Thursday, March 27, 2014

Toy Nook Progress

Since we fixed the reading nook in my Tween Son's Bedroom , I thought it was time to fix my little man's walk-in closet. Actually, it's more like his TOY closet really.

I actually fixed this up 2 months ago, but never really have gotten around to posting about it.

 Here is what it looked like BEFORE...

Yes, he's a 'hoarder' like his mom :-)

Dumping ground for unused clothes, toys, etc...
So one day, I did this...


Did a lot of editing already

Added his own small corner for reading which he loves to do

Clothes for the week which we ready on the weekend - He loves this system a lot and gets excited fixing himself up in the morning!

His Chore & Responsibility chart - he gets a Dollar Store prize at the end of the week!

But I thought this area still looked too busy...
It is indeed a huge progress from what it looked like before and I'm happy to say 2 months after, it looks the same. I still need to do some tweaking on this space, but over-all, my little man is happy and I am too!

Have a Great Day!



  1. It looks great! You know you have a good system if it's still working 2 months later. Good job! I love how he has all his clothes ready for the week. That's a real time saver in the mornings. :)

  2. Wow! What an improvement! good job mamma!

  3. Wow and I thought my granddaughter, Leila, had a lot of stuff.

  4. This is just a wonderful transformation!! Totally organized...and I don't expect anything less from you lady!! :)


  5. How awesome to have all of that space to store toys (and be able to shut the door and not look at any toy mess!). Not that you have any toy mess now - your son must be loving it! Love that you were able to fit a comfy chair in there too!

  6. Oh my friend you are the master of organization! How awesome is that huge closet, that it can fit all that toy storage, clothes AND a spot for reading! I seriously do not know how you find the time, you amaze me Vel!

  7. What a great size closet, Vel! I think it's perfect, you organized it very well. I love that reading's a super cozy space. What kiddo wouldn't want a little hideout?

  8. I'm very impressed that it stayed the same for two months! My own desk is jealous!

  9. Wow, it now looks like a toy store :) It all looks really nice! I love the "clothing for the week" system, I'm going to talk to my son about implementing it, perhaps with prizes ;) he keeps on wearing his favorite pair of jeans over and over that I've been hiding them so he has to find something else!

  10. What an amazing transformation. It looks fantastic.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Such an awesome little space. Love it!

  12. Vel, It's great he has kept it neat for two months and great idea with the clothing ready for the week.

  13. I love your Darling space sweetie! It turn out awesome, just perfect, as everything you do!

  14. WOW!!! What a transformation! Will you please come to my house next?

    The Glam Pad

  15. Great space! Just perfect for him. Love the idea of the clothing baskets ready for each day of the way. Brilliant!

  16. Oooh, organized spaces like that make me so happy!! I need you to come do mine, sad to say not the toy closet, but my closet! :)

  17. Wow Vel! You're the queen of organization! I am a working progress in that area...


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