organized and beautiful the insides of your drawers are! This is just amazing! And your family keeps it this way? Wow! It's just my hubby and me and we could never keep something looking this good. Your entire area is so beautiful. I love seeing your pretty home.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Wow...they look great...I wish i could keep organized like that...amazing!

  23. Just lovely, Vel, Everything in your home always looks so perfect, I had no doubt that your cabinets and drawers looked any different...but I liked peeking! ;)

  24. Loved this post! You are so neat and organized! You have really given me great ideas. Your home and kitchen are always so beautiful!

  25. very organized and very neat. beautifully planned

  26. You are one organized gal. I imagine it's nice to have a doc in the house too. You have a lovely place, Vel!


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