Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dissection of a Halloween Glam-themed Dining Room

   Ok, I think I'm finally ready to show my Halloween dining room decor for this year.  Well, I guess and I hope, most of you have seen it in the article on HOUZZ.COM as featured in the article 36 Stylish and Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas  which I am so giddy and happy about!

   As with any decorating process, this took me almost a year (because I bought most of the stuff last year AFTER Halloween, on clearance) to put together. And for me, especially my boys, whose opinion matter to me most above anyone else, I think the decor overall was pretty nice...

Buffet table with all the goodies and dining room table with my black candles and roses

     I dressed up my chandy with dollar store creepy curtains and placed the same things on the windows as well. Yes, yes, I was very lucky to still get some of those coveted Missoni appetizer plates from target that are on the table for a "meager Haunted home meal".

      I placed black candles (also bought from last year on clearance, at walmart) inside my milk glass candelabras and black roses on the vases. Runner is from Target, again last year.

       This sign is from Martha Stewart last year bought at TJ MAXX. Trees are from Dollar store... as well as the crow.


      The shelves usually hold some of my China, but now hold what I call, "Skeleton Ken and Barbie", bought this year from Big Lots (check out my post about this find a couple of days ago),  Haunted house from Dollar store and plate and pumpkins from Target last year.

Literally, these dolls epitomizes "TOGETHER FOREVER"!

I filled my apothecary jar (From TJ maxx, also the witches hat candy dish) with Candy corn and pumpkin Mallows, total cost for the upgrade is $7 for both jars. Candelabra from Dollar store.

Changed light bulb to orange

The spider basket was from Target, small pumpkin baskets were also on clearance from last year as well as the ceramic candy corn and pumpkins. Candies and chocolates - from THIS YEAR. :-)

Aidan's been getting some of the goodies already!

         There you have it folks! I hope you guys are a little more inspired with my humble decor.

        The moral lesson of this "dissection" lesson is: GET YOUR STUFF AFTER HALLOWEEN!!! Do not splurge on the latest trends when it comes to holiday decorating because, in the end, nobody cares. As long as your decor is nice to you and the people important to you, no need to get the best NOW.  

         And another thing, buy things that look nice on their own, just because something is on clearance doesn't mean you have to buy them (yeah, I'm guilty of this sin too sometimes)? If you like a piece, then it will find its own beautiful spot in the end even if it doesn't go with your other decor.

                                  Have a BOO-TIFUL HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!!!

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