Thursday, October 6, 2011

MINT 2 is here!!!

I finally have  new help,  my new "inday" for my floors at least, the mint 2!

When our friend Grace introduced this little gadget on her FB page, we knew we had to get it. After all, cleaning almost 4000 sq feet of floor space is a huge task! So we are really hoping this little "gal" can help us with some of our chores, at least keep me sane because our floors are stained espresso brown (yes, blame me for this choice, all dust visible, but I love it still)!

Anyway, the verdict is still out on this one, so far I love it, easy to use, user friendly, and a another big plus, the kids think of it like a "pet!

Now, if this thing really impresses us, our next goal is to get our new "Dong" - the NEATO!

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