Sunday, October 9, 2011

About a rug...

I have coveted this rug for the longest time...

Finally,  after much contemplating and enough saving, I finally bought it and truly loved it even more! Only one problem though, how to place the rug underneath our king size bed!!!!!

Fortunately for me, I am hitched to a very smart, handsome, strong and cares-about-what-i-like kinda husband. So he devised a plan using 2 paint cans, we lifted the bed on top of these paint cans and slid the the rug underneath...

What a mess!

And VIOLA! My rug love finally realized! Thanks hon!

Now our feet wont be cold during the long winter season!


  1. i put a rug under my king sized bed too... since I was alone and trying to sneek out putting "another" stuff in the was hard!!! ahhahah. mine was the rug tip of decorchick from Lowes...

  2. Wow! You did it on your own?!!! Bow ako sayo!!!!

  3. Which rug is it? The one in decor chicks living room is the same rug I have in my living room which I got from


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