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My TOP 10 Favorite Oscar Red Carpet Looks 2014

Did you all have fun watching the Oscars?

It's kind of a big deal for me and I truly have not missed a show in the past 10 years!
Back in the Philippines, this would mean watching the Oscars live at around 9 am on a Monday Morning (yup I skipped school for the day)!
I enjoy watching the show itself and of course, love 'drooling' over the different Oscar looks on the red carpet!

And like last year, I rounded up my favorite looks here on my blog.
This list is not in any order 

So let's see if we had the same favorites shall we?

1. Lupita Nyong'o in PRADA
I Love all of Lupita's look this award season actually and this number did not disappoint.
Love the intro to spring color with this blue, which apparently was the color of her home country Nairobi.
2. Penelope Cruz in GIAMBATTISTA VALLI
Aren't you seeing a trend yet? Hollywood went very simple this year with less bling and pizzaz but more elegance and classic looks. This number is the perfect example of that.
Pale pink chiffon with grosgrain ribbon? What can be more simple than that right? But I love how elegant she looks. Just darling.

3. Cate Blanchett in ARMANI
I don't think this lady has gone wrong with any of her red carpet looks. The only thing Predictable about her looks is that its gonna be unpredictable! I love the capiz detailing on this one, maybe not the most comfortable dress in the world, but so worth it!

4. Amy Adams in GUCCI
Amy shows simplicity can be so smashing! Love the line and form and those pop of pink Tiffany earrings? Perfect!

5. Lara Spencer in KUFMANFRANCO
Perhaps what I would wear if I can go to the Oscars! Love this dress and all the fabulous ginormous bead work! I'm gonna be watching out for this designer for sure!

6.Charlize Theron in DIOR
Charlize was in my list last year in a white Dior gown and this year, she looks just as fabulous in Black.

7.Jennifer Garner in OSCAR DELA RENTA
One of the few shimmery gowns this year (Jessica Biel & Lady Gaga were the other) but I think the best. Who doesn't love a good dose of fringe right?

8. Olivia Wilde in VALENTINO
I have to include Olivia Wilde for the best red carpet pregnancy look ever! So simple but she carries it perfectly. You have to see her on all angles. She just glows!
9. Jenna Dewan-Tatum in REEM ACRA
Nope, it's not her uber gorgeous accessory of a husband, I love anything feathery and transparent I think, and I love that this gown has both.

10. Sandra Bullock in ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
This proves draping can be everything in a gown. Fabulous sweeping look!

And of course like last year, I have a few that I didn't really like. 
Don't worry I won't be cruel since one of them is a pregnant lady...

Elsa Pataky in Elie Saab
Yes, despite having dashing hubs Chris  Hemsworth by her side, her gown is is cut  in a way that is so unflattering for a pregnant lady. I'm just so scared that her belly might 'fall out'! Not a flattering cut for sure.

Liza Minnelli
A legend that has the right to wear whatever she wants true,  but too 'smurf-like'  & 'Pajama-party-look"for me.

Sally Hawkins in VALENTINO
I think the people over at Valentino should have fit the gown on Sally better.

Julie Delpy
Just feels 'too old' maybe because like the one above, did not have a great fit.

What can you say? Shorts and shins on the Oscar red carpet? Come on! 
Kudos to him though for a fantastic performance during the Oscars!

Julia Roberts in Givenchy
Not horrible I know but I guess I just expected more from Julia. This lace foo-foo is just not flattering to her at all and her Bvlgari jewelry wasn't enough to make her look spectacular. :-(

Jennifer Lawrence in DIOR
Surprise, surprise, the darling of the red carpet didn't make it to my list. Why?
She's just getting a bit 'boring' and 'too predictable'. Can the house of Dior please come up with anything more unique for her?  And she should know, red is not her color, she didn't win the first time she wore red for the Oscars and this year was no different. :-(

So, do you agree? Did I miss your faves? Do tell.

Have a Great Week!


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  1. I'm loving this recap because I missed the Oscar action last night! There were some seriously stunning dresses!!

  2. I love Lupita's dress! That icy blue color looks amazing with her skin tone!

  3. Lupita's Prada. Hands down! :)

  4. Hi Vel. I just don't watch much but I do love to see what everybody wore and you fixed that for me! :) Oh, my, that pregnant gown just looks wrong!
    Thanks for popping in to see me and hope you have a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I didn't watch, but it seems to me that Amy Adams is always perfect, I guess she could come in pajamas and look sexy!

  6. Jennifer Garner was definitely my favorite. I love how the dress looked as she walked. :) And I LOVED Jared Leto's speech! Ellen's selfie with Bradley Cooper and all the others was great, and of course the pizza delivery was hilarious! :) I love the Oscars!

  7. GREAT recap...totally agree with your take on the Oscar action!

    Have a wonderful week, Vel! xoxo

  8. So many beautiful gowns! I have to agree with you about the shorts and Julia Roberts dress was so sort of girl next door in the back yard sort of looking and she is so beautiful. Pregnant woman seem to want to show off their bumps these days - and well she did. Loved the whole pizza thing! LOL!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  9. I simply loved Lupita's gown and I loved her acceptance speech even more. Not matter who you and or where you are from "your dreams are VALID!"

  10. Great picks, but Jennifer Lawrence definitely made my list of faves!

  11. Lupita's dress was my favorite! I really wanted to like Jennifer Lawrence's dress because she's adorable and I love red, but I agree it was just 'meh' on her!

  12. I really enjoyed the show! Of course most of my favorite people won. Love Lupita! :)

  13. I thought the gowns, hair, and makeup were exactly what the public wants to see on Hollywood's biggest night. One after the other was sheer perfection. A few misses, but overall very well done. Fun post!

  14. I love Lara Spencers gown! They were all so beautiful and Im with you on the feathery and transparent love. I can't believe how a pregnant belly can look so good and not so great in a gown..I'd say empire waist is best. Cat Blanchett's dress was my fav though. xo Nancy

  15. I loved the Oscars and I'm so glad for one of my very fav actors and handsome guy...Mathew Mconahey! The dresses are all stunning, but that Penélope Cruz is my very her! Thanks for sharing hon.

  16. Great round up, I love your picks! My most favorite is the absolutely gorgeous PRADA dress. The cut, color, style and form fits her skin color perfectly.


  17. I am a bit obsessed, too, and would have totally skipped school if necessary. We watched our DVR recording this year--BIG mistake, as we got all the way too the end and then the recording ended before best actress, best actor, and best picture--I was fuming (I still am). Anyway, at least I saw all of the red carpet ;-) You know who I thought looked stunning? Sally Field! Ha! I also loved Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. And Lara Spencer's gown was awesome!!! Next year I may finally host the Oscar's party I have been planning since I was about carpet and all.

  18. Everyone looked so beautiful! My husband even commented on how nice Lara Spencer looked. Most of all I was impressed by the acceptance speeches. MM and JL were my favorites.

  19. Great recap! This was one of my favourite Oscars! The acceptance speeches were beautiful and Ellen did a marvelous job hosting!

  20. I do not typically watch the Oscars and this year was no exception. Sorry, just not a fan! I've enjoyed seeing your recap here of the Red Carpet beauties. The only one I do not agree with is Jennifer Lawrence. I think she looks smashing and absolutely gorgeous in that red gown!


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